Sunday, December 29, 2013

Parson Manning and the Senate Scandal

OMG. Praise the Lord and pass the garlic. I see the Dark Parson of the Manning Centre is blaming the media for the Senate scandal. 

A great deal of media attention has been paid these past few months to the ethics, or alleged lack thereof, of senators Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy. Much less attention has been paid to the likelihood that the ethics of both are at least partially rooted in their training and experience as prominent members of the media.

And I see some in the media are firing back, albeit reluctantly.

Though I am not crazy about the media circling the wagons against criticism (we can be remarkably thin-skinned), I believe Mr. Manning deserves a reply, particularly because I have long respected and admired him.

By gently pointing out that one should not judge others, lest your own Cons be judged.

This current Prime Minister (I believe Mr. Manning is acquainted with him) tends more to see the media as more or less another tool of advertising; a way to “get the message out,” with the same function as Economic Action Plan ads on TV or cabinet-appointment announcements on Twitter. This is a case of being careful what you wish for: a Press Gallery with a beefed-up code of conduct, accountable to the citizens, would be in a position to demand much more access to the politicians than it currently receives.

Far too gently as far as I'm concerned. For such absolute nonsense deserves stronger criticism.

I mean can you imagine a Press Gallery tribunal accusing Mike Duffy of wanting to be a Senator too blatantly?

Do you think Ol' Duff couldn't have talked himself out of that one?

Of course he would. 

But then I have to admit I don't admire or respect Parson Manning. I could never forgive him for having ridden into Ottawa with the worst posse of religious fanatics and filthy bigots this country has ever seen. And for turning our Parliament into a redneck rodeo.

So I would simply ask can you believe a Con talking about ETHICS?

Jesus, Jesus, that's a good one eh? Muahahahaha.

And how COULD the wacky old parson crucify the MSM, after the faithful way they kissed his Reform Con behind for YEARS. And still do. Judas !!!! Judas !!!!

Gawd. Is it simply dementia?

Or the voices in his head?

But of course, the real reason is that Manning, like his deformed offspring Stephen Harper, who he suckled and bounced on his bony knees for years, is just DESPERATE.

Because what good is it building a House of Manning, to turn out Con operatives and sinister religious fanatics by the baker's butcher's dozen, to infiltrate and corrupt  government? 

When that government soon won't exist.

And so scared are they all of the Con Armageddon, they're blaming everyone except themselves.

Canadian conservatives, be they mayors, MPs or senators, need to stop blaming alleged media bias for their troubles when scandals arise.

In Ottawa, Senator Marjory LeBreton claimed in a speech on Wednesday that allegations of spending abuses by her colleagues were “hyped-up media stories” that were inevitable in a “town populated by Liberal elites and their media lickspittles.” These are bitter and easily disproved claims, and they are an insult to Canadians.

And the irony is that the Con "saint" Preston Manning is not only swimming around with the bottom feeders in the PMO. 

Satan's little helpers.

He's churning through the gutter, with the Levantine himself !!!!!

Who is ALWAYS blaming the media for his own many failures. 

But then as it is written in the Book of Simon...

A Con is a Con is a Con. 

And what decent Canadian can ever hope to tell which end is the mouthpiece? 

And which end is the ASSHOLE ?

But we can be sure of this eh? 

When the Reform Con patriarch himself, tries to deflect the Senate scandal onto the backs of the media, the Day of Judgment cannot be far off.

And the Cons must be really DESPERATE.

Hallelujah !!! Hallelujah !!!

Bye Bye Stephen, bye bye Preston....

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e.a.f. said...

when you look back at what Preston said and what the slimers are doing, oh boy where did it all go wrong. Perhaps the last few Progressive Conservatives might want to pull out of this mess and start over again, with just them and leave the wingnuts to themselves.

In their eagerness to become the ruling party, they forgot why they wanted to become the ruling party. they are now far worse than anything we've had in office in the past 100 yrs. The current cons are doing worse/or better than Mulroney and his crew did. Actually, the mulroney crew look like pikers next to the slimers.

Anonymous said...

How anyone could 'respect and admire' Presto Harpo is a mystery to me. Read Marci McDonald's political horror story 'The Armageddon Factor' to get an idea about what is in the minds of these freaks.

Anonymous said...

I think, more than ever, that I am beyond grateful to live where I do - Vancouver island, because then I don't ever have to be subjected to creeps like Rex Murphy or Levant or LeBreton or any of them, really...
The East likes to fancy itself as the kinder, gentler side of Canada, more civilized, if you will..
The fact is that only in the East (oh, forgot Lord Black!) can such regurgitations and spew be treated as gospel..
Not that we don't have our own problems...of course, we do, but it would be nice if the East would keep the Western zealots there..we don't want them back, thanks very much...

Anonymous said...

I have read? Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning? So I refuse to believe anything, that even remotely touches on Harper. Preston Manning should be very ashamed, to support such as Harper. We went to war so we wouldn't have, Fascism and Dictatorship in our country. We also see how, Harper treats our WW2 Veterans and our recent Veterans. Preston Manning's words mean absolutely nothing to me, what-so-ever.

Steve said...

The Cons own the media, except for the Toronto Star, its a question of scale, full crazy like Sun or just apologetic like CTV

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... Yes, you'd think that the good parson might spend more time chastising his errant flock, but of course his main concern is and always was to turn this country into some tub thumping tea bagger republic. And as I said in my post what's bothering him is the very real possibility that the Cons are going to be evicted, and his Great Conservative crusade halted in its tracks.And yes, the Mulroney Cons with all their flaws and scandals were much better than the ones we have now....

Simon said...

hi anon...I know I feel like you. I thought Delacourt laid that on with a trowel. He my be a pleasant chap to talk to, but he's a wacky bible thumper, and his Manning Centre is a school for Con operatives, and we would not want to live in his kind of Canada. I have read The Armageddon Factor, and you're right it is scary. Unfortunately our MSM has been too afraid to investigate that theocratic conspiracy because they're afraid they'll be accused of being anti-religion. It's totally pathetic, and one more reason we're in this mess....

Simon said...

hi lefty....please don't remind me that I live in the same neighbourhood and bump into him frequently no matter how hard I try to avoid him. And since he comes up to my waist I have to be careful I don't step on him. Because after what I've said about him nobody would believe it was an accident.
But I'm afraid to say that although Vancouver Island is a beautiful place, we could NEVER forgive the West for sending Ezra Levant to invade us.... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon....well I do have to say something good about Preston Manning. He was the first one to warn us that Stephen Harper thinks he owns the truth. It was that comment that made me look up who Harper really was, and I've been warning people ever since...

Simon said...

hi Steve...I don't disagree that when push comes to shove most of the media always lean the same way like the Tower of Pisa. However, some like CTV's Bob Fife have done an excellent job, and others are slowly waking up. I just wish the CBC had the guts to do better....