Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Day the Con Regime Revealed its True Face

First he claimed his callous comments about hungry children were out of context, and ridiculous...

Then he claimed the story wasn't accurate, and ridiculous...

Then when he realized the reporter had the whole interview on tape he apologized. 

"Caring for each other is a Canadian ethic that I strongly believe in — always have and always will. Of course poverty is an issue that concerns me, and concerns all Canadians. All levels of government, indeed all members of our society, have a responsibility to be compassionate and care for those in need," he added.

Even if it made him look RIDICULOUS.

But it was too late, the damage was done. And only a few hours later Jim Flaherty would compound that damage by making a mockery out of the word compassionate. 

For if Moore would go after hungry children, Flaherty would go after pensions.

At a news conference following a meeting with his provincial counterparts in Meech Lake, Que., federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said now is not the time to move on the pension issue​.

"We believe that CPP payroll taxes can hurt the economy and distract from what truly matters for all Canadians — keeping our economy strong and our finances in a strong fiscal footing is the plan of this government," Flaherty said. "Now is the time for fiscal discipline. And that is why all governments must focus on encouraging job growth and getting their fiscal houses in order. Now is not a time for CPP payroll tax increases," Flaherty said.

Only to make Moore look like a fool for having claimed that the economy has never been stronger. 

“We’ve neven been wealthier as a country than we are right now. Never been wealthier,” Moore claimed at an event Friday. He says how poverty is defined is not the same across the country.

And make himself look like an idiot for claiming that enhancing the CPP would be a job killing payroll tax. 

The CPP is not a welfare program, or an income-redistribution program. It’s not paid for by taxes. It’s a defined-benefit pension plan, and how much you get out of the program is based on how much you put in. It’s actuarially sound, independently run and low-cost. It’s one of the world’s best-run retirement safety nets.

When not only is it not a tax, and would have a negligible effect on the economy. It's desperately needed.

The choice is between each of us saving more on our own and all of us saving more, together. Canada’s extremely low savings are testimony to the fact that the former approach, Mr. Flaherty’s preferred route, isn’t working.

For let's be clear, as their deranged leader likes to say, if nothing is done to improve the CPP, Canada will sooner or later face an epidemic of poverty like it has never seen since the dark days of the Dirty Thirties...

And see its unity shattered.

Two hours later, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa issued a press release saying the province would implement a made-in-Ontario solution to the pension conundrum. "Given today's unfortunate stall tactic by the federal government, we will move forward to implement a made-in-Ontario alternative to protect Ontario workers in their retirement," Sousa said.

Because that's how a country comes apart, bit by bit, piece by piece. Not with a bang but a whimper.

And the good news? 

By acting as they have Moore and Flaherty have in less than 24 hours revealed the true face of the Con regime. 

Not the depraved hog that rolls in the filth of one scandal after the other. 

But the cruel face of savage wolf that would devour us…

In the jungle those rabid Con ideologues would make of Canada.

Where the poor and the old wouldn't stand a chance. And the young would have no future.

Which alone might be enough to set this country on fire...

And all of the above should be enough to scare a lot of Canadians, shake their confidence in the Con regime's management of the economy, which is the only thing they still have going for them.

And make them wonder where this depraved monster would take them…

The one who would ignore the hunger of children, kill pensions and unemployment insurance, bust unions, and dismantle a social safety net it has taken generations to build.

And if all of that wasn't damaging enough eh?

By threatening to go it alone, Ontario has now pitted itself against the Con regime on an issue that enjoys wide public support in the province, and cuts across party lines.

And since Ontario is the battleground where the next election will be decided, that alone could ruin the Harper regime's chances of ever forming a government again.

You know it's funny eh? When I heard what James Moore had to say about hungry children, I didn't think of Scrooge, I thought of Mr Bumble.

The Dickensian character who would deprive the poor house children in Oliver Twist of a second serving of gruel...

Then I thought of all those Canadians who have settled for so little for so long.

And then I thought of the looks on the faces of Stephen Harper and his Con cult, when even those who once supported them.

Now demand better…or MORE.

And will not take no for an answer. Because there's nothing like the thought of mass poverty in a country without a safety net to concentrate the mind eh?

Yup. The Senate scandal will bloody the Cons and bring them to their knees.

But fear shall finish them off.

And those who would ignore the plight of hungry children, or condemn seniors to misery, or reduce us all to beggars, will be attacked like they have never been attacked before.

And soon reduced to begging themselves...

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Anonymous said...

And yet, a lot of older Canadians will see the con attack ads in the upcoming election saga and forget all about the myriad wrongs the cons have and will do to them and their grandchildren and vote con anyway because their attention spans are about that of a fruit fly. I'm 63 and it sickens me to see how the people of my generation have become so dumbed down and stupified so as to not see what the fuck harpie and his crime cabal have and are doing to our country. I don't understand the blind anger and pseudo rage that so many of these mindless old fucks have against unions, teachers, postal workers, etc. Who the fuck do they think built this country? The ultra-rich oligarchs that harpie and his crew suck of at every given chance? To my generation that does support harpie, ford and the like I say "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS!!!"

bcwaterboy said...

Who, I wonder will be the third stooge this week to join these two nasty entitled men who have made an art out of stupidity? I've heard some rumblings about this Calandra dude but we haven't heard from airshow Pete in a while, it's time for him to step up the mike.

e.a.f. said...

The comments by Flaherty and Moore are currently getting some play. However, once this has passed, it will be on to the next item and people will forget. For 9 out of 10 yrs B.C. had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada. We had the Railgate scandal and a few other things. The provincial lieberals were still re-elected. People right now may say they want rid of the Cons, but come election time, they could be re-elected. Ontario and Quebec may vote Liberal in the next federal election but here in B.C. the provincial liberals are very tied into the federal Liberals. That is very scary.

no one will be getting their financial house in order if we have hungry children and poor seniors. The seniors will wind up in hospital sending costs through the roof and the children, well if they hit their teens and they know no one gives a crap, they can steal. Crime will go up, as it always does when poverty goes up and we will gain nothing.

Getting your financial house in order has nothing to do with ensuring retiring workers have something decent to live on. By being unwilling to deal with the CPP issue, the Cons are simply downloading the problem to the provinces. This has been going on since Mulroney came to office. Martin was no better and Chretien, simply didn't do anything. Ontario has done the right thing. We can only hope a few other provinces do the same. We know B.C. won't be who knows other provinces may take up the idea.

Anonymous said...

Message to e.a.f.

I think you,ve been corrected previously regarding the B.C. Liberals and the Federal Liberals. You state here in B.C. the provincial liberals are very tied into the federal Liberals. That is misinformation..

What,s scary is misinformation like this. The facts are the B.C. Liberals are a clone of the Harper Government. Do some due diligence and you,ll become informed.

Personally, i,ve nothing but scorn for our B.C. Liberals and their partners in crime, the Harper Government. Gordon Campbell, who led the B.C. Liberals is as despicable as his side kick Harper. There was hope when Chrisy Clark took the helm the party would become more Liberal, but she,s gone to the dark side and continues to defraud B.C.ers just like her counterparts.

The Federal Liberals are an entity all their own. I get the impression you,re a solid NDP supporter.....and that,s just fine, but you do your party no favours by promoting the perception the provincial and federal liberals are one of the same. If you,re an NDP supporter it would be wise for yourself and the party to not use the Harper tactic of deception and manipulation of the facts. We now see where that,s getting the cons in the long run.

I sense the NDP are swaying from their roots, which could be popular in the short run, but devastating in the long run. I say this from personal experience because the majority of my friends and family in B.C. are NDP supporters but they,re conflicted about the provincial NDP and the Quebec NDP.

Royce Shook said...

Back in 2004 the Tyee did a story by Bill Tieleman where he exposes and talks about the connection between the BC Liberals and the Federal Liberals Here is part of the article. "But the extensive ties between federal and provincial Liberals that are being exposed by the investigation show that federal Liberals are the dominant partner in the B.C. coalition." So I am not sure there is any deception or manipulation of the facts being stated here.

Christy Clarke had or still has ties to the Federal Liberals as did/does her brother. I believe that even though the Federal Liberals claim to be an entity of their own, they still have strong ties to our BC Liberals. The source of the quote is http://www.straight.com/news/probe-throws-light-liberal-players

kootcoot said...

The Campbell/Clark LIEberals (especially Christy, her EX and her Bro) do have ties to the DARK side of the Federal Liberals and also to the HarperCons (who only have a dark side that comes from Northern Alliance, Reform, Crap etc.), Essentially if it is corporate and it pays, it plays and winds up making more money than they have to donate, cause hey, redistibution of the wealth is what it is all about.....upward only!

Unknown said...

Harper and his ilk have played the poorer paid, usually non-union, workers against the better paid by playing on their jealousy. Hitler did it by blaming Jews, unio9ns and intellectuals for all the problems. It obviously works. Look how blindly many otherwise civilized people accepted the madness that the Nazis spread as reality. Look at the rage of crystal night and the burning of books. These 'Conservatives' are playing by the same rules.

e.a.f. said...

Dear An 4:50

You certainly are a hoot. I've "been corrected". Don't know where you get your information but accusing me of not giving correct information, thus leading people to conclude you are. Perhaps you playing games. . Now as to due diligence, ????? Everyone knows they are two seperate organizations, however, those who run Crusty also play in the main pool.

Campbell was never Harper's "side kick". Campbell was going to implement the HST because he needed the cash payment which came with it. When he got turfed by his own caucus, yes there were 10 of them who had signed a letter, which would be made public, if he didn't resign. Harper owed him, so off he sent him to London. Harper couldn't leave Campbell in town, who knows what he might have said, he wasn't exactly the discrete type.

Many in B.C. knew Christy would not be better than Campbell. She came with her own luggage. A lovely set. Do remember the B.C. Rail scandal. Who was sitting in cabinet when information was leaked? Well C.C. was. Basi/Verk weren't in the room. Those who follow politics in B.C. knew she wouldn't be an improvement over Campbell. She is plain stupid. Beyond her photo ops she can't carry on a conversation.

Her ex. husband and brother were up their necks in getting rid of Chretien to replace him with Martin. Their ties to the federal Liberals have not gone away. Now young Trudeau may decide to keep his distance from them given how well unliked they are, but that remains to be seen.

Actually Crusty and her crew have the liberal name but some just refer to them as one of the other gangs in B.C. My concern is if Trudeau the younger has to fight an election he may use what he has in B.C. he will need political operatives. Crusty's ex and brother are good at what they do. just don't like what they do. So until Trudeau the younger opens his mouth to clarify where he stands on the B.C. Liberals, it is not unreasonable to conclude he may be willing to roll into bed with them, come election time.

Can't help it if people are conflicted about the NDP in B.C. or Quebec. I'm not., I'd support the Hell's Angels if they would be willing to run the government. They would do a much better job. They have rules which must be adhered to. They don't give away their territory. They know how to run a business. They know how to make a profit. As to the small problem of how they deal with personnel problems, well, such is life. At least they make a "show" of trying to look concerned about their neighbours. Well your house doesn't get broken into if you live on their club house street, at least not when they owned property in various places in B.C. So you can see where my politics come from.

The NDP has made such a mess of things in B.C. they may never recover. Just have a look at how their convention went. Not going to win anything if they don't get it together. As it currently stands, the Greens and even the B.C. Conservatives could win an election if people developed a real hate on for the B.C. Liberals and they didn't see the NDP as a viable alternative.

Now please professor, you don't know it all. Just try to respect my opinion and leave those comments about my being corrected for your kids at home. I'm old enough to most likely be your grandparent.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Simon said...

hi anon @ 6:45…I hate to single out any age group, because while too many older Canadians might vote for the Cons too many younger ones don't vote at all. So we're getting screwed from both ends so to speak. And I'm happy to say that this blog attracts progressive rabble rousers of all ages. ;)
But yes, it is depressing to see so many older Canadians support the Cons when the Cons would turn our country into a horrible place for seniors. I suppose it's only natural for people to become a bit more small-c conservative as they age, I know I'm not as wild as I was. Or so people tell me with a sigh of relief. But the energy of the young, and the wisdom of the old really are the best combination...

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy…well Calandra is an absolute clown, even worse than Del Mastro if that's possible. But yes I think Dumbo MacKay should be due up shortly. He's been pandering shamelessly to the Reform Con base, and i'm hoping him and Kenney are on a collision course. Maybe Dumbo can borrow his neighbour's dog again and sic it on Jason… ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f….it's up to progressives to make sure that people don't forget things like Moore's comments because they can be used to attack the Cons and expose them for who they really are. For example when the Cons claim that they are the defenders of children with their never-ending and much hyped war on sexual predators, we can now turn to them and say REALLY? And their rabid position on government pensions can cost them the support of some of their most faithful followers. But Ontario's move is a significant one, and a measure of how urgent the situation has become. Our provincial governments along with the courts are our only defence against the Cons, and it's time they stepped up to the plate...

Simon said...

hi Royce…OK now I give up. I have done my best to understand the complexities of politics in BC but I'm forced to conclude I'm not smart enough…;)

P.S. And I thought Quebec politics were complicated...

Simon said...

hi kootcoot…OMG. The BC Liberals are sleeping with the Federal Liberals AND the Cons? How slutty can they get and who are those shameless ones? ;)

e.a.f. said...

Who are the shameless ones? Well most of the caucus, just pick oen and guess which party they party with federally. Even the NDP isn't out of bed when it comes down to it. One former NDP premier. Mr. Dosangh ran for the federal liberals, won and was a cabinet minister, with the Martin government. And lets not forget BoB Rae. Politics in B.C. is very strange. Being in Quebec, you'd feel right at home here in B.C. once you got the card listing all the players and how they switch teams.