Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rob Ford Surrenders to People Power

He blubbered, he bubbahed, he pouted, and then he surrendered.

In a significant concession to public opposition and to queasy council allies, Ford voted at the end of a 20-hour executive committee meeting to reject some proposed cuts and to put off decisions on almost all of the others to the 2012 budget process, which begins in November and ends in mid-January.

The votes call into question Ford’s ability to usher a hawkish fiscal agenda through council. They suggest that even some of the mayor’s loyalists have not yet mustered the fortitude to put their jobs on the line by endorsing cuts in the face of widespread disapproval from their constituents.

Chalk up one for PEOPLE POWER.

A few months ago he looked unbeatable, now he just looks pathetic.

The meeting ended on a humorous note. Ford finished his last speech by saying, “On that note, thank you very much, and goodnight everybody.” He had to be reminded that the committee had not yet voted.

All hail the leader of the Moron Nation !!!!!!!!

The bad news? The battle isn't over yet.

The good news? For the time being it looks like the old donkey and his friends will get to live out their days at the Far Enough Farm...

So I won't have to adopt him.

However if any petting zoo wants to adopt this Gluteus Maximus...

As long as they promise to feed him it enough gravy, they can have it for FREE.

Along with an autographed copy of Lies My Piggy Told Me.

The serious lesson? Ford would not have backed down if hundreds and hundreds of people hadn't turned up at City Hall. Or put pressure on him in other ways. Progressive parties are now empty vessels and will not be in a position to change ANYTHING for at least four years. Only people power can.

Now imagine what we might be able to do to the Harper Cons if Canadians across the country take to the streets. Or 100-thousand people gather on Parliament Hill.

Yup. As I always say, the future belongs to us.

But only if we want it...

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