Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Nightmare Before Christmas

Well I finally got to screen Stephen Harper's year end interview with Global TV, and it was one of the weirdest interviews I've ever seen.

And one of the most chilling.

For there was Harper sitting in what looked like a set from A Christmas Story.

But sounding like a character out of the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

For only a monster like Great Ugly Leader could talk about undermining the Canadian Pension Plan instead of  strengthening it. 

“Not to say we couldn’t do some more, but that’s where we’re at … The more worrisome group is a group of people who have reasonably affluent lifestyles but just don’t save. They have the opportunity to do so, so I don’t think the challenge is to raise CPP taxes on everybody. It’s to try and figure out how to get the people who need to save to do the saving they need to do.”

With a creepy smile on his face...

Even though NOT strengthening the plan could cause a tsunami of mass poverty. Leave millions of seniors living in misery, and millions of young people facing a low wage future, with no benefits, no pensions, no NOTHING. 

Only a leader as rabidly ideological as he is, could put his deranged dogma before the real needs of Canadians, no nakedly and so obscenely.

And only a leader as morally corrupt, or as delusionary as he is, could now concede that the Senate scandal buck stops with him.

“Obviously I wasn’t told the full story and … to be frank, I’ve had a range of emotions about that. You know, anger, betrayal, disrespect, you name it, disappointment,” Harper said. “But in the end, when you have these kinds of situations, as a leader you have to take responsibility.”

But STILL blame Nigel.

“What’s so troubling about Mr. Wright’s decision is the decision was a decision he made without authority and he made it in secret,” he said. “So you ask yourself, how could a guy who’s so smart and generally so respectful of the rules, so high performing, how could he do something that’s so obviously wrong and not realize it? I don’t know the answer to that, but sometimes good people do bad things.”

When in fact bad people like the Cons do bad things all the time. He should know...

And so tortured and imaginary is Great Desperate Leader's ever evolving story, I think he really does deserve a semi imaginary interview.

AC: So the agreement for which you gave your approval was just for Duffy to pay back his own expenses: something that would require neither an agreement nor your approval? Moreover, having lied to you about it, Wright then lied to the others when he said you’d signed off on the actual agreement they’d negotiated? And when he later told your spokesman, “the prime minister knows, in broad terms only, that I personally assisted Duffy,” he was lying then, too? 

 PM: What can I say? Sometimes good people do bad things. But, you know, as a leader you have to take responsibility. The prime minister is always responsible. I mean, the bottom line is that the buck stops with me. 

 AC: I see. And in what sense have you taken personal responsibility for this?

 PM: In the sense that I have singled out others for blame. Mr. Wright, in particular.

And all I can say is that Lord Liar should save that absurd confection, and his creepy smile, for the JUDGE. 

Because when even Andrew Coyne can see through the smoke Harper blows out of every orifice, and Great Leader is now a parody of himself, the stuff of satire, you know the end cannot be far off eh?

He will not escape the Senate scandal...

He will not escape Mike Duffy.

He cannot escape himself. 

The horror that is Harper...

Him and his foul Con regime are our nightmare before and after Christmas.

But their time is running out. Their evil has been exposed.

We're going to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

And our long nightmare will soon be OVER...

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sinned34 said...

Merry Christmas, Simon. May you celebrate and enjoy the holiday any way you see fit.

Anonymous said...

In Harper's Global TV interview, broadcast Dec. 22

notice how he looks into the camera for a fraction of a second (3:25 mark) after he says the word "any".

Beginning at 3:12 mark:

"...and the other is to, you know, obviously look at our processes and try and figure out how we could make sure something like that never happens again because clearly the leader has to be fully informed, has to give his
consent to any kind of major decision like that."

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Simon to you and Seb.
Now; the oldsters sat and watched Global TV play a softball interview with ALL the questions to the Obergupenfeurer thoroughly vetted for damn sure, with harpie and clapped and smiled at their "fearless leader" (see Rockie and Bullwinkle for reference) while all the while they are too fucking stupid to realize that he was, even as he spoke, sharpening his throat-slitter just for them and their chilluns and their chillins' chillun with his comments about the horseshit remedy he proposes for the replacement of the CPP.. I am truly ashamed that I am part of a country with so great a heritage as Canada that has allowed this effeminate, sneaky, pathologically lying traitor like harpie to demean it to the status of a snow-covered banana republic.
Other than that, my day is going great! Just needed to address the obvious regarding the mentally apoplectic older generation that I, ashamedly, am part of but only because of my physical age. I have always thought worse of harpie and ford and the crime cabal ruining Canada than you, Simon and I am proud to say, I will always hold my head high and detest them more.
We can have a writing contest regarding them sometime, but only if you don't publish the results. ;-)
Happy Holidays, one and all!

Filcher said...

Merry Christmas Simon. You are one of the first blogs i read while drinking my morning coffee. Always entertaining and thought provoking.

I understood the new budget does not protect pension plans, rrsp's, nor bank savings from being used to support the bank in times of trouble and also that the government, uses the money in these plans as collateral for loans. Pushing for greater investment in these areas only serves the bank and the Government, and is a risk for people with large amounts invested. I truly hate this government, everything they say can be followed back to income inequality and corporate ideology.

Anonymous said...

Yup, he took the responsibility ... to blame Nigel Wright ... for the Senate scandals.

Coyne's imaginary interview was very entertaining to read (did not watch the Global interview with his sycophant, Kennedy, I presume). Lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Simon, and many thanks for your well written blogs.

Simon said...

hi sinned34....Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones !!

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks for the tip, I will check out that video more closely when I have a minute. I thought Harperc looked quite uncomfortable during parts of the interview, even though the questions couldn't have been softer. But it merits closer examination...

Simon said...

hi anon...Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. As I said in my post I found the way Harper nixed plans to improve the CPP absolutely chilling. Even Jim Flaherty agrees it's a good idea, although he claims the economy can't take it now, which is bullshit. But Harper, despite his ridiculous excuse, is clearly rejecting it for base ideological reasons. Even though the need is so obvious and so great. Also please don't apologize for being an older Canadian. While it's true that too many seniors vote for the Cons, too many younger Canadians don't bother to vote. I'm not taking the blame for that generation and you shouldn't either. Finally, I accept your challenge to see who can slag the Cons harder. The way I figure it whoever wins, outside can't lose... ;)

Simon said...

hi Filcher...Merry Christmas and thank you. I have to admit though that when I read nice comments like yours, although I am encouraged, I feel a bit guilty about not being able to do more and better. The truth is I have to write a lot of posts on the run, and when the time comes to put them together, I'm sometimes too tired to go the extra mile. Or even see straight. But I am hoping to try to stir things up in the new year, make a few more videos, and be a bit more creative.
As for the Cons their behaviour is absolutely irresponsible. We clearly need to do more to help those who haven't been able to save up enough money to retire with dignity, through no fault of their own. And Harper and his thugs are as you point out only trying to funnel more business to the banks and the big insurance companies. There so-called pooled pension plans are nothing but a ponzu scheme, and would provide Canadians with absolutely no security. I am hopeful though, if the opposition can make the case, that all their callous ideology will come back to bite them...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes wasn't that outrageous? He finally appears to be taking some responsibility, only to blame everybody but himself. I'd call it nerve, but it's probably desperation. And yes, although Coyne also has a habit of blasting the Con regime, while absolving its right-wing ideology, his writing on the Senate scandal has been generally excellent. Thanks for your kind comment, and Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear to you and yours !!!