Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Con Bullies Go After the CBC. Again.

I have never understood why the Cons hate the CBC so much. Why the grotesque teabaggers at Fox News North spend so much time hissing and spitting at it.

Or why senior Con operatives use CBC hate to whip up their rabid supporters, and squeeze their wallets or their smelly piggy banks.

A Conservative fundraising letter described as “very, very important” to the government’s legislative plans dangles the prospect of CBC spending cuts in a bid to raise money from party supporters.

It's so weird, so creepy, so batshit crazy, so deeply disturbing.

I mean why would they threaten and attack a great Canadian institution that can't properly defend itself? Who are these supporters? And why do they hate Canada so much?

And sadIy I can only conclude that the reason Cons do what they do, is because they are such ghastly bullies.

What else could explain why they terrorize the civil service, or demonize their opponents? Or why they hate women so much they would deny them health services.

What else could explain why they want to put even more Canadians in in jail, or punish them for smoking marijuana? Even as the crime rate is going down.

And of course, who could ever forget or forgive what they did to poor old Rémy Beauregard?

For years I have tried to understand what makes so many Cons such horrible bullies. Is it nature or nurturing? But all I can conclude is that they are just twisted people, who enjoy inflicting pain on others. Just like their weirdo leader does.

Which is a depressing thought. So depressing that sometimes when I think of what we're going to have to do to make our country clean again, I feel like giving up. Or smoking a joint to try to forget I'm living in Con Canada eh?

But that never lasts long. Because then I read things, or see things like the following anti-bullying video that will be played at a University of Michigan football game this weekend, and I feel a lot better.

Because it's really quite simple...

We are not just better than them, we are MORE than them.

So huddle up everybody. If we unite, if we organize, if we take to the streets and let them know what we think of their ghastly bully games.

We can knock those Cons off their perch.

And make our country clean again...


Anonymous said...

It will get worse. Can you imagine the cackling that will go on by Ezzie LeRant when the C.B.C. is privatized by Stinky Stevie and bought by Rogers? Think of our choices. Bell Media?

CQ said...

For a number of years now, Sun Media has freely accepted an openly public Lesbian as a serious News personality - without any special regard. Does the CBC permit the same?
Calgary elected a Muslim mayor. Do you see any other visible minorities in similar municipal roles across the GTA region.
What I see in this posting is a lot of relentless hatred and name-calling - from your side.

Anonymous said...


Simon's name calling is nowhere near the calibre of name calling done by the Sun newspaper, Sun TV and CFRB radio.

I will say that name calling diminishes the speaker because that person is appealing to emotion rather than reason to get a point across.

But . . . .the Canadian brand of name calling is streets removed from the logorrhea of the American talk show people like Limbaugh and O'Reilly.

The Sun group of companies and CFRB are not as bad as their American counterparts and Simon is several degrees below the local media in terms of offensiveness.

BUT . . . .and it's a big BUT.

It is always open season on stupidity. And in that, Simon acquits himself admirably in showing the sheer untrammeled stupidity of many of our public leaders(?).

How is what Simon is doing differ from Mozart's comic operas that were satires on daily life in Austria? Or Gilbert and Sullivan operettas as satires on British society? And, SNL skits on TV?

I think I've made my point.

There, I feel better now.

So there.

Simon said...

hi Mark...I have a few problems with the CBC. It's too commercial as far as I'm concerned, and it doesn't give enough exposure to young Canadian artists, or older ones for that matter. But it's still a great Canadian institution, and seeing it privatized would break my heart, because I know what we'd get...absolute garbage...

Simon said...

hi CQ...first of all I'm not calling Sun TV homophobic, I don't even object to a right-wing station, if they can find an audience for that, good for them. I'm merely complaining that its sole reason to exist seems to attack the CBC and I find that bizarre and unseemly.
Secondly, I'm not saying anything bad about Calgary. I admire the people there for choosing a smart guy like Naheed Nenshi as Mayor.
But I hate bullies of any political persuasion, and Harper and his gang are the worst political bullies I have ever seen...

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...thanks for sticking up for me. I've tried hard to improve and moderate my language, and unlike others in the blogosphere I try to avoid vulgar words. But I'm not the only one who believes that the Cons act like bullies, and yes when I write I do have a bit of fun because that's the way I am.
But I had no idea I was following in the footsteps of Mozart, and I must say I LOVE it... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon. I agree that the C.B.C. is too commercial but that is because of the erosion of it's funding over the years starting with the Muldoon regime. Add to that the fear of the hammer being held over their heads by this present government it isn't hard to understand why they are so weak in their opinions. When you really study the state of the entire media field, is their any other less commercial source. I am not defending C.B.C. (news) in it's present state because, like the others, it has become a variety show. Because I am watching on an analogue T.V. with rabbit ears I have to get my news from C.T.V. amid the numerous C.A.P.P.(Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) commercials extolling the virtues of the Tar Sands. I am missing c.b.c up north because they are now digital so I am witnessing life without it and don't like the alternatives. I dislike the prospect of getting c.b.c. back repackaged by Rogers even more.

Simon said...

hi Mark...I agree with everything you say. I'm only criticizing the CBC because I own 1/33,739,900
of it so I demand my say !!!! ;)
I consider the CBC a national treasure and I believe it is essential for explaining this country to itself, and preserving national unity.
So although I'd like it even more if there was more edgy stuff, and less Don Cherry and Rex Murphy, the thought of the Cons killing it makes my blood boil...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon