Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inside the Monstrous Heart of the Harper PMO

It's one of the scariest places in Canada eh? The dark heart of the Con conspiracy. The home of the Big Lie.

And now Paul Wells has given us a glimpse of the horror that lies within. And of the weird leader in his inner sanctum.

And although I'm sure that Wells didn't intend it that way, the picture that emerges is truly frightening.

The uncontrollable rages. The sadomasochistic behaviour.

One does get a glimpse of the temper. Several people report that he doesn’t yell at a staffer until the staffer has been around for a while. Clearly, then, he has some control over his behaviour. Swearing blue streaks at a staffer thus becomes a sign of trust

The wildly alternating moods...

Though they change, his moods often last several hours at a time. “He comes into the office sometimes in a bad mood and that will affect how he sees things throughout the day. And if he comes in in a good mood no one can do anything wrong.” The surprising moments of bridge-building and clemency from this government usually come directly from Harper. So do the truly dark outbursts of vengefulness.

The unforgiving grudges.

He can carry a grudge. “He will refer to things that were said in Conservative caucus when he was first an MP, when he was first elected as a backbencher, and will use that as a basis for judging that person forever. If he forms a negative impression of someone, he retains it more than a decade after the fact, even if it’s based on a trivial encounter.”

So similar to those of his scary ancestor.

The incredible pettiness and the vulgarity...

Since Tom Flanagan wrote his book spilling many of the secrets of the early Harper years, Harper has continued his grudge against him. He probably won’t change his mind on that. More than two years later, Flanagan turned up at a Calgary Stampede event at which Harper was to address the crowd.

While he was speaking, the Prime Minister caught a glimpse of his former chief of staff. Later, in the “green room” set aside for Harper’s use a short distance from the main event, he was livid. “Who the f–k let him in?”

But what I find most sinister is the way Great Ugly Leader writes his speeches.

Harper doesn’t spend his afternoons trying to find potent expression for his ideas. He works at removing memorable turns of phrase and identifiable ideas from his speeches. He puts great effort into flattening the prose.

Brian Mulroney and Paul Martin were obsessive about reworking speech drafts to insert their own voice. Only Harper spends hours subtracting a voice from his speeches.

Because it reveals how careful he is to conceal his true personality, as well as his true agenda.

So he can render us numb, feed on us while we sleep...

So NOTHING is what it seems.

First, as with all modern trade agreements, this one is not really about trade....Rather, CETA — like the North American Free Trade Agreement before it — is really concerned with investment, regulation and standards.

With some exceptions, it would give investors on either side the right to demand compensation from any government action that interferes with private profit.

And he can sell us out to foreign interests, and change this country beyond recognition, before we even know it.

Yup. I've always believed that Stephen Harper had too many monkeys on his back, or too many voices in his head, to be Prime Minister of a country like Canada. And now I'm even more convinced eh?

The Con regime isn't a government, it's a sinister cult. And its leader is a MANIAC.

Who must be removed from office as soon as humanly possible.

Before his evil madness consumes us ALL...

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Steve said...

Excellent insights and commentary. This guy is PM?

Steve said...

Hi Simon,
Check out this blog, it shows our future under the Conservatives

Anonymous said...

Simon, you and I were separated at birth. Sometimes I think we're the only ones who get it.

Simon said...

hi Steve ....thank you. In my present state of total fatigue the fact that I finished it is a miracle. ;)
But yes that guy is our Prime Minister. How could a big beautiful country be governed by someone so small and so ugly?

Simon said...

hi Steve....thanks for the link, it is a good looking blog. You know it's funny that Camus quote was one I considered for my blog sidebar before settling on Brecht. I thought Camus might make me look too "artistic".... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous... thank you that's very cute, and VERY encouraging. I sometimes do feel a bit lonely wondering why so many other Canadians don't get it. How they can live with the actions of this disgusting government and let them drag us all into the gutter. Of course I should warn you, ever since I told my friends that the doctor who delivered me dropped me on my head, they blame my alienation and my blogging on that.... ;)