Friday, September 09, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Depression

Holey Moley. I see the Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty has gone from being the king of his tiny castle, to being the moron on the mole hill.

Unemployment is rising, the economy is contracting, the stock market is tanking.

Jimbo and Great Economist Buffoon Leader have finally been exposed as frauds.

But that STILL hasn't stopped the nasty little gnome from lecturing the Europeans, trying to drive the continent into a recession, and kill Greece.

Finance minister Jim Flaherty raised the spectre of Greece leaving the euro zone unless it pushes forward with its severe and highly unpopular austerity program, even though the cutbacks seem to be pushing the country deeper into recession.

Just like him and his ghastly Cons are trying to do to Canada.

OMG. How embarrassing eh? Somebody please put him in a tiny padded box, and ship him back to Ottawa IMMEDIATELY.

For the record, the Cons didn't see the first recession coming. They had to be forced to stimulate the economy. But instead of using it to create new green jobs for the future, they used the money to build gazebos, and buy votes.

They also allowed Big Oil, and the high dollar, to destroy our manufacturing sector with the so-called Dutch Disease. Reducing us to drawers of dirty oil and hewers of commodities, even though as I've pointed out before, the commodities market has a bad habit of going up, up, UP.

And then down, down, DOWN...

Which of course is where we are going with the Cons. Heading into another recession, with no safety net.

We have less manoeuvring room today than we did three years ago. Our budget is $30 billion in deficit, our employment insurance account has a $10.4 billion shortfall and we have the highest level of household debt in our history.

If Canada falls back into a recession — or if we’re already in one that hasn’t shown up in the statistics — millions of families will have no cushion.

Great eh? And to think they managed to convince enough cretins in this country that they were good money managers. If you know how to grow potatoes in your bath tub now might be a good time to start.

The good news? After a couple of years of recession they could have avoided, they'll NEVER be able to fool us again. And when they're finally gone, they'll be gone for a generation.

Yup. From the king of his tiny castle, to the moron on the mole hill.

To the idiot in his igloo...

Jimbo, Jimbo, can you see your shadow?

I didn't think so.

May the Monkey God save us all...


thwap said...

harper knew something was up. That's why he called the bullshit election after claiming that a obsequious Parliament had become "dysfunctional."

He wanted his majority before the recession hit.

Flaherty never knew it. Flaherty was predicting a $5 billion surplus and then he was resisting calls for a stimulus plan and a few months later his deficit was $50 billion.

Now he's wandering around Europe making an ass of himself.

As for that Ottawa Citizen article, ... fuck 'em. They endorsed harper after he assaulted the basic fundamentals of Parliamentary democracy. All the papers except the Star did that. And, yes, they all missed what WE clearly saw, ... that harper's economic record was one of dismal failure.

Kev said...

Hi Simon what thwap said. They knew this was coming of that I have no doubt

Simon said...

hi thwap...yes you're absolutely right. Who can forget the spectacle of Harper claiming he didn't want an election, when it was obvious he did.
How different things might have been if the election had been delayed. But then as you point out the Con media was falling over itself praising the Harperites as good money managers, despite the obvious corruption of their Porky Action Program.
Oh well as I said in the post, once many of the cretins who voted for him realize their mistake hopefully they won't be so easily fooled next time...

Simon said...

hi Kev...yes I agree, they knew that the balloon had sprung a leak. The awaful part is that we should have probably known too, and delayed an election. Of course I don't dare check my archives to see what I was recommending. Because knowing me I fear the worst... ;)