Monday, November 18, 2013

Rob Ford and the Day of Judgement

Now its beyond denial, now it's psychosis. Now he's no longer satisfied with being the Crack Mayor of Toronto.

Now he's telling Fox News he wants to be Prime Minister.

“Yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister,” Ford told Fox News Channel’s John Roberts.

“I’m training every day. I’m in the gym for two hours every day. I’m seeking professional help. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a drug addict,” Ford told Roberts.

And that he doesn't have a drug problem, Justin Trudeau does.

“I don’t believe Mr. Trudeau’s gonna be the next PM, I believe Mr. Harper’s gonna get re-elected as PM,” Ford said. “You look at their record and put it to Mr. Trudeau’s record it’s like night and day. Illegal drugs are illegal drugs.”

Even as the city council prepares to strip him of his powers and reduce him to the status of mayor in name only. Or just neuter him.

In a historic showdown, Rob Ford faces formal repudiation Monday from Toronto city council, which will vote on a motion stripping him of virtually all of his powers as mayor, after three tumultuous weeks of disclosures over his use of crack cocaine and alcohol.

And he prepares to launch his new TV show, and be interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper, whose show was running a promo tonight where Ford is seen waving his arms around and declaring:

"I don't think of myself as a mayor, I think of myself as a regular guy."

And one of the show's reporters is promising something even WEIRDER...

If that's possible eh?

And the whole insane spectacle is now such a freak show that it's sometimes hard to remember that the real reason he's going to be stripped of his powers later today is not because he is a grotesque buffoon.

But because he is a democracy-devouring despot. 

Though he masquerades as an Everyman, Ford’s sense of personal entitlement is so gigantic that he believes he has the right to bend reality itself to his needs and wishes. There are no rules for Rob.

That is why what we’re seeing must be named and remembered: Ford’s tenure has been a ruthless and consciously wrought assault on democracy itself. We need to make a teachable moment out of this for our own sake and for those who come after us.

The reason Mayor Ford is unfit for office is not just that he has personal problems he must fix up. It’s his insatiable hunger for power by any means necessary. In his unbounded feeding of that appetite, he has proven himself a democracy-devouring despot at heart.

A Con demagogue who can still harness the power of the mob as this ITN report shot today clearly demonstrates...

And who in a country as corrupted as Harperland remains a clear and present danger.

Yup. It may be the Day of Judgement. He may be fatally weakened.

He may be a Con klown.

But this fascist circus is far from over...

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  1. Neither Ford nor Harper are the populist he claims to be. As you describe Simon, more and more people are starting to see through these power mongers and how they have been duped into feeding these sinister and very sick needs these men have. I think the more ridiculous this story gets, the more Ford is feeding off the attention. It's just not that funny anymore.

    1. hi're absolutely right, Harper the tool of Big Oil, and Ford the millionaire's son, are no populists, just Con artists. But the good news, as you point out, is that more and more Canadians are beginning to see through them. And even better, Ford's populism has turned off so many people, it can only damage Harper's plans to pose as a man of the people. I also agree it's not funny anymore. As you know, I like to be as funny as I can, I enjoy that kind of writing more than any other kind. And I was going to try to write this one in a comic vein. But as much as I tried I just couldn't...

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I wish someone would point out to him that when he bloviates abut saving the taxpayers' money, etc. that it was taxpayers' money that went to that $5 grand that he awarded to each of his staff members just before he got stripped of his budget...

    1. hi leftyinparadise... Ford's fiscal record is as fraudulent as the man himself. It doesn't stand up to scrutiny. He may have slashed some jobs, and reduced the budget in some areas. But for every dollar he has saved he has lost five with his irresponsible policies, like killing a car reggistration tax which cost the city $64 million, and by insisting on a subway to nowhere which has made the city liable for a billion dollar hangover. As for the bribing of his loyal staff members, I assure you we will use that against him until the day he dies...

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Aint nuthin' worse than a junkie when you are tryin' to take away his main drain. Good Fuckin' Luck, Toronto. You gonna need a shithousefull of it to dump this guy!

    1. hi anon...well I have good news for you, Rob Ford says he has had his "Jesus moment." and he hasn't had a drink for three days. I predict that will last until the weekend, since he is still in denial. His next rampage will be as bad or worse than any we have ever seen. And if that doesn't finish him off, I can always put a piece of crack on a hook, cast my line into the deepest part of the lake, and watch him swim after it... ;)

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    The non apology. "I am sorry but nothing is my fault. It's the lefties or the media or the other members of council or the people who didn't do what I told them to do etc etc. It's everybody but me. I'm perfect, an ordinary gut. I help the poor.I'm a great mayor for the people who voted for me. Just them."

    1. hi anon...please, please, don't torture me further. The Fordzilla is like something out of Ground Hog Day. As soon as you think it can't get worse, it does, and he's apologizing again. But then his comments about wanting to be Prime Minister clearly demonstrate that he's missing a few screws in his head, so sooner or later he's going to have a collision with reality, and I'm hoping it's a train wreck...

  5. Harper and Flaherty campaigned very hard for Ford. What really struck me was, how much alike their personalities are. Isn't Harper fortunate, Ford is backing Harper right up, in the next election. I wonder why, Harper isn't appointing his friend to the PMO? Ford would fit right in, with Harper's degenerates.

    Another hahaha was when, MacKay slammed Trudeau on the pot issue. Alcoholism is quite fine with MacKay. It was alcohol, that steered Ford into his crack. It would have been much better if, Ford had smoked pot.

    Both Harper and Ford are now very belligerent, both refusing to resign. Belligerence is all they have left.

    1. hi gingersnap...wait and see what i have to say about Harper and Ford in one of my next posts. I think you'll enjoy what I'm predicting, because it's really bad for BOTH of them... ;)

  6. Imagine a tag team duo of vicious, depraved, psychotic brothers let loose in the political arena, turning Toronto City Hall into the Verdun Arena, physically assaulting and trading insults with their many detractors in the audience. Imagine if you will the 1960s Vachon brothers let loose on Toronto City Hall to "administer" the city's business.

    From their Wikipedia exploits:

    "Vachon would frequently buy local TV time prior to a weekend event, which he then used to boldly proclaim his supremacy while also deprecating his opponent. Such acts of bravado were considered revolutionary at the time, though it was successful in that it attracted attention to Vachon’s new character as well as drawing additional fans to the arena. As a result, Vachon subsequently established himself as a major heel while also portraying a wrestling beast inside the ring who would freely stomp, bite, and pound his opponent into submission."

    "Before long, “Mad Dog” Vachon consequently developed a reputation as perhaps the most feared rulebreaker in all of wrestling..Maurice Vachon's tendency to hurt his opponents with foreign objects, filed fingernails and teeth, and the multiple use of his signature finishing move, the Piledriver, to end matches made him notorious in the business and caused him to be banned in three U.S. states. But it also made his popularity soar among the fans."

    .."forming a highly successful and dangerous tandem with his brother Paul “Butcher” Vachon. On August 30, 1969, the Vachon’s defeated Crusher & Bruiser for the AWA World Tag Team Titles; and the following year, the two battled again in a famous steel cage match at Chicago’s Comiskey Park (where the Vachon’s again emerged victorious), as their violent fights ultimately served as the precursor for a new brand of sadistic and vicious brawling that would spawn future mayhem stars .. But after two decades as one the sport’s most evil characters, the fans suddenly began to rally behind the “Mad Dog” in the late 1970s ... he left the sport as one its most beloved fan favorites after spending almost his entire career as a sadistic villain. His innovative portrayal of a snarling, bloodthirsty monster would inspire a myriad of future “psychotic” wrestlers..."

    Now imagine if such behavior is not an "innovative portrayal" of villainy but the genuine article, that "sadistic villains", psychotic, "snarling, bloodthirsty" monsters have been let loose on Toronto City Hall to obstruct the business of Canada's largest city. And the Ontario government still refuses to intervene and restore order and sanity ......

    1. hi Rene...I don't know much about the Vachon brothers, but from what you tell me they sound too good to be be like Rob and Doug. May I suggest the Ford brothers are more like the Dubois brothers of Verdun. Because I did a big paper on them once, and they were quite something...

    2. The Vachon brothers were a popular wrestling act who portrayed psychotic, depraved, bloodthirsty monsters, their home turf was the Verdun Arena, now called Auditorium. They would run TV ads prior to their engagements, boast of their prowess and threaten to stomp, wipe out, totally annihilate their opposition and its supporters. They would trade insults with the "pimply faced punks" at the Verdun Arena amidst a chorus of boos and catcalls, run at the crowd and occasionally have to fend of assaults from "punks" in the crowd who took it for real and would try to get at them.

      This was all for show, however, as they were simply entertainers portraying psychotic thugs. What you get from the Fords, however, is the genuine article. When Rob Ford did his "Mad Dog" video he was not hamming it up for the TV cameras, he did not even know he was being filmed. This is genuine behavior.....

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  9. Here in the States a lot of us are wondering when the men in the white coats will take Rob Ford away for a nice long rest.