Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Road to the Con Convention

Lordy, how ghastly. It looks as if Stephen Harper is going to have to carry Mike Duffy on his back all the way to Calvary...I mean Calgary.

Because although the Con convention starts on Thursday, Duffy's execution, along with that of the other two Senators, can't be arranged until at least Friday. 

Procedural wrangling in the Senate means a vote on whether three senators should be barred and lose their pay, won't happen until at least Friday.

After the Liberals raised procedural and humanitarian objections, and the official executioner hacked off his own foot.

Conservative Senate Leader Claude Carignan bears some responsibility for the delay because he introduced motions to suspend his three colleagues last week, and then brought in another motion to limit debate time on his own motions.

Which of course, as you know, is NOT going to please the rabid Con base at the Cowboy Palace in Calgary.

Because they're VERY unhappy with Greater Alberta Leader, and they were hoping he would come bearing gifts...

So they could bite something, ANYTHING eh? Instead of just grinding their teeth, or gagging themselves.

And try to forget that horrible Senate scandal which is eating them ALIVE.

Because let's be clear, as Stephen Harper likes to say, the situation is grim. The Con regime has never been so unpopular, or their leader more despised.

And to make matters even worse, some are calling the porky Senate scandal Adscam Redux !!!!! 

The Senate spending scandal is registering strongly with voters and shaping up to be a truly frightening shock to this government’s prospects in the lead-up to their Halloween convention. Coming on the heels of a series of political setbacks, it’s putting the government in its most precarious position since it assumed office some seven plus years ago.

Which must really KILL them eh?

Or make them REALLY angry....

And it's not as if Great Ugly Leader can cool those zombies down by throwing them a chunk of Pamela Wallin. Or boasting about his new trade deal with Europe.

Not when they want to eat ALL of her. And not when it's a monstrous SELLOUT.

European exporters will save about three times the amount of duty payments compared with their Canadian counterparts in a landmark free-trade agreement, The Canadian Press has learned. Sources say European Union exporters will save more than $670 million annually in duty payments compared with about $225 million annually for Canada's.

And not when we don't know what's in it, and it won't be ratified for another TWO years.

Gawd. What will the Con convention organizers do to placate their angry base? Or distract them from that sordid scandal.

I can only imagine...

OK...OK...I'm sorry. That's going too far. Who needs hookers when we've got Cons?

But cowboys, pancakes, and everywhere the smell of despair and defeat? At a convention that was supposed to reboot the tired old Con regime.

I wouldn't miss that for ANYTHING eh?

I can't wait to see the look on their faces. When the cowboy band strikes up Jesus Still Loves Us. 

The rodeo clowns run out.

And Stephen Harper makes his grand entrance...

See you at the Cowboy Palace everybody !!!

The stench will be ghastly. So bring a gas mask.

But it should be quite a show...

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I might be wrong about this but I have a hunch Duffy might just be ready, willing and able to bring down the harper regime out of pure revenge and spite. As a former journalist, he is more than aware of how important creating a "cover your ass" paper trail is and it looks like he has done that admirably.
    He might, inadvertently, be the irresistible force to harpo's immovable object and end up an antithetical Canadian hero in the upcoming history books, biographies and movie rights. He very possibly may be the torpedo that sinks the queen harper garbage scow after all. I got a feeling we're going to owe the Duffster a few Guinness when all the smoke clears. First round's on me! :-)

    1. hi there..if Duffy could bring down Harper I'm sure he would, for he does have a vindictive streak and after what they have done to him who could blame him for wanting revenge? And although I must admit the whole idea is mindblowing, it would be very fitting if he was the one who brought down the Con regime. Because they do deserve each other. Although as I've said before, he may be a shameless old scoundrel, but he is not as evil as some of the other Harperite. And when I heard him using words like monstrous to describe the PMO thugs, I have to admit that my view of him softened a bit. And if he does bring down the House of Harper, I'll buy the second round, and maybe even recommend him for the Order of Canada... ;)

  2. Harper, in contrast to his defensive and evasive statements, has now admitted a wider scope of knowledge of the repayment scheme, contradicting himself. He had earlier stated Wright had acted independently in offering Sen Duffy funds to pretend he repaid the funds questioned by the media. All that changed was Harper realized he would be caught on this point. He still however seems to believe he cannot be caught regarding his personal knowledge of the overall scheme by still claiming he was 'in the dark.' His claim however stretches reasonable belief, especially now that we know the CPC lawyer was in on the scheme, as was Harper's own legal counsel. If Harper's own counsel knew and didn't tell Harper, why wasn't he reported to the Bar Association? Or fired?

    Because Harper is lying, that's why.

    But he can't afford to lose his base, which right now is PISSED OFF.

    'A new poll suggests dramatic allegations from Senator Mike Duffy has cost Prime Minister Harper federal voter support in Ontario, the province where narrow victories helped to gave the Conservatives a majority government in 2011 ... more Canadians believe beleaguered Senator Mike Duffy’s story over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s version of events .. 40 %of respondents said they believed Duffy’s tale .. 18 per cent think Harper’s telling the truth... if it turns out Harper lied or misled Parliament or the public about his role in the scandal more than two-thirds of Canadians think the prime minister should immediately resign, the poll says.’ – ' Harper has disgraced himself so badly and so desperate of the truth being revealed, even the Duffster looks better. Harper is toasted to the point he’s even throwing his ‘respected leader who did the right thing’ Nigel Wright into the river.

    So where is the truth? Duffy has emails and a paper trail; Harper has empty rhetoric which keeps changing daily. Harper wants to rule on this as the absolute commander, judge, jury and executioner, with no regard to due process whatsoever. Sorry Stevie, that authority does not come with your office.

    This stance doesn’t reflect the "fair and just" society we understand we live in. It does not follow the rule of law. This is not the Canadian way. Allow Duffy and the others to defend defend themselves. Don't let PM Wizard of Oz hide behind the curtain any longer.

    1. hi ask for The Truth in Harperland? Good luck. I heard Jennifer Ditchburn the CP reporter say today that trying to connect all the different versions of reality was like needlework and it made her head hurt. Which of course is what the demonic freak Harper is intending for all of us. And what makes his government so sinister. For if it was just his brutish policies that would be bad enough. But this insane darkness into which he has plunged this country is simply intolerable. It's an absolute nightmare, and whatever we do we cannot let him win the next election, for give him an inch and he'll take a mile, and in the end he will blow this country apart...

  3. Great post, great post.

    1. hi Alison...thanks a lot. That means a lot coming from a blogger like you I respect so much. I have to admit I have been thinking about giving up blogging, because I don't think most people have the time or the attention span to read anything longer than two hundred words, or are interested in those who would try to weave different events into the larger picture, which you do so masterfully. But having a post praised by someone like you is very encouraging. Thank you again...

    2. Dont ever quit Simon.

  4. e.a.f.4:16 PM

    Harper isn't able to control the Commons or the Senate right now. Expect the convention to be tightly scripted. No anti harper demonstrations, no questions regarding the scandals, only adoration will be permitted. The convention will be made to look as if his base still believes in him. Expect a couple of "emergency" reslutions doing away with the 3 senators and the senate and reaffirming harper in his position. Then it will air and all will be well, until next week. Don't expect to see much of harper though on the floor or "pressing the flesh" with the great unwashed.

    He is in oil town and has a lot of business to conduct. The senate is the least of his problems once he is in Alberta. Some of the larger donaters might start wondering, if Harper will throw the 3 senators and Wright under the bus, what will he do to them. Can they trust him to come through. The question that isn't being discussed much in the Commons is, well Harper did annoint the 3 of them, so what does it say about his judgement. Can we trust his judgement? It may be the last change the old Progressive Conservatives have to do a number of Harper, the way he did his number on them. This is going to be such good theatre.

    1. hi e.a.f...I'm sure you're right, the Con convention will be scripted from start to finish. And as somebody said recently, when you have to pay at least $500 for the privilege of attending you're probably talking about the most faithful of the faithful. However, it should be interesting to see what Harper comes up with at his speech on Friday night, for he is truly desperate and goodness knows what he might say. And of course it's always good for ordiary Canadians to get a good look at the Con base, for the harder they look the less they will like them...

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    "Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has come out in favour of the Keystone XL pipeline. At this point, the only serious difference between him and Stephen Harper appears to be his hair."
    Don't split the vote in favour of the librocons, Simon.
    Vote NDP. It's the only way to make sure harpo's keystone xl isn't built.
    Then you can fire one up anyway without worrying about doing 10 years in the cooler.

    1. hi I've mentioned before I live in a rock solid NDP area with Olivia Chow as my MP so I will be voting NDP. But I'm not going to spend any time attacking Justin Trudeau because although I don't agree with many of his policies I now see his approach as possibly stealing votes away from the Cons which can only be a good thing for our side. And since judging from the polls I can see that either the NDP or the Liberals could win a minority government, I think I can be most useful as a person who can help them work together to bury the Cons once and for all. I'm a conciliator of sorts in real life, patching up arguments between my NDP and Liberal friends, I do love them all, and I can never be shaken from my belief that together we are stronger...

  6. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Duffy still hasn't unloaded the rest of his bomb shells, regarding Harper yet. Harper has told too many different stories, to be credible anymore. Mulcair has tripped up Harper at every turn. However, we do know Harper will use every dirty tactic in the book, not to pay for his crimes either. Harper has cut the Senators throats, to save his own miserable neck. We all saw what Harper did regarding, his robo-call election fraud. Harper stonewalled that investigation too.

    How people with decency, honor, ethics and morals, can support a monster such as Harper, utterly boggles me. I wouldn't even permit someone such as Harper, in my home.

    1. hi there..

      How people with decency, honor, ethics and morals, can support a monster such as Harper, utterly boggles me. I wouldn't even permit someone such as Harper, in my home.

      I culdn't agree with you more, I find it both frustrating and depressing that so many Canadians are still fooled by that horrible little man who would appoint himself our dictator. I don't claim to be perfect myself, but unlike him I do have a heart, and I simply cannot accept to live in such moral squalor. It goes against everything my wonderful parents taught me, and I will not let them or my country down. Period....