Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Good Reason Not to Ban Internet Anonymity

Not only do Big Business and Big Brother want your real name.

So does the mob.

Three years ago, after the suicide of a popular actress who had been bullied via the Internet, South Korea introduced a radical policy aimed at stamping out online hate. It required contributors to Web portals and other popular sites to use their real names, rather than pseudonyms.

Last month, after a huge security breach, the government said it would abandon the system. Hackers stole 35 million Internet users’ national identification numbers, which they had been required to supply when registering on Web sites to verify their identities.

As I said in my first post, I understand where everybody is coming from. But there are legal means to unmask those who commit crimes on the internet.

And since the danger to the marginalized and legitimate dissidents is so great, I suggest we need a good discussion before we throw out the baby with bath water.

And until then I'm okay with this:

The real world is often messy, chaotic and anonymous. The Internet is mostly better that way, too.

Internet freedom, discuss it, defend it.

Or wake up one day in a very different world...


Anonymous said...

I think you're letting your friend Dawg off a little too easily. Aren't you familiar with his case against Free Dominion????

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I did tell Dr Dawg I disagreed with hi. But no I'm not familiar with his case against Free Dominion, nor do I care. Why would anybody care what those losers say about ANYTHING? I figure if you hang out with pigs you end up smelling like one...

lexorjoy31 said...

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