Monday, September 26, 2011

The Harper Cons and the Country I Don't Recognize

On a beautiful early fall day like this one it's hard to believe that bad things can happen in Canada.

But when I see what the Cons are doing to our country, trying to turn us into a prison state, or leading us to financial disaster in the name of their foul ideology.

When I see how they're trying to kill the CBC.

Demanding it be more transparent, when Tony Clement refuses to answer any questions about this stinky scandal.

When I see how these bloodthirsty Cons are bombing a city full of children.

When the NATO mandate was to protect civilians.

I know that very bad things can happen, and nothing bothers me more than hearing people say relax Simon, this is Canada, and it can't happen here.

So I'm really glad to see that I am not alone.

There are so many things wrong with our national picture these days, from empty swagger to lost compassion to a tragically eroded sense of international diplomacy, that it is no longer even recognizable. It is a picture that now looks not only mean, but stupid.

The tragedy here is that a good country is being steadily turned into a bad joke. And that is nuttiness at its most disturbing.

Because it is crazy and it is EVIL.

Oh yeah. They can say it can't happen here.

But I have a recurring nightmare.

And it is HORRIBLE...

Oh boy. Sometimes words fail me.

But you know what I'm saying eh?

My Canada is beautiful.

And I want it BACK...


BC Mary said...

I know what you mean, Simon.

I think that Brigette DePape came onto the scene just in time:



Simon said...

hi BC Mary...I realize the left is still demoralized by the results of the last election.nd during the summer Harper was able to lull people into some kind of stupor. But not me. I have no intention of living in denial. The Cons are the worst government in Canadian history, and I shall do all I possibly can to help spread that message. Brigette is my kind of Canadian, and Harper must be STOPPED...

Tigana said...

Hi, Simon! Love your work - thank you for your writing and your art. I suspect CGI is at the root of so many of our troubles in Canada - starting with Canada's CGI GG, David Johnston....