Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Sinking Con Ship

If you watched our little icebreaker trying to clear a channel to the Toronto Islands today, you might wonder if it's heading in the right direction.

Or whether it might also need to be rescued eh?

But if you want to know in what direction Stephen Harper is heading, all you have to do is take in his latest Christmas message. 

For not only is it very short. The PMO no doubt having figured out that the less Harper the better.

Not only is it shameless:

As we count our many blessings, let us also give a moment to our brave men and women in uniform. I’d ask you to offer a thought and a prayer for them and their families.

Considering the desperate situation.

As many as 5,900 new veterans released from the Canadian Armed Forces in the next few years will suffer from a mental health disorder and at least 2,750 will suffer a severe form of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a new report from the Library of Parliament. That threatens to overwhelm a health system that is already having trouble meeting demand

And the way he has betrayed our veterans. And all the good a "thought and a prayer" are going to do them.

But it's the picture that REALLY tells the story.

For this is what Stephen Harper looked like delivering his 2012 Christmas message.

A man in total control of his cowed party, and our ravaged country.

And this is what he looked like delivering this year's message...

Like a man whose confidence has been rattled.  A man who can see the writing on the wall.

A desperate man with fear in his eyes...

And all I can say is what a difference a year makes eh?

Another upbeat message like that one, and some of the Cons in his caucus are going to start heading for the lifeboats, or swimming for their lives.

So I wouldn't be surprised if he is forced to take desperate measures eh?

And put on his rubber mask of confidence...

Before he loses his grip on his party, and the country.

As well as his grip on REALITY.

Jason Kenney moves in for the kill...

And the Con Armageddon begins.

Which is why despite the prevailing gloom I'm feeling pretty confident eh?

And as I headed for the ferry tonight, wearing my life jacket, just in case it hits an iceberg. Again.

I noticed that Jack was looking pretty confident too.

With his spiffy new orange scarf...

Which I take to be an excellent omen.

Great Ugly Leader has struck his iceberg. The Con regime is slowly sinking.

Our little icebreaker Con breaker is chugging along just fine.

And we're definitely heading in the right direction...

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  1. We can only hope Simon. Oh and vote if hope does not do the trick.

    1. hi Steve....well actually I'm that more people than ever will be voting next time. The Cons of course are hoping the opposite. Just about everything they do is to try to turn people off the political process, so they can win with the support of their rabid base, and about ten percent of the others. And I'm afraid it's going to continue that way until the left unites. But hope is a powerful weapon, we shall learn our lesson, and them teach the Cons one they will never forget....

  2. Your screen caps Simon sure make it look like great ugly leader is wincing a bit, and if he is, I couldn't be happier. I just thought of a brilliant image that Justin could use if he truly wants to take control of harper's image would be a school bus backing over each of his key supporters he threw under the bus in 2013. Duffy went from showing great leadership, Pamela's expenses were entirely in line with the average MP and Nigel was the patron saint of the great white north, who now has had his reputation dragged through the mud. So throwing people under the bus is really what great ugly leader has accomplished this year. This begs the question who's next to have a tread implanted across their cheeks? Merry Christmas Canada.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...yes I think that in this case the pictures really tell a story. I know that the Senate scandal has taken a toll on me, so I can only imagine what it must be doing to Harper. Your idea of using the school bus is a good one. Although I think the key message to get across is that nobody is safe because nobody can trust him or know what he might do next. And of course eventually we must be the bus leaving tread marks on the Cons.... ;)

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Insane people do cut off their own noses to spite their faces and really sick people would often kill their object of obsession rather than let anyone else have it/them.Now we need to hope and pray that harpie doesn't pull a political Hiroshima on Canada before he is forced from office.

    1. hi anon...I've written about that before. I very much fear that Stephen Harper is quite capable of taking the country down with him. I even know how he plans to do that. By pitting English Canada against Quebec (read Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair) and playing into the hands of the separatists. He is desperate, he is dangerous, he's no Canadian. And if he is not removed from office as soon as possible he will destroy this country....

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    We really don't know? How much of Canada, Harper has given away? Canada is not safe unless, we get rid of Harper's entire so called Conservative party. Harper's team really are useless, spineless, gutless wonders. The lot of them stand by while, that Fascist of a Harper totally destroys Canada.

    The Veterans and their families, certainly won't vote for Harper either. His despicable behavior towards our old and recent Veterans is deplorable. Harper and his so called Conservatives were not welcome at, our Armistice Day Services, what-so-ever. Veterans even turned their backs on Harper's henchmen, when they gave their phony speeches.

    If Harper hates Canada, he should get the hell out. He can take his Communist Chinese with him and his foreigners, he is giving our resource jobs to. He can damned well get our Canadian farms back, he gave to Red China too. We want our 800 hectares back at Prince Rupert, that was sold to Communist China as well.

    Harper can stuff his FIPA deal with Red China, where the sun doesn't shine. Harper can stuff his Omni-Bull-S-Bill permitting Communist China to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block Red China's takeover of our country. Harper has made it so, China can even sure Canada in the International Courts.

    Petro-China put in a bid, to help build the Enbridge pipeline. Good thing Harper signed a deal with, the Red Communist China Army...That is what it will take, to force the Enbridge pipeline into BC.

    1. hi anon...Harper isn't just selling us out to the Chinese dictatorship, he's selling us out to everyone, and to our homegrown Big Oil gang like Enbridge. It's also important to make clear distinction between the Chinese oligarchy and the Chinese people, with whom we have no quarrel. But yeah, the sooner he's gone the better....

  5. Sailorbob2:07 PM

    Whenever his name comes up, I just call him Weasel. If I'm really really mad It becomes "the Weasel" sadly hes made the weasel population angry at me! Heaven forbid if we got into a real war, Do you think that the 30% that blindly support him would volunteer their kids to fight for Herr Weasels Canada!

    1. hi sailorbob....yes I think you are being VERY unfair to the weasels. They are after all just crafty animals, and they don't eat their own. I like to think of Herr Harper as something out of the movie The Fly. Where a nondescript rodent gets trapped in the transformation machine with a common housefly, or a horsefly, with monstrous results... ;)

  6. e.a.f.10:30 PM

    Just could not bring myself to watch the video. he didn't do a end of yr interview, which wasn't expected. He went with the royal approach, a broadcast. no questions, no problems.

    his comment regarding thoughts for the veterans, almost caused me to spew my coffee all over the computer. he has done more damage to them, than the wars have. At least the Armed Forces members knew when they were shoot at by the enemy, why it was happening. being "shoot" at by the P.M. of the country, who knows. Well here is to another year of Stevie Slime and his slimers and hope its the last one with them running things.

    Bit by bit he has offended groups. he went after the women's groups first, on and on it goes.

    Ah, and his jobs, well those naval ships that were supposed to be built by people living in B.C., Seaspan is recruiting in england. Our tax dollars once again going to non citizens.

    1. hi e.a.f...that's what surprised me so much. He orchestrates his interviews, rejects the CBC and CTV, and then puts out a message as lousy as that one? It doesn't make sense, and can only be another sign that the PMO is cracking up.
      And yes you're right, slowly but surely he is alienating even some of his strongest supporters, and he will pay for that in the next election....

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I love this! Those awful non-citizens! Them foreigners taking our jerbsss. Beware the yellow peril! All great examples of "progressive" Canadians indeed. Perhaps Muclair ought to post these comments as examples of the "average" NDP voter!

    LOL, still planning on winning ethnic votes with these attitudes? Keep it up losers!

    1. hi anon....nobody is talking about the yellow peril. I have always made it clear that our quarrel is with the Chinese dictatorship, not the Chinese people. Right-wingers are the racists not us. But yes non citizens who take our jobs, and force down our wages are a problem. I don't blame the foreign workers themselves for this situation. I blame the government for allowing them in, instead of doing a better job of training Canadians. And of course I blame those who hire them so they can make even bigger profits, while betraying their own people....

  8. e.a.f.5:19 AM

    Actually dear Annon, its the temporary worker's program which causes the problems. if there is a shortage of workers, then sure have people IMMIGRATE to Canada. have them and their families come here as permanent residents, not just temporary.

    If people come to live here permantly they have a stake in the country. employers bring foreign workers into Canada because they can get away with paying them less and get rid of anyone who protests. The government of China is the problem. Not the citizens, who in the main, are just working women and men like us. The government of China is making huge inroads into this country. Their political elite are corrupt and heaven help the blogger or reporter who tells. We have enough problems with harper. We don't need him inviting in the government of China or anyother foreign government.

  9. Anonymous12:18 AM

    The dictator is always the last one to realize he is finish.