Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stephen Harper's Royal Plan to Kill Canada

I wish I could laugh at Stephen Harper's ridiculous attempt to return us to the days when we were British.

This is all fairly subtle, of course. We're not going back to the days when every classroom featured a royal portrait and we started every day with God Save the Queen. But after many years of going one way, now we are going the other way.

The problem with that is that Pearson and Trudeau had a reason for doing what they did, and remaking the symbology of the country in a way that had less to do with Old Blighty. When Diefenbaker was prime minister, a lot of Canadians thought of themselves as British. Only Canadians who refer to trucks as lorries feel that way now.

But his motives are too grubby.

It’s a case of the Harper government poking the opposition, daring it to say something explosive, goading it into an insult to the Queen, allowing the government to then accuse New Democrats of being republican or beholden to Quebec interests.

My kingdom for a wedgie. Even if it destroys Canada.

Gawd. I have no idea why so many Canadians think he's doing it because he LOVES the Queen soooooooooooo much. 

But quite frankly I'm embarrassed.

And I'm sure her Majesty is too...

Because I'm sure she finds the idea of somebody using her name to divide another country quite alarming.

And no doubt knows that the worst is still to come...

Oh boy. These Cons are ridiculous. And so are some Canadians.

Blimey. I don't want to be British eh?

The Cons are trying to kill our country.

And Emperor King Harper has no clothes...

But wait. Could that be the elusive Canadian identity?

Stripped bare, and going nowhere.

Never were a people so easily fooled.

Never was a young country so humiliated...


Anonymous said...

Harper needs to be locked in a trunk and buried. He's of less validity than a dog's excrement.
He's a disgrace to Canada, and he's attempting to remove Canadian rights one by one.

Anonymous said...

Well said above

Anonymous said...

Locked in a trunk and buried?! that's way too easy on him!