Sunday, December 15, 2013

James Moore, Child Poverty, and the Cruel Cons

Damn. I'm always making the same mistake. Because I can't help looking for the good in everyone  most people, I keep thinking that some Cons are better than others.

So when some of my friends in Ottawa told me that James Moore was slightly more human than most members of the Harperite cult, I believed them.

But was that ever a mistake eh? And were they ever wrong.

Because it turns out Moore is just another miserable Con ideologue, as heartless and cruel as his morally depraved leader. And this is outrageous. 

It appears the federal government won’t be helping BC get out of the top spot when it comes to child poverty. “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” That from Federal Minister of Industry James Moore who is also the Member of Parliament for Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam. He says it’s the responsibility of the provinces to deal with child poverty, and Ottawa has no plans to step in.

Can you believe that? Hungry children aren't THEIR problem in a country where child poverty remains a gaping wound.

Almost a generation after Ottawa’s vow to eradicate child poverty by 2000, national and provincial report cards show very little sustained progress. One in seven Canadian children — or 967,000 — still lives in a low-income household, according to Campaign 2000 in its annual report being released Tuesday, the 24th anniversary of the historic federal pledge.

An absolute abomination in a country as wealthy as this one, and Canada's shame. 

In a society committed to prioritizing children’s best interests, the child poverty rate would be lower than the overall poverty rate. Ten industrialized countries (about a third of the total) including Australia, Japan and Germany achieve lower rates of child poverty than in the population as a whole: Canada is not among them. Canada ranks 18th of 35 industrialized nations – a middle position - in the size of the gap between child poverty (14 percent) and population poverty (12 percent).

And isn't this SPECIAL?

“Certainly we want to make sure that kids go to school full bellied, but is that always the government’s job to be there to serve people their breakfast?”

From Mr Full Belly himself...

But then the Cons are shameless. They always put their foul right-wing ideology before the needs of the most vulnerable. They are downloading everything onto the backs of the provinces, with the ultimate aim of making them too poor to afford medicare.

They are dismantling our social safety net, refusing to improve the CPP. They don't care about income equality.

In the final hours before Parliament adjourned for its eight-week Christmas recess, James Rajotte , chair of the finance committee, quietly tabled Income Equality in Canada: An Overview.

It is a pathetic piece of work. It heaps praise on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his regressive policies. It says nothing about lifting low-income Canadians out of poverty, nothing about tackling the desperate shortage of affordable housing in the country, nothing about increasing the Canada Child Tax Benefit, nothing about improving public pensions and nothing about shoring up the country’s deteriorating social program

All they care about is making the rich even richer. Even if the poor get poorer, even if they hurt seniors, even if they hurt children...

And they are the most bestial and un-Canadian government this country has ever seen.

Oh boy. You know child poverty can be even more invisible than other forms of poverty. 

It's hard to know when a kid is hungry, when many are too ashamed to admit it. When poverty can mean having to pretend that you left your lunch at home.

And as this little video from Germany shows, poverty tells many stories…

But all of them are sad and bad, and a government that doesn't make fighting child poverty its TOP priority, is in my opinion not a Canadian government, and morally unfit to remain in office.

For the sake of our poor children, and their parents. For the sake of the future. In the name of human decency.

Unite to drive the Harperite cult from power.

And toss both these losers out with them…

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  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Of course the Harperites have to starve kids, how else would could they afford to feed Mike Duffy, Pammy Wallin and Rob Ford.

    1. hi anon…yes, I know someone who claims he once saw Mike Duffy consume TWO whole BBQ chickens in one sitting, and as we know Rob Ford is a man a huge appetite… ;)
      And of course it's also true that at this stage in the evolution of capitalism, the rich can only get richer if the poor get poorer….

  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Yeah, Anon 12:04, well said and how do you think they magickally "found" $3.1 Billion dollars to "wipe out the deficit" with other than by withholding it from the programs it was originally intended for?
    We will see the house of cards fall in Canada very soon. We now lead the world in the largest housing market bubble of any country and our economy isn't large enough to sustain that much longer. Couple that with our ridiculously bloated military budget and we have a recipe for disaster. And to any of you rightwing-nut idiots out there who want to start this "Canada has a right to protect itself" bullshit, just who the fuck do you fantasize is attacking us? Our worst enemies to our sovereignty live to our south and signed the N.A.U. agreement along with harpie a while back so, if you need to be feeling terrorized, I have just given you the perfect scenario you dim-witted, asshole licking stupid motherfuckers, but I digress.
    It's always now and ever has been easier to pick on the poor and the kids and the elderly because they can't fight back. That's why the pseudo tough guys like baird and moore always go after them through the very programs that were designed to aid them. Why pick on somebody your own size when you can fuck over somebody smaller and defenseless?
    And, Simon, you have to realize that cons are fucking lousy, cheap, small-minded, bigoted, ignorant lying, thieving assholes (at least that is the current party's affiliations) and they are in that party because birds of a feather do flock together. The vitriol and hate and meanness is the attraction for them and that is just the way of it. Battle them, yes. Try and find the good in them? You might as well invite Charlie Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer for dinner and hope you don't end up a casualty or even the main course. A scorpion will always sting you. It is what it is and they are what they are. Stop wasting your time looking for good in some homunculus that it didn't exist in anyway.
    Have nice day, everybody. :-)

    1. hi anon…I agree with almost everything you said, especially this part:

      It's always now and ever has been easier to pick on the poor and the kids and the elderly because they can't fight back. That's why the pseudo tough guys like baird and moore always go after them through the very programs that were designed to aid them. Why pick on somebody your own size when you can fuck over somebody smaller and defenseless?

      However I do dispute this:

      And, Simon, you have to realize that cons are fucking lousy, cheap, small-minded, bigoted, ignorant lying, thieving assholes…

      Because I thought I had already made that abundantly clear every night for eight years. ;)

      But of course one can always do better. I shall give those homunculi hell !!!!

  3. In classic con fashion Moore went on the rampage to smear the reporter, immediately calling her a liar using the tire out of context meme, unfortunately, tapes don't lie and this disgusting thug did say what was quoted. The unfortunate reality is that everything this government does is aimed at the transfer of wealth to its donors and the job of the PR machine is to make them look good and keep up the lies about creating jobs and growing the economy. If child poverty is even below 1% we've got a problem and it most certainly is the job of the federal government to do something about it.

    1. hi bcwaterboy….yes it was quite a spectacle wasn't it? The moron Moore trying to lie his way out of that one, only to be brought down by the tale of the tape. those Cons really have no decency. But at least Moore exposed himself as just another hardline ideological fanatic, and this whole incident will be costly for the Cons. Their brand is already badly damaged and Moore's callous comments can only make them look worse...

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    euthanize hungry children,is this what the heffer is inferring

    1. Anonymous2:31 AM

      Probably not that sounds expensive and birth control is against his god

    2. hi anon…either that or let nature takes its course, starve them to death, or eat them as Jonathan Swift once suggested. I'm willing to bet that Moore, Ford, and Duffy could by themselves consume at least two dozen hungry children… ;)

  5. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Dictators and their henchmen, are usually sociopaths with no conscious. Boessenkool a Harper henchman said? The smartest thing Harper ever did was to, cancel the National Child Care Program. Boessenkool resigned when he was working for BC Premier Christy Clark. He did a serious misconduct to a female staffer, while drunk.

    Things are going to become much worse for Canadians. Workers at the oil patch are being laid off. Harper is bringing in foreigners to replace them. Everything Harper does is evil. Those laid off oil workers and their wives and kids, are going to suffer Harper's evil.

    One thing I am very happy about? Harper is already paranoid about his safety. I am happy, Harper will have to watch his back, for the rest of his life. Hitler was the old face of evil. Harper is the new face of evil.

  6. James Moore(BS) is right don't you know! It is our job to feed him and Rob Ford and big belly Baird and Chubby Steve and make sure they stay fat!

    1. hi kootcoot…Well all I can say is if they must expose themselves as cannibals, let nobody make the same mistake the people in the movie Gremlins did, and feed them after midnight… ;)

  7. Sick disgusting man
    As I try to explain. Letting people starve is feeding the Taliban ahh the Irony

    1. hi Steve…. only a Con would ask the question would you feed your neighbour's children if they were hungry? And assume that the answer was no. When of course any decent person would. However, if I was starving and you offered me a Roppongi burger, I'm not sure I would be grateful… ;)

  8. e.a.f.12:11 AM

    When The Gazetteer, a B. C. blog, wrote about this, he also posted a link to the audio of the interview. you really need to listen to it to understand how evil the comment was. It wasn't just the words which upset people in B.C., it was the way it was said. Moore issued an apology once his comments were reported on blogs in B.C. and the outrage began. You only have to listen to the interview to know it wasn't a mistake.

    The federal Conservatives do believe they do not have to feed hungry children. In their minds that is a provincial responsibility and if the province isn't doing their job, it isn't theirs to force the province to do their job. In the City of Vancouver, where houses are a couple of million if you want to live in a "better area" there are other areas where they need food programs in the schools. These programs are not paid for by the government but rather groups of individuals or in one case a single individual puts up the money for the food program. Areas in Great Vancouver, which were never considered "needy" now have poverty issues. Where people were making ends meet 10 years ago, they can't anymore. B.C. is very expensive place to live and wages are low. it is only recently that the min. wage was increased from $8.00 an hr. to $10.00. Someone working 40 hrs per week will only gross $400 a week. Then there are the deductions. Rents in Greater Vancouver for a decent two bedroom apt. is $1,200 per month. Now add on telephone and electricity, you can figure out there isn't much money for food. Oh, and the provincial government just announced the electrical rates would go up 25.5% in the next couple of years. B.C. is one of only two provinces in Canada where people have to pay medical premiums. In one health authority area, they charge seniors in care, $35 per month for the use of a wheel chair.

    There isn't much of a middle class left in B.C. Its either the uber rich and the rest. oh, their is another class in B.C. and that is the ruling party, B.C. Lieberals. They keep telling us we will make trillions of dollars on gas and oil and create 100K new jobs. We know its crazy, but hey, B.C. voted that government back into office earlier this year. One could say you get the government you elected, but you see children aren't allowed to vote.

    1. hi e.a.f…I have listened to it, and I noticed that he laughed at the end. Ha ha ha. Well I bet he isn't laughing now, because his callous comment can and will be used against the Cons for devastating effect.
      As for the BC Liberals it strikes me that they are just Cons in sheep clothing. And they will happily go along with the Harperite plan to squeeze the provinces, and privatize EVERYTHING. It's all the same big conspiracy...

  9. e.a.f.12:48 PM

    Interestingly enough the B.C. Liberals are infact Liberals. Christy Clark's former spouse and her brother were part of Martin's gang, which worked so hard to oust Chretien. The B.C. Liberal Party is a mixture of all sorts. there are the old Socred types. there are Conservatives and there are Liberals and then there are even people who vote provincially as Liberals and federally NDP. yes it is a mixed back but make no mistake, Christy Clark and her backroom boys are federal Liberals and have been involved for years and years,.

    It is one of the things which makes some of us very cautious about Trudeau, the younger.

  10. Crunty's LIEberals also include a lot of former Reform/Alliance/CRAP/Sepratist types.