Monday, January 09, 2012

Joe Oliver, the Radicals, and the Foreign Interests

You know....if you needed a cheap and apparently inexhaustible source of natural gas to heat your home, you could do worse than connecting a hose to Joe Oliver's big mouth and another one to his other vibrating orifice.

Environmental and other "radical groups" are trying to block trade and undermine Canada's economy, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Monday.

Oliver says the groups "threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda," stack the hearings with people to delay or kill "good projects," attract "jet-setting" celebrities and use funding from "foreign special interest groups."

Because surely there can be no greater and more absurd gaseous emission than that, when no group in this country is more radical and ideological than Stephen Harper's ghastly Cons. 

For what else can explain why they gutted the census for no sane reason? What else can explain why they are spending billions on new prisons even as the crime rate is going down? 

What else can explain their  radical  tendency to treat other Canadians as The Enemy?

If Oliver's foul emissions weren't so smelly, they'd be laughable. Except that we must take them seriously because this is clearly a threat:

Sources say the government isn't just talking, CBC's Margo McDiarmid reports, but will be targeting environmental groups when the House finance committee reviews charitable funding next month.

And as Paul Wells points out, it all comes from the deeply disturbed mind, and cavernous rear orifice, of Great Radical Leader himself.

This is just a hunch, but I suspect the next massive round of Conservative Party advertising won’t be aimed against an opposition party. This is the sound the Harper machine makes when it’s gearing up for a big fight.

So we must prepare for a big fight too. And one way to do that is to ask the pathetic Cons when they talk about "foreign interests" do they also mean THESE foreign interests?

And why are those radical Cons selling out Canadians? Selling our country to the lowest bidder. Like they are selling out the workers at Electro-Motive.

“If this place closes, we have to move,” he said, his 16-year-old son standing next to him on the picket line. “Where do you get a job that has family … benefits … in London? Most of the jobs that provide (that) have disappeared.”

Those heartless, bastard Cons, who would put foreign corporate interests before the lives of suffering Canadians. 

Oh yeah. If Stephen Harper wants a BIG FIGHT.

I believe he's going to get one...


Anonymous said...

"Ten companies have contributed $10 million each to help Enbridge finance the regulatory approval process, Enbridge spokesman Paul Stanway said in October. China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (600028), also known as Sinopec, was previously the only company that had publicly stated its participation."

What foreign interests Mr. Oliver?

marie said...

Those Cons are not really very smart. They forget that there is a paper trail to dispute their constant Bull Shit and massive propaganda agenda

liberal supporter said...

Ironic that Bashir Assad is claiming (on the same day yet!) that foreign interests are behind the problems that has forced him to kill thousands of his own people.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes it boggles the mind doesn't it? Those Cons are really shameless. But of course, Oliver's disturbing rant will only make
opponents of the pipeline even more determined to block it. So if I was Big Oil I'd fire him immediately... ;)

Simon said...

hi marie...indeed they are not smart. But I notice they always use the same technique. Accuse others of what they are guilty of doing. But as you point out the truth always catches up with them, and makes them look like IDIOTS...

Simon said...

hi liberal supporters...yes, just like birds of a feather flock together, sinister autocratic regimes tend to use the same lines. Until justice catches up with them and they plummet down to earth...