Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Ugly Cons and the Broken Liberals

OK. Let me get this straight eh? The Con smear machine that destroyed Ignatieff and Dion, goes after Brian Topp.

“Topp is a union boss and has deep union ties,” they say in a memo to MPs and party faithful. “How could Brian Topp speak on behalf of all Canadians, when he is so tied to big union special interests.”

As if being a union supporter was something to be ashamed of, instead of a badge of honour.

In Ontario, the racist Con teabagger Tim Hudak gets down on all fours and crawls through the gutter in a desperate attempt to boost his sagging ratings, by appealing to our  basest instincts

Even though police say his Made in Amerika plan would make us all less safe.

OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis has warned making the registry public could lead to vigilante action by citizens against convicted sex offenders living in the community.

“I totally disagree with Mr. Hudak on this,” Lewis said recently in a television interview. “In the U.S. states where they do it, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to greater adherence to the legislation. We have almost 100 per cent compliance rate in this province with our sexual offender registry because they’re not online.”

In Toronto, the crass Con Rob Ford prepares to wage war on the sick, the poor, and the young. Even though the only gravy is in his head and his cavernous bowels, and his proposals would turn a livable city into a sinister jungle.

Fewer medical calls from fire fighters. A smaller police force. Reduced TTC service. Death of the “Hardship Fund” that provides medical services for the city’s poor.

And with all this going on some Liberals are more concerned about THIS?

Oh boy. How petty partisan can they be? Why are so many Liberals attacking the NDP instead of the Cons? Why aren't they healing their own wounds? How broken must be their party.  

For the record, I march to the sound of my own drum.

And I don't consider this message to be an exclusively NDP thing...

Don't let them tell you it can't be done.

I consider it a message of hope for ALL progressives, in a very dark time in our country's history.

Oh sure. Maybe I and all the others who were moved and encouraged by that message are too idealistic for a cynical and tired Canada that is rotting from the head down.

But don't underestimate us, for we did hear the message, and it did move us so much.

We wrote many of our own...

The rain may have washed them away. But this too is our message: Nobody, but NOBODY will stop us from keeping that promise. Or make us forget Jack that easily.

We WILL unite the best of us to eventually defeat the Cons.

And in the meantime, when it comes to politics in this country, and that goes for all progressive parties.

We're sick of the old grubby partisan game.

And we demand BETTER.


susansmith said...

right on Simon, and "Don't let them tell you it can't be done."

Simon said...

hi Jan...As you know I have always tried to unite progressives, so it bothers me to see how so many Liberal bloggers spend more time putting down the NDP, than they do talking about the future of their own moribund party.
As if NDP members don't have the right to invoke Jack's name, or carve his message on their foreheads if they so choose. Or they should just forget him because you know he's dead. Gawd. talk about a party of dead ideals.
BTW I'm planning to tattoo those words on my chest. I was planning to tattoo the message of hope and optimism there. But as Seb pointed out the other one is shorter, so it won't be so painful... ;)

Jim Parrett said...

Love the message. We on the left and in the centre have to unite or die. We don't have the funds nor do we have the PR savvy to overcome Con ads and fund raising as two parties. A merger may piss people off at first but it is the only way to build a solid, cohesive message that can overcome the Con noise machine. If a merger doesn't happen - and it's a stretch that it will - I hope the NDP and Liberals at least decide to open fire on the Cons and not on one another.

Simon said...

hi Jymn...I agree with everything you say, but very few people want to hear that message now. The NDP can dream of making it alone, and I'm sure many Liberals feel the party can rebuild itself and become a contender again. I'm afraid we are going to have to wait and see how things turn out.
The day both parties realize that they can't drive the Cons from power alone will be the day that real merger talks will begin. I only hope I'm still around to see that happy day... ;)