Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tim Hudak Exposed as a Fraud. Again.

Uh oh. It looks like the Con teabagger Tim Hoo Hoo Hudak has one more reason to look confident worried deeply disturbed. After having been caught using ringers.

Ms. Raheb told the Windsor Star that her group was approached by Mr. Hudak’s campaign to appear at the news conference, but declined. The campaign then recruited other parents, whom they referred to Thursday as school council members and concerned grandparents.

“To have somebody do that behind our backs really presents the issue of how honest and how far they will go to implement what they're saying,” Ms. Raheb told the Windsor Star. “I mean how much can you trust them at this point now?”


The Conservatives have held several news conferences where they have used “real people” as the backdrop.

In Hamilton, nurses who were introduced as “emergency room” nurses were walked into an ultrasound lab to talk about flaws in the health-care system. Later on the bus, reporters found out the nurses didn’t actually work at the hospital but were brought in from the Niagara region for the event.

Gawd. This sordid scandal reminds me of that old Quebec saying: If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a bus.

But that would be cruel eh?

Toronto Sun.


Hoo hoo hoo. Ha ha ha ha.

You know when this campaign started I thought it would be boring eh?

But now I just LOVE it....

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