Monday, September 19, 2011

Rob Ford and the Little Farm

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Far Enough Farm is a little hobby farm located on one of the Toronto Islands. Every year hundreds of thousands of people visit it.

Because admission is free, it's a great place for poor families to take their children to, and introduce them to a way of life.

And to animals they would otherwise never see.

Except on a supermarket shelf.

It's also used extensively by children with special needs, who like other kids, can pet the gentle animals, and get free rides on ponies.

But now Rob Ford's Moron Nation regime is considering shutting down the farm, even though it more than pays for itself.  Because that crass, vulgar, millionaire couldn't give a damn about poor people.

And the saddest thing is that because many of the animals have spent all their lives there, and are old, finding a new home for them will be practically impossible.

So they will have to be destroyed...

Which is why some of us are desperately trying to save the farm.

Like so many other things that make this city livable.

And why this afternoon, when I kissed the old donkey on its nose, I repeated my blood oath.

If Rob Ford and his Moron Nation want a war, so help me.

They are going to get one...

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