Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Day Dumbo Made Harper Look Like an Idiot

Uh oh. Mayday. Mayday. It seems that Peter Dumbo MacKay is more of a frequent flyer on Air Taxpayer than even I thought.

Peter MacKay has racked up nearly $3 million worth of flights on the government's Challenger jets since assuming the role of defence minister in 2007, documents obtained by CTV News reveal.

And the worst part? When his office was asked about it YESTERDAY, this is what one of his flunkeys said:

"In approximately 50 per cent of the total challenger flights minister MacKay has taken, he has taken these flights to attend the repatriation of fallen military personnel," spokesman Jay Paxton told CTV News in an email.

When in fact:

Documents show that out of 35 flights, only nine were for repatriation ceremonies. In fact, many of the flights were for press conferences and political announcements.

And the best news? When Stephen Harper was asked about this airborne scandal TODAY, he also lied.

He invoked fallen soldiers in defending his minister, saying half of Mr. MacKay’s flights were to attend repatriation ceremonies where the remains of dead troopers were returned to Canada.

“Half of those flights are for repatriation ceremonies so that he can meet the families of those who have lost their loved ones in the service of this country. He goes there to show that we understand their sacrifice, we share their pain and we care about them,” the Prime Minister said.

Holy Clamato. This does smell fishy. Somebody call the ethics commissioner.

The latest problems emerged when the ethics commissioner Mary Dawson said it looked fishy that MacKay took a private vacation at the Burnt Rattle fishing camp, which is reportedly partly owned by the chairman of a Crown corporation that runs passenger and commercial ferries between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Oh no. Poor Dumbo. First he lost the PC party, then he lost Belinda, then he lost Afghanistan, then he lost his credibility, then he lost his ethics.

And now he'll probably lose his job, or be grounded, for making Great Ugly Leader look like an IDIOT.

Because I can only imagine the ghastly scene in the PMO tonight. Great Ugly in a rage, rolling on the floor, biting the carpet, and screaming: "I know I'm now the Dictator of Canada but didn't ANYONE read yesterday's press clippings !!#&#!

In fact, I understand the atmosphere has become so unbearable, that Harper's kittens... the ones he keeps in a drawer in his office for use during photo-ops... have heard how easy it is to rent an executive jet.

And they're desperately trying to escape...

Before Darth Harper force feeds them MacKay's liver.

Seriously eh? We always knew they were incompetent, ridiculous, dangerous, and definitely fishy.

But who knew they were so corrupt?


Anonymous said...

Hey Simon,

Apparently, only 9 out of the 35 flights, according to G&M, were for repatriation ceremonies. Suggests that either Harper, a graduate in Econs., is actually high school math. challenged, or he "misrepresented" the facts, again, eh?

However, I suspect the best is yet to come. Did you see this: ?

Simon said...

hi anonymous...wait...what are you saying? That Great Economist Leader can't COUNT? Treason !!! Or God help us. ;)
And thanks for the link, because I love flying machines I've been following that story closely. The way I see it at this point, even as the price of the F-35 soars, is that we could get THREE Super Hornets, with TWO engines,for the price of ONE F-35. Hey, I was rotten at maths too, but even I can see the scale of this boondoggle, and know enough to call it yet another Con scandal...