Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Harper Cons and Our Hollowed Out Country

It was -17 degrees in London, Ontario, today, where a foreign company has locked out 400 Canadian workers. To try to slash their wages and benefits by more than fifty percent, and gut their pensions.

And in Alma, Quebec, where another foreign company has locked out 700 Canadian workers, and is using the courts to club them like seals, it was even colder.

But don't worry eh? The big bosses in this country are warm and toasty.

And living high off the hog. 

By noon on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the highest-paid chief executives officers in Canada will have earned as much as the average Canadian makes in an entire year, according to a new report.

“The conclusion from these data is inescapable,” says the report written by Hugh MacKenzie, an economist with the Ottawa-based non-profit research organization. “Soaring executive salaries have played a significant role in driving the growth in income inequality in Canada.”

Gawd. And I thought we were going through hard times because Big Business wasn't creating any jobs.

Just sitting on their billions, and gobbling up their juicy tax breaks.

So how DO those hogs do it?

Hey, who said we didn't need an occupy movement in this country? 

How blind can they be?

And BTW..... who says the Tar Sands are Canadian?

Is THAT what Stephen Harper meant when he said Canada was standing proud?

Oh no. I'm going to have to take off Great Nice Economist Pretty Ugly Leader's nerd cowboy hat.

And replace it with something more appropriate...

Hollowing out our country. Attacking the union movement. Turning Canada into a prison state, and Canadians into foreign SLAVES.

You know if progressives don't unite to defeat these sellout Cons. By the time we get our act together, there won't be much country left to save.

Oh yeah. One more thing.

To the workers of this country who are out in the cold defending our values, and our DIGNITY. 

In the words of one long-time employee at Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. in London, "We make damn good locomotives."

Solidarity FOREVER !!!!!


Beijing York said...

100% solidarity from me.

These two lock outs are absolutely outrageous. Both company bosses are foreign companies that were given the opportunity to set up shop in Canada under a very diluted Canada Investment Act. But even as weak as that legislation and its application has become, they made promises to give good jobs.

The other thing that the media seems to ignore in these labour disputes is that unionized labour sets high standards for skilled workers. When these companies go after low cost, non-trained, unskilled labour, they make their products dangerous.

Simon said...

hi Bejing...Harper is clearly trying to turn us into a low wage economy like they have in some parts of the cracker south. At a time when the economy depends on consumers to keep it alive, it's a recipe for disaster. But I look forward to a winter of supporting the union movement, and his involvement in this Electro-Motive fiasco, will haunt him all the way to the next election....