Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freddie Mercury's Ultimate Birthday Card

Well it's late night at Simon's, and although the proprietor is feeling very sleepy, he's also very excited eh?

Because tonight even by the awesome standards of this crummy joint, we have an extraordinary performance by the great Freddie Mercury.

You may know that this week would have been his 65th birthday. You may have read about how he died.

Freddie loved life. He lived it to the full. And towards the end, when he realised it was no longer fun, he decided to come off medication. He was suffering and sadly there was no way out.

You may have watched the Google doodle tribute to him...

But tonight I've got the ultimate birthday card to Freddie.

Freddie as you've never seen him.

From the members of his old band...

Oh boy. How sad and how great.

Did you hear him say "You forgot Quebec?"

Ready Freddie? Always Simon.

Like that little red rocket.

Sailing on FOREVER...

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