Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rob Ford: The Day the Bully Met his Match

Hallelujah !!! We have our David Daniel. Somebody has finally stood up to the ghastly Con Goliath Rob Ford.

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale has served Mayor Rob Ford with a libel notice over comments the mayor made during a televised interview earlier this week. Mr. Dale published a statement on the Star’s website Thursday saying he served the notice against both the mayor and Vision TV – which aired the broadcast – as the first step of a defamation lawsuit.

He’s asking the mayor to retract the “false insinuation that I am a pedophile,” his statement read.

And now the monstrous bully is going to have to explain himself. Or GROVEL.

Good for Daniel Dale.

Goodness. As the mayor likes to say: enough’s enough. On Thursday I served Rob Ford with a libel notice, the first step in the process of pursuing a defamation lawsuit. It had become clear to me that, if I had done nothing, the mayor would make his smears some sort of political talking point. 

Today, he repeated many of his false claims on American radio. No matter how much stress a legal battle might add to my personal and professional life, it is, simply, now necessary.

We should all be suing Ford for the damage he has done to our reputation all over the world.  And Dale's right, enough is ENOUGH.

Although I have to admit than on another level I can't get enough of this latest sordid episode in the Rob Ford scandal. Not when it can do Stephen Harper so much damage.

And not when Lord Hot Crossed Buns aka Conrad Black is also caught up in it, by having conducted the fluffy interview with Robbie...

And allowed him to drop his pants and shit all over Dale, without batting or raising an eyelid.

For which Lord Buns was toasted by Carol Off today, in a simply delicious manner.

Former media baron Conrad Black says his television interview with Rob Ford was intentionally non-confrontational, and adds that it wasn't his job to press the Toronto mayor when Ford hinted that a Toronto Star reporter was a pedophile.

Off asked Black why he didn't challenge Ford's statement about Dale, especially when the show was taped three days before it aired on Monday evening. "I haven't made a study of every aspect of the mayor's controversy," said Black. "When that was going on I was on a trip around the world.

Because he's going to have to explain that one eh? He who has sued so many.

Just like the Fordzilla's thuggish brother Doug is also going to have to explain himself for either trying to buy votes.

Councillor Doug Ford’s trip to a Toronto Community Housing complex to hand out presents to kids and $20 bills to adults is coming under fire from critics on council.The CBC aired the footage on its newscast Wednesday night. It shows Councillor Ford in a room filled with kids and adults, holding a stack of $20 bills. In the video he peels off bills and hands them out to the crowd.

Or just acting like a rich asshole who would treat poor people with contempt.

The incident marks the second time in a week the councillor has been criticized for throwing around the Ford family’s personal wealth in the political arena. Councillor Ford, who often rails against “elites,” is an executive at Deco Labels & Tags — a Ford family-owned company with annual sales estimated at $100 million.

Or a nasty Con who would pose as a populist.

And the best news? None of the above would be happening would be happening if the Ford gang wasn't desperate.

Mayor Rob Ford would have a tough time beating almost anyone in the next election, a new poll reveals. A Forum Research poll provided exclusively to the Toronto Sun on Wednesday tested Ford against several possible mayoral contenders and found, depending on the match-up, he’d be in a statistical tie with TTC chair Karen Stintz, lose to NDP MP Olivia Chow and get thumped by former Ontario PC leader John Tory.

They can feel their power draining away. If the police don't get Rob, the voters will.

Some still call him SUGAR. 

A sugar daddy dating website has invited Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to its Christmas party after a poor turnout for his own holiday shindig at his mother's house Wednesday.

But he's looking more and more pathetic.

And the party is almost OVER…

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bcwaterboy said...

Good for Daniel for standing up to this POS but there will no doubt be some kind of retaliation scheme cooked up the the bros to destroy his career. Ford is starting to remind me of the Westboro Baptist crunch, media whores who will do anything for attention and the cameras roll giving him the pathetic attention he desperately wants.

Steve said...

Joe Strummer was effeminate sue me.

lagatta à montréal said...

BC waterboy, I agree with your sentiments, but am inclined to avoid the term "media whores". Comparing Wente, say, or Kay mère et fils to honest sex workers is most unfair to the latter. Though we do have to find an equally nasty sobriquet for the former.

Anonymous said...

Go, Daniel!!