Monday, September 19, 2011

The General and the Flying Torpedo

Well I see that General Walter Natynczyk is still defiant over his use of a government jet to join his family on a Caribbean vacation.

And is apparently determined that if he doesn't pay for it SOMEBODY will...

If revelations of his travel costs are sabotage by someone out to undermine his authority, so be it, he said.

“I’ve been shot at in Sarajevo. I’ve been shot at in Baghdad,” he said, adding that his exploits in battle have given him a “pretty tough skin.”

Which is just as well eh? Because that Caribbean sun can be BRUTAL.

But how does he explain this one?

Figures released by the Defence Department indicate it cost $23,231.30 to fly the general to Toronto from Ottawa in January, 2009, to attend a Canadian Forces appreciation night at a Maple Leafs game.

Because I realize that attending a Leafs game is more punishment than pleasure, but for about $200 he could get a first class round trip on Via Rail, a Wi-Fi connection, a tasty meal, AND all the wine he could drink. Burp.

Besides if Bev Oda can curb her insatiable desire for a limo.

And replace it with a cheaper form of transportation...

Why can't the General?

And if the problem is it's not military enough, maybe he could give one of our new stealth snowmobiles a whirl.

Or how about this flying torpedo...

But of course what I really want to know is why are the limousine jet-set Cons defending the general so vigorously, when they claim we need to cut the deficit so aggressively?

Is it because Stephen Harper is also a frequent flyer?

Of course it is. But that's our corrupt Cons eh?

One rule for them and their buddies. And another for all the others.

Golly. You don't think Stephen Harper could ride that torpedo do you? Nah. I didn't think so. What a pity.

Too bad....

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