Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Absurd Con Assault on the CBC

OK. So today probably isn't the best day to defend the CBC. Not when I went to watch Question Period this afternoon, and discovered that their noisy news network was covering the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor instead.

Gawd. Where's the propofol, or the so-called milk of amnesia, when you need it eh?

But if that was grotesque, this is even worse.

The Conservatives are calling on some of the CBC's harshest critics and competitors to testify about the broadcaster at a parliamentary hearing on access to information.

Some of the witnesses requested by the Tories include Sun Television/Sun Media pundits Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley, and the president of their parent company Quebecor, Pierre Karl Peladeau. Quebecor's television networks compete directly with the CBC for viewers in Quebec.

Because is this a hearing or a LYNCHING? And since when is anybody who works for Fox News North considered a journalist? I mean I know if you give a monkey a typewriter, and enough time, it can theoretically write the complete works of William Shakespeare. But I bet the Sun monkeys couldn't.

On the other hand, I do see the bright side eh?

Lezra should look FABULOUS...

And so totally ridiculous, Dean Del Mastro will have to turn up in a tutu if he wants to be noticed.

Brian Lilley will finally have to answer these embarrassing questions:

You know...why IS his organization in bed with separatists and former FLQ terrorists? Why IS a private company getting OUR hard earned tax dollars? Allo police?

And as for Pierre Karl Peladeau, he might finally be forced to answer the most embarrassing question of all: Did Quebecor really create a network for the sole purpose of destroying another?

So it can have total control of the Quebec media, or even MORE than it has now.   

Hmmm....I think I change my mind eh? This could be the most entertaining lynching EVAH.

And who knows who could end up looking REALLY bad? Apart from the McCarthyite Cons.

Hey Del Mastro !!!! Fetch me a pizza...or a poll. After you put on you tutu.

Golly. I love Con Canada.

Who knew fascism could be so absurd?

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