Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Gay Soldier and his Dad

It lasted for almost twenty years. It cost more than 13,000 gay and lesbian soldiers their military careers.

It was hideous, it was cruel, it was brutishly unfair.

But last night at 12:01 am, Don't Ask Don't Tell finally died.

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At U.S. bases all over the world gay people were finally free to be themselves.

And although the long struggle isn't over.

There are still issues concerning benefits that have nothing to do with the legacy of DADT and everything to do with DOMA, the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. For instance, because of DOMA, the surviving same-sex spouse of a service member is out of luck in receiving the same considerations a surviving straight spouse. You better believe there are plans in the works to right this wrong.

Somewhere in the Middle East a young soldier from the American Bible Belt who had to cover up his face on YouTube for so long...

Finally summoned up the courage to tell his dad he was gay...

Good for him. Good for his dad. Good for everybody who struggled so long and so hard to make this day a reality.

And a special thanks to the embattled black President who finally kept his freedom promise.

It's a giant step for equality. But until the day that all gay people are free finally arrives.

The battle continues...

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