Monday, September 05, 2011

Jack's Labour Day Parade: The Video

I've been a union supporter since I was seventeen, when I got a summer job at a mine in Northern Ontario.

Where it was explained to me by some of the toughest but nicest guys I've ever known, that if we didn't have unions we'd all be slaves. And I learned the true meaning of solidarity.

Later on I also learned that unions have been largely responsible for just about every progressive thing that ever happened in this country. And that's why the Cons and their Big Business masters hate them so much.

Because they want to turn back the clock, screw the poor, and condemn young Canadians to a life of servitude.

So when I heard that this year's Toronto Labour Day parade was dedicated to Jack Layton.

I decided to make this little video...

Special thanks to my friend Calum, who took over the shooting when I was suddenly called into work.

Where I made more money than usual, because I belong to a union eh? So they can't treat me like a slave.

It's too bad Jack couldn't be there in person, but his spirit definitely was.

Long live our beautiful union movement !!!

Solidarity FOREVER !!!


susansmith said...

excellent video and words to live by.

Beijing York said...

Nice work, Simon. We need solidarity now more than ever.

Simon said...

hi Jan...thanks I enjoyed making it, and it was great to see so many progressives in the streets. THe parade began at 9:30 and didn't finish until 2 pm. As I explained I wasn't able to see all of it, but what I saw was good enough... :)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...thanks, and yes we do need solidarity because it's the best weapon we have. I hate to see any progressives make unions sound like a threat, when in fact they are and always have been a progressive bastion, any progressive party should be glad to have them. And the only people who should fear them are the Cons...