Monday, August 29, 2016

Michelle Rempel and the Whitewashing of Stephen Harper

Well it seems that Michelle Rempel got what she wanted. Got comedian Mark Critch to surrender.

With a deranged Twitter rant, and a volley of vulgar words. 

Comedian Mark Critch has removed a photo mocking former prime minister Stephen Harper from his Instagram account following a barrage of tweets from a Conservative MP that included obscenities.

Which is both sad and pathetic.

But what the wretched Rempel will NEVER succeed in doing is bullying other Canadians into whitewashing the legacy of this pathetic loser.

For let's be absolutely clear, that's what Rempel's vulgar rant was all about.

And now that she's shredded what was left of her credibility, other Cons are coming forward to try to buff Harper's disastrous record.

Like that other cadaverous Con loser Joe Oliver.

On Friday, our 22nd prime minister, Stephen Harper, ended a remarkable political career that included uniting conservatives and serving as leader of the country for almost a decade. He leaves behind a proud legacy — enhanced collective prosperity and security, and a principled Canadian presence on the world stage. 

Whose ode to Harper couldn't be more oily or more absurd...

Beyond his intellect, those of us who were privileged to serve under his leadership also appreciated his deep love of Canada and passion to better the lives of all Canadians.

When in fact Harper was without the shadow of a doubt the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

A brutish political thug who savaged our democracy, violated our values, shamed us in the eyes of the world.

A little man whose hideous legacy couldn't be more ugly or more evil...

And if Michelle Rempel wants to talk about being "triggered" or "traumatized" she should spare a thought for the millions of Canadians who were traumatized by the monstrous Con regime.

Who are still recovering from the horror of those years.

And can only be re-traumatized by those who would seek to whitewash Harper's record.

Or triggered by the Cons who would seek to kill the man who defeated him. 

The horror that Rempel won't talk about, and Jason Kenney would shrug off.

As only a bestial Con could. 

And while we're at it, if Rempel is going to bully comedians into censoring their portrayal of Harper in a closet.

Maybe she should go after Rick Mercer as well for having committed the same "crime"...

If she dares.

But one thing is for sure, neither Rempel nor any other Con is going to whitewash Stephen Harper's legacy.

We'll make sure of that.

For his name will live in infamy.

And whether Rempel likes it or not.

This is how he will be remembered...

As a bully and a coward.

And the leader of the worst government this country has ever known...

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  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Ha ha ha, great work Montreal Simon. I just found your blog and I've been lol'ing at the the pictures and nodding along to the takedowns. Good stuff, we should never forget how terrible the were and are.
    I noticed you have not written about Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, I think that the material is endless there!

    1. hi anon...thanks, and no we should never forget what Harper and his Cons did to this country. As for Patrick Brown, I am very tempted to go after him, but he is flip flopping so wildly I dare not write anything about him lest it be outdated almost immediately...

  2. John Ibbotson had a column in the G & M two or three days ago claiming people may not have liked him but lauding Harper's record as a great statesman. And as the Tyee pointed out last year the Harper Gov't did accomplish an amazing number of things though Ibbotson did not mention any of them.

    1. hi jrk.... yes I read the column, and I found it far too flattering. Ibbotson is still trying to cling to his bizarre thesis about how the West under the Cons is going to bring down the Laurentian elite, so he dare not describe Harper as an almost complete failure. But every Canadian should keep a copy of the Tyee's excellent list of Harper's crimes on their bedside table...

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    “If we are truly Charlie, we’ll move beyond hashtag activism and agree to call a spade a spade. We won’t rationalize it, acquiesce to it, apologize for it, or shy from it.” -- Michelle Rempel, January 2015

    Seems Michelle's commitment to free speech and calling a spade a spade doesn't apply when it comes to criticizing Da Boss. Her claim to be "triggered" by shit that doesn't affect her life in any way is simply absurd.

    1. hi anon...Thanks a lot for reminding of that quote, I had almost managed to forget it. ;) But yes, Rempel's erratic behaviour, fuelled by her giant ego and her love of wine, is something to behold. And the way she went after Critch is simply inexcusable. She likes to think she owns the high ground, when she's actually just wallowing in the gutter with all the other Cons...

  4. Anonymous9:49 PM

    A strategic pillar of the Con political platform was the promotion of fear combined with nationalistic warmongering while portraying the opposition as having a weak girlish approach to public security and national defense. The thought that their great warrior leader was actually a closet dwelling chicken hawk was just too much for them to take! Just imagine the attack ads if it was Trudeau or Mulcair that dove for the close but as fate would have it the great warrior hero was exposed instead.No amount of Twittering can change the irony of it all!

    1. hi RT...yes I think you're right, it is what drives them crazy. the thought that their Great warrior leader was forced to hide in a closet is too much for them to take. And you're right, if Trudeau or Mulcair had done that the Cons would have been churning out ads mocking them for the next ten years. And irony, or poetic justice, has never tasted so delicious....

  5. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I think Michelle Rempel seriously needs psychological help.

    1. hi anon....yes, she is becoming alarmingly agitated, but I think the reason is that she is enormously frustrated that she is not in the Con leadership race. And she simply can't stand the thought of being an ordinary MP. It's either that or she's drinking too heavily...

  6. Michelle is a true con leader, tramautized by comedy.

    1. hi Steve...well we do have to give her some credit. For without her antics the Cons would be a deadly boring bunch. I can see her playing Liza Minnelli's role in a Con version of Cabaret, and if she was fortified enough I bet she'd be really good...

  7. Anonymous1:21 AM

    I think the entire conservative party and all their members need
    psychological help. Quick Quick. Call the medics especialy the loony wagon , the one with bars plus the loony bins.


    1. hi you know I believe that most Cons are just criminals who haven't yet been caught. So let's just call a padded paddy wagon and take them to the place they belong...

  8. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Looks like Rempel was piloting a new con.

    Here's another version:
    Alberta energy minister calls pipeline protest "disrespectful"