Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pope Benny and the Gay Plot to Destroy Humanity

When I heard that Pope Benny had described gay marriage as a threat to humanity at first I was shocked.

"This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself," he said.

For what would that old monkey know about humanity? And how could a former member of the Hitler Youth make such a genocidal statement?

And then I felt guilty. For NOT being married, but living in sin with my boyfriend. Like Benny and his boyfriend Gorgeous Georg Gänswein. 

About ten years before he became pope, when age was beginning to take its toll and was maybe sharpening the secret internal rage, Ratzy [Ratzinger] met Don Giorgio [Gänswein]. And it was a spark of life amid the doctrinal darkness...When we see the photos, which we publish in this book, of Georg putting Ratzy’s little hat on for him, handing him his stole, watching his back, looking after him, accompanying him and helping him as he walks, we cannot help being moved.

But mostly I was just puzzled eh? For how could so FEW be a threat to so MANY?

Until Jimmy Kimmel explained it this way...

But STILL I wasn't satisfied.

So I decided to go and see John Baird at the Office of Religious Freedom. 

But he was too busy to see me....

And besides he seems to think that the religious need protection more than the rest of us.

Because WE are not the persecuted, THEY are....

Which left me more confused than ever eh? But clinging to these unshakeable beliefs:

Religion is madness.

Baird is a hypocrite.

And Benny is a BIGOT...


thwap said...

I cut Pope Ratso some slack for having been in the Hitler Youth.

He had little choice.

Gunter Grass had been in the SS, and of his own free will I believe.

But Grass had a change of heart somewhere down the line, whereas Pope Ratso as an adult, joined the fascist "Opus Dei."

As for the rest of his homophobic nonsense and his possible closeted state, ... it's all just empty-headed, hateful garbage, from a dude who protects child molesters. Given that Ratso would transfer pedophile priests to new parishes and a fresh batch of unsuspecting new victims, Ratso did more than just "protect" those pedophiles. He enabled them.

Simon said...

hi thwap...maybe what you say about the Hitler Youth is true, but choosing a Pope who was once part of that organization, seems to me a grotesque error in judgement, considering the anti-semitism of the Church during World War Two. And of course choosing a closeted gay man who must flog others to control himself, is also appalling.
With all the problems in the world attacking gay marriage like he does on a regular almost demented basis is absolutely obscene...