Monday, December 23, 2013

Rob Ford and the Big Ice Storm Power Grab

As Toronto woke up to a scene of devastation with more than a quarter of a million people without power, one man was missing in action.

And you can guess who that was eh?

The Mayor in Name Only. 

As city officials, staff and cleanup crews worked to repair the havoc caused by an icy storm, Mayor Rob Ford was unreachable, according to a source. The mayor could not be found all Sunday morning by city staff working to organize warming centres and other emergency preparations, the source said. 

Although he did find time to send out some misleading tweets.

A few minutes later, the account tweeted to say people should call Toronto Hydro or 911 to report downed wires — which prompted a series of angry responses from followers who said that wasn’t the proper procedure. Throughout the day, police reminded residents to make non-emergency phone calls to the main line, not 911.

In a city where calls to the EMS ambulances were up 53%, and calls to the police were double the average number.

But he will not declare a state of emergency as some city councillors are demanding. 

Some city councillors are calling on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to declare a state of emergency as hundreds of thousands of Toronto residents are still without power following this weekend's ice storm.Under a state of emergency, the city would have access to additional resources from the province. 

Because declaring one would cause HIM to lose power.

Ford has the power to declare a state of emergency, but, following a vote by city council last month, authority over the emergency falls to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly. Ford was stripped of most of his executive powers in November amid the ongoing scandal over his alleged drug use.

And the Mayor in Name Only is determined to cut the REAL mayor out of the action. 

The Globe and Mail caught up with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly Monday to discuss how Toronto is coping with the ice storm. Mr. Kelly, who has been granted some of the powers previously held by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, does not have the authority to declare a state of emergency – that is a statutory power held by Mr. Ford by law. Mr. Kelly said that he has not been involved in the mayor’s conversations about whether or not a state of emergency needs to be called.

So he can take credit for what others are doing quite well without him, for crass political reasons.

Even though hundreds of thousands of Torontonians may not get their power restored until Boxing Day.

And it's getting really cold out there.

But then why should anyone be surprised? When during last summer's flood which also caused blackouts all over the city, he was also missing in action.

Preferring to take refuge from the very hot weather in his SUV, parked in his driveway...

Great eh?

Luckily it seems that declaring a state of emergency might not be necessary since Premier Kathleen Wynne is talking to the real mayor of Toronto, and has already promised all the aid necessary.

But Ford's behaviour does say all we need to know about him. He's not just a bully, and a bigot, and a man who hangs out with criminals. He's also a lousy mayor.

The city and it's people have shown they can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at them.

But who will save us from that freak of nature?

Who will save us from this disaster?

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astone said...

I new bully's like him in grade school,( and junior high, even worse there) they are pretty easy to pick out. If I was walking on a sidewalk and saw his belly coming, I would cross the street to avoid him and it.

Anonymous said...

Harper campaigned very hard for Ford. The two of them, have very similar personalities. They only care about themselves....their own power, glory, to benefit themselves and to hell with the people. Calandra reminds me of, Hitler's Goebbels. His lunatic ranting and raving is disgusting. Because of all of them? Canada is the laughing stock of the world. Ford couldn't care less about his people in this ice storm, he is far more important than they are. Ford's buddy Harper is identical. He couldn't care less about the everyday Canadian citizens either. As all sociopaths, Harper also comes first to himself as well.

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right, bully is the word that best defines the Fordzilla and his fellow Con Harper. And even beyond their insane policies, that's the main reason I despise them both...

Simon said...

hi anon...I can't disagree with anything you say. Although I have to say that Calandra is too dumb to be our Goebbels. He's just a Con clown. But yeah, Ford and harper are both bullies, they share the same agenda, and shortly after one goes down, the other will follow....