Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Brian Pallister and the Theocon Conspiracy

Well I see that Brian Pallister, the leader of the Manitoba Conservatives, wants everybody to know that he didn't mean to offend any unbelievers by calling them "infidel atheists."

Conservative Leader Brian Pallister says he didn’t mean to offend anyone last week when he wished everyone, including "infidel atheists," the best of the holiday season -- and he believes the comment has been "torqued" by his political opponents.

In this bizarre Christmas message...

But he says an infidel is an infidel. He blames his opponents for the controversy. And he's not really sorry.

Asked if he regretted using the term, he said: "Well, I regret any time there is a reaction like this." He said he also regrets when his opponents misrepresent what he says. "So I guess when I say things and I put ammunition into their hands it obviously makes me regret having said them.

But then why should anyone be surprised eh? When Pallister is and has always been a wild eyed Christianist fanatic, and a ghastly Con bigot.

FACT: Brian Pallister voted against same-sex marriage legislation as an MP in Ottawa and would put equality rights at risk today.

FACT: Brian Pallister and his caucus oppose new anti-bullying laws that would protect all kids from bullying, including gay students.

Who would impose his theocratic views over the bleeding or cold dead bodies of bullied children. And whose speech as a Con MP during the gay marriage debate in 2005 plumbed the depth of religious intolerance or religious madness. 

Society is not bound to treat all relationships equally. We should regard all persons as equal, but we should not regard all sexual or social activity as equal.

Let me talk about chess for a second. Someone claims chess is discriminatory because the pieces move differently. This is a clear case of unequal rights. This is a clear case of discrimination. The solution is that all pieces must now move in exactly the same manner. They can no longer be described differently. However, then we would no longer have chess. We would be left with a bizarre game of checkers with different looking pieces. The essence or the inherent qualities of chess would be gone.

Ultimately, Lennon and McCartney were wrong. Love is not all we need. We need wisdom too.

And exposed him as a theocratic maniac, who if he was ever in a position to do so, would dictate to others how they should live, or who they could love.

But Pallister is not the only Con theocrat. The Harperite cult is riddled with them, like the mold in a blue cheese...

Theocrats like Ted Falk, the newly elected Con MP from Provencher, who during the campaign accused a bullied gay teenager of staging his own persecution. 

The Conservative candidate in a Manitoba federal byelection race has angered a local teenager by openly questioning whether the taunting he experienced in front of a CBC News camera was real or not

Also refused to apologize. And when he won did giveth credit to his bloodthirsty gods for his victory.

"I want to thank my heavenly father and Jesus Christ, my saviour, for giving me this opportunity," he said to applause from the crowd.

And of course he's just one of the many religious fanatics in Stephen Harper's Con cult where Jesus worship and satanic behaviour walk hand in hand. And these legions of the damned have been on the march since their ungodly leader won his blessed majority.

Earlier this month, the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Ottawa played host to two consecutive conferences, a small one by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada followed by a big one by the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. Both were well attended by current and former ministers, employees and strategists of the Harper government.

Both gave free rein to an unabashed social conservatism that is rarely mentioned, and even less frequently championed, by even prominent fiscal conservatives in the big papers and magazines. And the mood at both gatherings was overwhelmingly optimistic, because the kind of conservatism that appeals to these organizations is demonstrably on the march in Ottawa and across Canada.

They influence everything from the Con regime's vengeful Old Testament approach to crime, to our foreign policy in the Middle East. They determine whether poor women in developing countries should live or die by denying them safe abortions. They grope the rights of women in this country like dirty old men. They discriminate openly against LGBT Canadians. 

And the scary part is that one really has to wonder whether their politically wounded leader can control them any longer.

Or whether he even wants to keep them on a leash.

Because deep down inside his depraved being he is one of THEM...

The Big Blue Cheese himself.

And as his unholy government collapses in the hell of its corruption, he may come in his increasingly deranged state to believe that the end of his rule is also The End of Everything.

And bring down the walls of the Canadian temple, upon ALL of our heads...

Yup. Compared to all the other mortal threats we face from the Con regime, the theocratic conspiracy is a relatively minor one.

But it should not be underestimated because even as those Con theocrats are consumed in the flames of their own fanaticism,they can do great evil and hurt a lot of Canadians.

And this country will not be truly sane or safe.

Until we are rid of them...

Hallelujah !!!! Hallelujah !!!!

One more weapon to use against him.

One more reason to defeat them...

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Steve said...

He is waiting on Jesus to kill him so he can be stronger

Simon said...

hi Steve...You don't have to die to be Raptured do you? I think you just go straight up like a polaris missile....;)