Friday, May 15, 2009

The Bully Harper and my First Attack Ad

There are a lot of reasons to hate Stephen Harper. His failed economic policies that would turn Canada into a neocon jungle. His oil pimp policies that would torch the planet. Or just the fact he hates women so much.

But the main reason I despise him with every bone in my body is that he's such a monstrous, cowardly BULLY. A man who says he likes to see fear in the eyes of others.

A porky political thug who practices the politics of personal destruction with his hideous attack ads. Like the ones that destroyed the career of the gentle Stephane Dion.

So now that he's off to the pigsty again....I thought I'd give him a taste of his own medicine. Just like I did to the bullies at school.

By launching my first attack ad....

OK OK I know I'm no GritGirl.

But the point is if I can do it ANYONE can. So c'mon eh?

If the monster wants to play the politics of personal destruction game....let our leaders stick to the high road.

While the Progressive Alliance Rebel YouTube fleet closes in on the bully Death , Darth Harper Star.

And really lets him have it......


  1. Dumb meets cruel. Brill, Simon!

  2. Simon, I love this bravoBest line = "Where dumb meets cruel"

    Audio is right on.

  3. So far, about all I see, Harper is motivating people and not in his favor.

    Good stuff!

  4. Where dumb meets cruel. Love it!

  5. Hi fern...thanks a lot I'm glad you liked it. I used to think that Harper's alien brand of Canadian politics was the result of his ideological fanaticism. But now I think what sets Harper apart from the others is his deliberate cruelty.Because a man who says he likes to see fear in the eyes of his subordinates, and can keep a Canadian kid like Omar Khadr in a place like Guantanamo for no good reason can't be trusted with ANYTHING....

  6. Hi sassy...thanks for the applause link. I've bookmarked it.
    And I'm glad you liked the audio.
    Sebastien says I should have left out the yee haw at the end. And he's probably right.But you know me I couldn't resist... :)

  7. Hi Steve...Thanks I'm glad you liked it....and yes I agree with you. I can't believe this ad campaign will be anything but a flop because the timing is so bad. I really don't think Canadians are ready for attack ads with all the other problems we face at the beginning of the BBQ season. I think Ignatieff can score big points by sticking to the high road, and asking Canadians what kind of a man would launch attack ads against someone who says he wants to make Parliament work. In the middle of a brutal recession.
    However, I do think the Progressive YouTube Brigade can soften up the ground a bit by framing Harper's character :)
    While our leaders concentrate on policies and ideas that the Cons have obviously run out of...

  8. Hi Canajun...I'm glad you like it too. Uh oh. I feel my head swelling dangerously. :)
    But seriously the "dumb" was easy of course. But when I came up with "cruel" I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. Because he is a nasty mean man and I like to think that cruel is definitely not CANAJUN...

  9. Awesome, Simon!

  10. Et tu, Brutus
    Actually it's Brute. Since the name is also the person being addressed, the vocative case--not the nominative case comes into play.

  11. "Sebastien says I should have left out the yee haw at the end."Noooooo Sebastien ;) - it speaks (in tone especially) to Harper's cavalier attitude towards the concerns of Canadians.

  12. good one simon! bullies should have their heads flushed down the toilet.

  13. Anonymous1:15 AM

    And while I'm on my high horse here, its hardly Stephen Harper's responsibility to give Dion any elbow room in the world of competitive politics. Dion has to rise above any attacks thrown his way. Either that, or Canadians must judge Harper's ads wrong at the polls.

    Clearly neither happened.

    Dion's political demise was a result of a mixture between better politicking by the Harper camp and Dion's own inability to connect with Canadians.

    Your blog is one big Harper attack ad, but your influence is nil.

    All you do is hurl insults at the straw-man of fascism you've built.

    You serve no other purpose to get a rise out of your tiny, negligible, extreme left-wing choir.

    On a side note, I'd be interested to hear your views on Obama who is steadfastly opposed to same sex marriage.

    But I don't reckon you'll publish this comment and I don't reckon to be back wasting my time viewing this waste of cyberspace.

  14. Is that you, the person in the toque sitting with a sleeping bag? And ear rings?
    Very soulful face.

  15. Hi JJ...Thanks. I'm happy you liked it. Uh oh head swelling to critical levels :)
    It was actually quite a lot of fun trying to figure out what to do without any instructions...and with no DVD recorder...thanks Kerouac !!
    But since I have tons of flattering pictures of Stephen Harper I think I'll make another one or five.... ;)

  16. Hi Torontonian...I think that comment belongs in that other post. But thanks anyway... :)

  17. Hi sassy....oh that's EXCELLENT. Of course that's EXACTLY what I meant ;)
    Although I did tell Sebastien it's an English Canadian thing and he wouldn't understand.
    You know when in trouble blame the two solitudes.... :)

  18. Hi Scout...yes they should. And Harper should be thrown out of office if only for being such a nasty political thug who has turned Parliament into a hyper partisan pigsty.No politician has ever debased Canada so much.His foulness runneth over and it's time this horror show ended...

  19. Hi anonymous...well now you're going to be doubly surprised.
    One your comment WAS published. And when you said:

    Your blog is one big Harper attack ad...I have to tell you honestly I've never been so FLATTERED. Thanks so much. :)

    But look I see your ridiculous Con attack ad has been roundly condemned. And I see Stephen Thug Harper's polls are tanking.Glug.Glug. Glug.

    So can I forgive you for failing to see the ugly truth? Absolutely.

    Desperation is horrible....

  20. Hi Oemissions...I'm glad you liked it. Does that mean I can now be called a video artiste? ;)
    And no that's not me. Just another in my collection of shots of homeless people that I keep to remind people of their humanity.
    And gosh you wouldn't catch me getting earings...or any other part of my body pierced. I'm too much of a coward.
    On the other hand I want that toque !!!!! :)

  21. Someone named Anonymous calls your site a big attack ad or something to that effect. Yet he/she chooses to remain anonymous.

    Snipers do exactly the same thing. They don't want their names revealed.

    Why the secrecy? Cowardice in a paper tiger?

    Ever noticed how much secrecy and backstairs dealings happen with Harper's people -- like that secret caucus about the right to life movement?

    Outward bullies, inward cowards, the lot of them! Time to show them the door!

  22. Excellent !!! very well done Five stars!

  23. Great Job. I like the Yah Ha at the end.

  24. You know Simon, that's a pretty good ad. I think it's a lot better than that lame, low budget POS the cons have on TV right now.

  25. Hi Torontonian...actually I don't reject many comments ...unless they're really unpleasant.
    And I allow people to post anonymously to allow young or closeted gays to speak their minds.
    Besides as I told Mr Anonymous...calling my blog one big anti-Harper attack ad was music to my ears. :)
    But you're right about showing these bums the door. That's long overdue....

  26. Hi Dame....Wow. Five stars? That's AWESOME. Now if I bash the Cons even harder as I intend to do can I get SIX? ;)

  27. Hi FFIB NAMOL...oh goody I'm glad you liked the Yee Haw. As I said it caused a minor collision of the two solitudes in my house.
    But after sassy gave me the PERFECT argument, the Frenchy didn't stand a chance...

  28. Hi Bruce...and thanks. You know what I hate about the Con ads is that they're trying to be nasty and funny at the same time. It's so passive aggressive. And for that matter I'm not too impressed by the parodies either. A parody or a parody in a time of recession and worry when so many people are suffering? Nah. The fact that the Cons would play dirty politics at a time like this one is absolutely disgusting...

  29. The Tories, much as you dislike them, are going to be in power for then next 18 months at the minimum.

    This is mostly because the most recent polls, while not exactly favouring the Tories, (they would still win an election right now, but it will be a real nail biter), do only favour one of the opposition parties, the Liberals. The other two parties, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP have suffered the most from the rise in Liberal fortunes, more so than the Tories have. While they don't like the Tory government, they like the idea of losing seats to the Liberals even less.

    As the opposition Liberals need the support of both of the other opposition parties to oust the government and force an election, and as forcing such an election will lead to the other two parties losing seat and thus losing what influence they have over the government, whoever that may be, do you think that the Bloc Quebecois or the NDP are going to give the Liberals what they want? Or are they going to find a way to stall until such time as they will make gains, be they at the expense of the Liberal or of the Tories or of both. If they Tories get a majority and the NDP becomes the Official Opposition, is that a as big a defeat for the NDP as a Liberal majority and a much smaller NDP caucus? Ditto for the Bloc... If either of them wants an election, it will because either the Tories have done something so odious that they really have no choice, and even then they will focus all of their efforts on keeping what they have. Or it will be because they are polling high and they want to turn that into seats, even if the Liberals really don't want an election at this point. Or even if in the end it means that the Tories finally get their majority.

    If we get an early election, it will come next spring at the earliest, following the Olympics. Most likely and election will come sometime in the fall of 2011 or the spring of 2012. And the Liberals still only have a 50-50 chance of winning. If the election comes on Tory terms, then the Liberals will have a long hard climb ahead if the want to win.

    Think of this as being like the 1990s, only in reverse.

  30. Hi Benjamin...A very well reasoned argument as usual. BTW did I tell you you're too reasonable and nice to be a Harper Conservative? And that I will sponsor you if you decide to come over to the good side. Or failing that can I encourage you to run for the leadership of your party? :)
    Seriously though... you are right that the Bloc and the NDP are probably not too anxious for an election. But you forget a couple of things. One,the NDP as a party of principle, can only bend so far. And in Quebec the Bloc's failing fortunes have a lot to do with the fact that Quebecers want to defeat Harper so badly they're turning to the only party that can. So the Bloc could lose even MORE support if it's seen to be propping up the Conservatives.
    Two, if the Liberals can't cook up something to precipitate an election say in the fall, whose to say that Harper won't come up with something himself.
    Personally I think he wants an election sooner rather than later when the recession really starts to bite. And if he hangs on and the economy doesn't get better he can only be damaged.
    So I really can't see him surviving that much longer. I'm going for the fall, but I'll concede it could be Spring. But as for 2012... as we say in Quebec you are dreaming in colour. At least I hope you are *shudder*
    2012 is the year the Mayans predicted the world would end. So that's bad enough... :)

  31. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Haha, worst attack ad ever should be the heading.