Thursday, September 01, 2011

And Now for Something Absolutely Fabulous...

Look who's back.

And now not just absolutely fabulous, but also absolutely prescient.

Edina, the hard-boiled, label-hungry PR guru, and Patsy, her addiction-fuelled magazine editor sidekick, now look like prescient visions of the future. When they first emerged on screen they endeared through preposterousness. With their minute-long obsessions and faux-ethical bandwagons, the pair cascaded from one catastrophe to the next. Yet what was once recognisably absurd has become absurdly recognisable.

What started as a sly poke at ridiculous figures of fun has become a new aspirational model. Patsy's cries of "Bolly!" and "Lacroix!" in response to any impending crisis predated the late 90s snowballing of branding culture, from smart phones to handbags.

Patsy, Patsy dahling, where have you been?

But Patsy, I must ask you a favour. After you get the bee, please fire Bubble.

Saunders may choose to refrain from making any implicit reference to recent comments made by Jane Horrocks – the actress who brought to life Edina's ditzy assistant, Bubble – in a case of life imitating art. Horrocks claimed that she'd named her north London mansion Tesco Towers, after paying for it with the proceeds of the numerous advertising campaigns she'd fronted for the supermarket goliath, then bemoaned the fact that it was "full of chavs" (yobs). 

And then get Eddie and her goody goody daughter roaring drunk, and make them sign a new contract

Because these days I REALLY need a good laugh dahling. And after all this time.

Three episodes is absolutely NOT enough...

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