Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Idiot Tale of Randy Hillier and the Bullies

I realize that the Ontario Con Randy Hillier is a mouth-breathing redneck. I realize he's not the brightest bulb in the universe.

But even I could never imagine that he would make such a jackass of himself by suggesting that anti-bullying programs are bad for bullied kids. 

Bill 13 is little more than a poorly disguised pacifier intended to create a perception that not only is the government acting, but is also compassionate and sympathetic toward children who are bullied. However, this policy will have dire consequences for those it is intended to benefit.

Unlike many of those who have announced support for Bill 13, I have read the complete bill and the relevant sections of the Education Act that it amends. Not only do I find the bill wanting, I’ve come to the conclusion that this bill is likely to exacerbate both the frequency and the injurious harm of bullying.

Because any stupider than that and you'd have to start communicating with him in monkey language. As in "Me Tarzan, you Cheetah." Or watering him like a weed. Or feeding him like a Venus Flytrap.

But what you do you expect eh? He's a Con. He believes that everybody is a bully. Human society is a jungle. And his hee haw diatribe is just another attack by the Hudak homophobes on bullied gay kids, and their straight friends in the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Bill 13 mandates creating a host of new school clubs which could identify people in the club as being: “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, queer (or) questioning.” Believing these clubs will minimize or end bullying reaches the zenith of downright stupidity.

Bill 13 does the exact opposite of what is needed. Rather than minimizing differences, it helps segregate and highlight the differences between people. The last thing a vulnerable child needs is more differentiation from others in the schoolyard. The result will be nothing less than painting a bull’s eye or target on their backs.

And just another attempt to pander to the ghastly prejudice of these religious bigots.

When in fact Bill 13 is a great piece of legislation.

And the only sad thing is that it came too late to save so many bullied children.

But at least Hillier does appear to dimly recognize his own limitations eh?

I realize these views are not politically correct and will bring scorn from the more “enlightened class,” but I also know that sticks and stones may break my bones — but names will never hurt me.

Hoo hoo, hi hidey ho, hee haw. Me Simon, you Bobo.

Somebody please tell that Con redneck that enlightenment is GOOD.

Tell him to shut his Venus Flytrap. 

And go beat the drum doll slowly...


Anonymous said...

As a luke-warm Conservative supporter I find the logic that "the country will be a better place if everyone was all the same" difficult to square with their the party's love of individuality.

Honest to God, and I'm man enough to admit to it, this is one thing that truly pisses me off about the Conservatives. Note to redneck -- There are gay people in Canada. Deal with it. They are not interested in looking at you. Relax. They don't have some secret agenda to make children gay. Are they bothering you or forcing themselves on you? No. So piss off. Respect their individual rights that you hold to be so sacred. Get a life and get over it!

sassy said...

Well said WWU

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...Good one. Beautifully said. I agree with you one hundred percent. I've never considered stopping bullying in our schools a partisan issue. I expect every political party to put aside their differences on other issues, and do the right and human thing. And I couldn't have said it better...

Simon said...

hi Sassy...yes he did say it well. I must say that whether we agree about certain issues or not, I've always found people in the north to be extremely fair and open minded...