Monday, September 19, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Great Canadian Resistance

Holy Conchella. Talk about bad timing. On the very day Obama was talking about creating jobs and raising taxes, there was Great Bobo Leader talking about lowering taxes, and creating criminals.

"At a time when hundreds of thousands of Canadians are looking for work and the economy is in the possibility at least of slipping into another recession, we found out today from the Conservatives that it's their so-called law and order agenda that's the top priority," the NDP's house leader Thomas Mulcair told reporters.

But then nobody ever called them geniuses eh?

Why are Canadian governments, not exactly debt-free, being forced to spend more money on crime enforcement and incarceration while more pressing needs such as health care and education suffer?

At a time when the federal government should be looking at smart spending, the Harper legislation on crime is a triumph of ideology over common sense.

Just dumb, dangerous, ideologues, who are leading this country to disaster.

That's the bad news. And the good news?

With teabaggers like that in power, and the economy heading south, it's going to be really easy to mobilize the REAL majority against them, put 100-thousand people in the streets, and stop them in their tracks..

I thought both the NDP and the Liberals looked good today, but people power is even better. So cheer up progressives, the present may look bleak, but out of the darkness will come a brighter future.

And the best part? When we finally drive them from power, they won't be back for a  generation.

Hey Cons...enjoy it while you can.

Long live the thousand four year majority.

All hail Great Bobo Leader...

As for the rest of you...get ready to kick Con ass.

Because it's going to be soooooooo much fun.

And it's never going to be easier...


Kev said...

Hi. Simon Count me in

Simon said...

hi Kev... OK you're counted. How did I know that? ;)
Seriously though I just want to cheer up all progressives. I know it's a ghastly situation, but out of bad always comes good. Harpo and his ghastly Cons were always able to blame everything on the other parties. But now they have a majority they can't. And I think the next four years are going to bring out the best in our side. People will see what the Cons are really like, and the future really will belong to us...