Friday, June 21, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Disastrous Climate Change Announcement

Andrew Scheer must have put a lot of effort into finding a suitable green backdrop to finally unveil their long awaited climate plan.

Before settling on a watery body near Chelsea, Quebec.

But sadly for him he obviously put more thought into that than he did into his fake plan.

So only the Cons and other furry creatures were impressed.

The announcement was an epic failure.

And the reviews have been brutal. 

Presenting the Conservative Party's climate platform on Wednesday, Andrew Scheer exulted over the document's length and weight. "Sixty pages," he said, holding the document aloft. "Eleven thousand words."

It is, without question, a handsome document — in full colour and featuring many large photos. There are many words in it. Some of them are in large fonts. Others are in italics.

But unfortunately, none of them explain at any point how much the federal Conservatives hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through this plan

But then who should be surprised? 

When the grubby oil pimp Scheer has never shown the slightest interest in fighting climate change...

And as Paul Wells points out his fake climate announcement came straight from the play book of his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall:

In Everyone… But the People, an account of a 2015 Vancouver-region transit-tax referendum co-written by Scheer’s campaign manager Hamish Marshall, we find this bit of wisdom: “All good campaigns are based around two messages—an offensive or ‘sword’ message to define the election and to take down your opponent, and a defensive or ‘shield’ message to protect against any attacks thrown at you.” 

Climate is a shield issue for Canadian Conservatives. Scheer just wanted a pamphlet he could wave around and say, “I’ve got a Real Plan.”

So it couldn't be more absurd or more fraudulent.

But the part I liked best about Scheer's dismal rollout was when he went to do an interview with Vassy Kapelos from the same green location.

Only to have her first ask him for his reaction to the latest allegations about the freaky Con bigot Michael Cooper. 

Conservative MP Michael Cooper made comments deriding "goat herder cultures" during a discussion about Islam's compatibility with Canadian democracy when he was a law student at the University of Alberta a decade ago, according to two lawyers who have come forward to talk about the incident.

Which was enough to blow his hollow photo-op right out of the water, as Scheer slowly turned from green to red:

And was revealed again, in the course of just one day, to be not only an oil pimp, a liar, a fraud, but also a racist. 

And since this weekend is the big Pride parade in Toronto...

I'm sure they'll be about a million people calling him a filthy homophobe.

And really, what more can we ask for?

Reality is starting to bite, Scheer can't hide behind his creepy smile any longer...

The Cons really are a freak show.

And we ARE going to destroy them...


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    And naturally, it's been discovered that the Tory climate plan resembles one put forth by the oil and gas industry:


    1. So we can accuse the Cons of plagiarism too?

    2. Hi KM....yes, and no doubt that's why he held that secret meeting with the Big Oil people and the Koch brother gang. It's a Potemkin village designed to give the impression Scheer and his gang have seen the light, when in fact they haven't. They're counting on the greed and/or the ignorance of Canadians, and let's just hope they don't get away with it....

  2. "Swords and shields"? That paragraph alone reads like yet another serial killer's manifesto! So now we have black-and-white proof that Hamster the computer chipmunk is a Machiavellian sociopath just like the rest of them, but wait, wasn't Paulie Wellnuts the one who said not to worry about him? Yet after his relentless hatefest against Trudeau and fawning over the two mean girls, I suspect he's still giving Scheer a slap on the wrist. And the Complicit Broadcasting Corporation should have been hammering him relentlessly over his bigotry the way they spent four months obsessing over "her truth"!

    Meanwhile, Scheer has promised to dredge up the Gropergate bullshit if the Liberals press further on the Cooper issue. Thus re-traumatizing that poor woman who begged the media to leave her alone. And by default, bringing Trudeau's poor dead brother into it because the alleged "incident" supposedly took place at a fundraiser for avalanche awareness. There really is no limit to the depths these craven fuckers will go. They have no valid policies so all they do is pick on the man.

    This whole campaign has been so disgusting, so full of lies and character assassination and gaslighting abuse. I was already crying this morning because it makes me so sick. It reminds me so much of 2016 in the US and is even causing me to relive personal traumas involving loved ones who've had their lives ruined by coordinated smear campaigns. Kinsella, that useless waste of oxygen, is behind so much of it. The Gropergate crap (for which he doxed the woman and sent his Twitter mob after a feminist activist who called him out on his bullshit), Jody's public tantrum, who knows what else he's cooking up. Even worse is that he claims to be a "real feminist," yet uses women as cudgels in his sick vendetta against Trudeau and then discards them once they'd served his purposes. Some knight in shining armor he is. What a pathetic POS.

    Someone really needs to look into that guy, because I do know there's a bunch of conspiracy theories ripe for the picking on social media already, everything from NXVIM to that Cold War dossier on Pierre some other crank dug up. But I can't fucking believe that SOB is so demented as to be dishing out advice to Scheer and risk condemning the whole country to the likes of another Harperreich over his small-man jealousy of Trudeau. Wonder what promises Scheer made him. Gerald Butts' job? FFS.

    Is Trudeau even aware of Kinsella's involvement in this ratfucking? Who's advising him? This is a disaster waiting to happen, because as admirable and idealistic as it is, Michelle Obama's "when they go low we go high" sunny ways doesn't work when you're dealing with ruthless propagandists dishing out underhanded dirty tricks!

    1. Hi bad as Kinsella is I doubt that he has much to do with what's going on. He is so thoroughly discredited if he had any credibility it's gone now. He gambled everything on the two Connies and although he did help hurt Trudeau, the effect is fading, and his vision of the two Connies entering Jerusalem on two matching donkeys has turned to farce. Nobody cares about them, not even the voters in their ridings. JWR is barely ahead in her riding and Philpott is trailing the Liberal candidate by a wide margin in hers. So don't worry, the campaign is about to begin in earnest, and I predict that by the middle of July Trudeau and his Liberals will be heading for victory again...

  3. This just in . Wee Andy's Senators block voting on rights for indigenous and don't assault women bills. Once again Sheerly not's groupies are shown to be tragically racist and sexist, just like Andy.

    I don't, for an instant , feel sorry for Rhonda whose's bill was killed by - Oh My conservative senators. Look in the mirror babe you have been an enabler of these sexist idiots for years.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...yes I saw that and it couldn't be more disgusting. The good old Con boys in the Senate acting like the good old boys from Alabama. As for Ambrose, she will be our useful idiot in the election campaign. An example to all women that they can't trust those sexist swine as far as they can spit...

  4. Anonymous12:15 AM

    It's funny Scheer would choose a swamp in Quebec for his oily announcement when a more fitting backdrop would have been a tar pond complete with oily ducks he and Faith could try and bag for dinner. Duck-a-tar-pond served with white wine especially for white trash.
    Did we really expect a valid plan from no plan Andy? This pitiful document should serve as proof that the Cons are incapable of sound policy planning. Imagine if these amateurs were doing the trade deal with the US? Bend over Canada!
    How nice of Vassy Kapelos to throw Scheer that curveball and throw him off his eh? game so he could remind us that his little bigots are welcome in his party. Expect more dirty little secrets to come out as the study into the origins and rise of hate in Canada that the Libs are spearheading should prove to reveal some very nasty stuff that Scheer does not want us to hear as we near the election.

    1. I would not call that a swamp it is a pond. And I speak as one who has splashed through many a swamp--literal ones not political ones.

    2. HI JD...Thanks to the National Observer we now know that the watery body in the background is a lake in the leafy backyard of a Con supporter named Tom Keeley. But I agree with you, it would have been more fitting if Scheer and his darling Goldy had been blasting away at ducks stuck in some tarry pond. But at least we get to celebrate Sassy Vassy ruining his carefully planned photo-op for the first time ever, and get a good idea of what happens when Scheer's mask falls off and the real Con is exposed. I was hoping he would get so angry he'd fall backwards into the lake, but I guess I can't have everything...😀

  5. Anonymous1:00 AM

    On one hand the Cons claim that the profit or perish capitalist system is so efficient that for a prosperous future the best thing a government can do is get out of the way. However, when it comes to carbon emissions the Cons painted themselves into a corner through denial and when that did not work they are now saying they will interfere and use the good old carrot and stick approach by punishing the bad industries with fines and thanks to the taxpayer provide monetary incentives in the form of research grants for the repented. Somewhat like providing research money to horse ranchers and buggy manufacturers to solve the horse dung problem in New York city during the early 1900's. Another dose of Scheer elixir guaranteed to produce a warm fuzzy feeling in the converted. The reality is the establishment rarely produces disruptive technology because of the huge capital investment they have made in producing the new improved status quo. Menthol cigarettes anyone?
    The liberals are saying they will provide tax neutral incentives to encourage the consumers to change their preferences and that the capitalist companies will either follow or be replaced by those that can. Seems the market destroying communist Liberals are actually more logical and free market than the Cons. If the Cons are not actually for consumer driven free markets then what are they for?


    1. If the Cons are not actually for consumer driven free markets then what are they for?

    2. Hi RT....The sole purpose of the Con's fake climate plan is to produce a warm fuzzy feeling, but not in the converted, in those on the margins who can be made to feel good about voting for the Cons. I don't know if you have noticed, but the Con campaign seems to have decided that their base is safe, and that Mad Max is too inept to pose a serious threat. So now they have toned down their ugly act and are out to seduce disaffected Liberals and try to split the vote. Now would be the time to remind the gullible who the Cons really are...

    3. Hi jrkrideau.... Yes they are for themselves, but their defence of Big Oil has also a bit of a missionary spirit to it. For let's not forget that both Hamish and his wife made their name working for Ezra Levant's so-called Ethical Oil campaign. That was a font of Big Oil money and no doubt still a source of inspiration...☠

  6. No plan Andy has a no plan Doug problem. Doug has proved electing a no plan is dangerous.

    1. Hi Steve....yes, the fact that Doug Ford managed to become the Premier of Canada's most powerful province with no proper platform should scare all decent Canadians. For the results are now only too obvious, and I don't doubt that Scheer and his filthy gang will try the same thing...