Friday, January 06, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Con Klown Show

Well there he was today, posing in front of another carefully composed human backdrop,  shrugging off the latest grim economic news.

Choosing instead to go after environmental groups and native people opposed to the construction of a pipeline.

While ignoring the many lobbyists from Big Oil who tell him what to do, and the many locked out workers in this country that are being ground into the dirt by big American companies.

And choosing the timing of his newser with military precision, check the time on the picture, in order to avoid having to answer questions about these latest porky appointments. 

A spokesman for interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said the timing of the announcement speaks for itself: It came Friday after 4 p.m. in Ottawa, so late in the day that it's difficult for newscasts to cover. The practice is common enough that it's referred to as "taking out the trash."

While back in Ottawa we discover that his minions have been playing wacky games in full combat gear.

Several hundred of the prime minister's staff donned full combat gear, pretended to visit an Afghan village, and sucked on name tags using straws in a zany day of games meant to build morale.

And imitating his corrupt Con government.

One of the amazing race teams was made up of senior executives, who soon set a bad example for their employees, the released material indicates.

"We regret to inform that the Executive Team was disqualified for falsifying their score card at one of the challenges," says one report.

Even as ordinary Canadians worry about jobs and pensions, locked out workers wonder how they are going to feed their families. And a small native community struggles to survive.

Can you believe that? Is this a government or a Con klown show?

You know, if the progressive parties can't agree to unite, and mobilize ordinary Canadians, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

Form a grassroots Coalition of National Salvation and fight those ideological incompetents as hard as we can, before they lead us to disaster and corrupt our country further.

Time to stop talking and start organizing and marching.

Time to ask Canadians, which side are you on ?


thwap said...

Someone should inform those fuckers that war isn't a game.

Simon said...

hi Thwap...I really don't know what to say about the idea of dressing up public servants in full combat gear, and having them pretend they're in an Afghan village. Except that I wish I had a video of that, and it's just another sign that this country has lost its way. This country is starting to look like a Fellini movie, and sometimes I wonder whether we'll ever get it back...