Monday, December 23, 2013

The Ice Storm, the Cons, And My Awesome People

When I heard the freezing rain tap tapping against my bedroom window the other night I feared the worst. 

It brought back memories of The Great Ice Storm of 1998, and I wouldn't want to live through something like that again. 

But when morning came I saw I was lucky. The storm had only sideswiped the waterfront. The trees in the neighbourhood were shining with ice, but still standing. And we still had power.

Unlike so many other Canadians. 

And I feel so bad for all of them, having to go through something like that just before Christmas.

But I was also encouraged to see how just like during that other big ice storm, the disaster brought out the best in so many Canadians, and restored our sense of community.

That’s always the way, it seems; emergencies bring out the best in us. Suddenly people are reminded of what it means to be a neighbour.

People pulled together, helped each other out.

Living in a city, we are often told, can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, never more so than at Christmas when the pressure to be social can be intense. But the psychology of disaster changes this and reminds us that we are part of a larger community, in this case, one defined by the shared experience of emergency.

Life went on, Canada still worked, and the mail was still delivered.

Which no doubt must have cast a pall over Stephen Harper's visit to this senior's home in Calgary today...

Having to explain why Canada is the only country in the world to totally eliminate home delivery, even though it has some of the world's harshest weather.

Or having to justify his new exercise program for seniors, AND his new stamp...

But then he wouldn't know the meaning of the word COMMUNITY if it hit him in the face.

And it must REALLY bother him to see thousands of heroic Hydro workers, whose unions he would bust, risking their lives to turn the lights back on... 

And to see how Canadians can still rise to the challenge.

Because we may have been forced to surrender to Harper's morally corrupt Con regime, and endure its bestialities for so long. And our pride has been dented and damaged, just like the country itself.

But today we showed the world that we will NEVER surrender to winter, the frosty apocalypse that would kill most other people.

But made us who we are...

And that once we take care of that minor problem eh?

We'll take care of the other...

Because the wolves WILL catch up to the Con's getaway car sled. And they will feast for days on their bloated corruption.

But in the meantime, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are still in the darkness, and my heart goes out to them, because I can never forget this horror story.

Which made me realize how fragile is our civilization, and how resilient my people.

And of course how dependent we are on electricity. When we have it we take it for granted, when we don't we are devastated.

So I thought I'd leave you with this Christmas ode to the magic stuff.

Courtesy of some guy in California, and his house with the 71,000 light bulbs...

Because that's nothing compared to the light show we're going to have the Cons are defeated eh?

Canadians give yourself some credit. Take care of your neighbours. Canada is a COMMUNITY not a House of Cons or a JUNGLE.

The darkness will finally end.

And the lights will go back on...

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Lorne said...

Thanks for your very affirming post, Simon. It made me feel a measure of hope that I often lose when looking at those we have elected to 'lead' us.

Anonymous said...

Simon, the Twelve Gays and the Light Show are the best. Thank You.

Like you, I have heat and power and my wish is that it is soon fixed for everyone.

Merry Christmas.

Steve said...

Hope comes from many quarters, even in the instruments of death engaged in a great struggle.

e.a.f. said...

Like the house with all the lights. Some may argue they are a waste of electricity. I find them cheerful and give people a sense of joy.

There is quite a bit of press about the impending cuts to canada post, but we haven't heard much from all the opposition parties. Like why arent they out there explaining to canadians how not so long ago, Canada Post made money, how much the CEO makes and has 22 and all their perks. This weather would make an excellent time to discuss how people would get to their community mail boxes, for that matter would they even be standing if a tree hit them. Canada Post has blamed the workers' pensions for the deficiet. No one has come out to explain Canada Post went on an almost 20 yrs premium holiday, while the workers continued to pay their share. If the Cons get re-elected, the blame can be placed at the feet of all the opposition parties. They aren't doing their jobs. If nothing else these parties ought to have a group of volunteers who write letters to local papers, explaining these things. They may not all get , but some will.

The ice storms do look lovely on t.v., however, my heart goes out to people without electricity.
community centers are being opened and other companies are coming in to help. it would appear people in apartment buildings are the most vunerable. No elevators, no water, perhaps as these types of things increase in the future, more high rises need to be built with generators. Cities could simply mandate it. The building is going up, it would be easy to incorporate such things. As a min. they should ensure at least one elevator is kept running and the water.

Not everyone has the money or room for emergency packs.

ah, living on Vancouver Island has its benefits. O.K. it did snow twice and it was about 3 inches each time. We survived. We are a hardly lot.

Simon said...

hi're welcome.Like you I am extremely depressed at times by the ghastly Cons who rule us so badly, but need to give ourselves some credit too. After watching the BBC reports on the ice storm, my relatives in Europe wondered again how anyone could survive that kind of weather. So I was able to say no problem eh? By Canadian standards it's not even cold.... ;)

Simon said...

hi Cathy...I'm glad you enjoyed those videos, i liked them too. Especially the Twelve Gays. ;)
But yes, we're lucky to have heat and power since it's getting cold out there, and let's hope that all those who don't get it back soon. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones !!!

Simon said...

hi Steve...I see your deep into the spirit of the season. The only time I could do with a Kalashnikov is when I'm forced to go Christmas shopping, I hate it that much. But fortunately I can't afford it, so I don't think I'll ever need a gun...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f.....I thought the house of lights was great and very creative. However if I was a neighbour I might think differently. ;)
As for the postal situation hopeful the opposition can demand answers from the Cons when parliament resumes. It's difficult to do anything now with Parliament closed down and the holidays upon us. But don't worry this issue won't go away, and it could do the Cons great damage especially since so many seniors vote for them. And as for the ice storm, we really do need to do more to protect our electrical grid, by burying cables etc. Canada may be beautiful but it's too cold to leave so many cables exposed, and have so many people freezing in the dark. I also have to say this: I lived for a while in Vancouver and I saw what happened when it snowed. So don't tell me you're a hardy lot, because i know better... ;)