Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Fight Back Against The Porky Action Ads

Gawd. You just can't teach old Cons new tricks eh?

For there they are bombarding the airwaves with their grotesque Porky Action Plan ads again.

Even though it's costing a fortune. 

The Harper government spent $21 million on major advertising campaigns under its Economic Action Plan brand in 2011-12, according to the latest annual report on ad spending.

And even though we've told them those crappy ads are driving us NUTS !#@#!! 

Canadians may be growing weary of — even hostile to — all those Economic Action Plan ads the Harper government has been pumping out for the last four years.The most-recently released survey has respondents calling the material “propaganda” and a “waste of money...”

And to make them even MORE annoying, I notice that the latest series includes a picture of a tanker gliding serenely down the BC coast, on a beautiful sunny day.

Along with the honking line: RESPONSIBLE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT !!!!!

Brought to you by the responsible eco-criminals who torpedoed Kyoto. And no doubt supported by Big Oil, and their pimps in Calgary. For whom respect for the environment is job one !!!!

It’s as predictable as a Stampede hangover or the Toronto Maple Leafs missing the Stanley Cup playoffs. Once again this year, Calgary had no noticeable change in power consumption during the annual Earth Hour, Saturday night.

Just ask Mr "Ethical Oil" Ezra Levant.

And then ask yourself what are we going to do with those ghastly Con climate change deniers and oil hogs who think they can brainwash us into believing they are good for Canada, and good for the planet?

And would treat Canadians like FOOLS.

Apart from telling them to go jump in an oily tailings pond.

Or drink it like Joe Oliver...

Which would be rude eh?

When I have a better suggestion on how to fight back.

The next time they show pictures of oil tankers, and shout RESPONSIBLE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT !!!!!

Don't throw something at the TV.

Just whisper EXXON VALDEZ.

And hit them with the Sounds of Silence...

Brought to you by the excellent people at Coastal First Nations.

Yup. Anything the Cons can do we can do better.

Until the day we defeat them.

Fighting Stephen Harper and his gang of eco-criminals.

One Earth Day at a time...

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  1. Hi, Simon
    I was just two minutes behind you in posting this great commercial!
    Its powerful stuff -- I hope it can sink the Northern Gateway pipeline idea for good. This is one of the stupidest "mega-projects" ever proposed.

    1. Hi Cathie...well that sounds like an excellent one-two punch. And with an added bonus !! Nobody listen to me but they will listen to YOU. :)
      But yes isn't it a great ad? And it gives me so much pleasure to see our side fighting back so creatively. Encore. Encore. I want MORE !!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:03 AM

    The Valdez was double hulled and it was calm. When we had the earthquake on the coast the port of Kitamat was going to shit its pants. Now they want oil tankers.

    1. hi anonymous... exactly, but the Cons would rather have you think of that tanker in the picture gliding along on a beautiful day, instead of a much larger tanker executing hairpin turns in a raging storm. But then let's face it eh? By closing down the Kitsilano coast guard station the Cons have clearly demonstrated how much they care about safety...

    2. Anonymous12:18 AM

      Meanwhile we have developers insisting this is the place to live, work, eat ,play,sleep and raise a family. The mountains and ohhhh the water. But don't go anywhere near it. We have a sailing school, just opened a paddle board rental, there's boat rentals for tourists, recreational boaters ,freighters, tankers and people jumping off bridges. But they don't care about people only money and it's not that much and earmarked for someone in their club.

  3. Yes, and only with the HarperLand eco-criminals would the sight of an oil tanker floating off the pristine BC coast be equatable in beauty with the deep blue sea, lush green environment and snow capped mountains.. these guys are literally fucken insane. ..

    And that they use OUR tax dollars to push this reprehensible dog-shit is a grievous insult to all Canadians, even the mud dumb stupid ones who voted for these colossal A-holes. These are the same thugs who cut labs and programs and millions of dollars from science research, water and food inspections etc., because 'there is no money' but found millions to plug a 200 year old war and shove their phony patriotism down our throats (a hallmark of all fascist governments, ever) and for a war that happened before Canada was even Canada, which we would of probably lost had it not been for the natives helping, Tecumseh and all that; who the Cons were so busy and hypocritically insulting over Idle No More and Chief Spence's hunger strike.

    And I know several people now who actually voted for these cretins THREE TIMES, not because they had a clue politically what these Con frauds were up to, and despite my warnings that a majority for them will destroy this nation, but because these not tuned in dopes would just listen to the Con attack ads and to their their beerhall, small town, rural Ontario hillbilly farmer Con buddies who constantly ranted and raved in their over-alls about 'My guns is my guns! And not the guv'mints!!' while blowing a combination of spittle spray and Lone Star spray ten feet into the sky to emphasize their 'point.' And then back out onto the field they go, swilling their Lone Star to dump Monsanto chemical poison all over the place; 'Water table? Runoff?? Huh??'

    But now I've been finding out some of these Harper cuts have affected where some of them worked, accent on the 'ed,' and/or the ripple effect of this devastation of cuts shut down their office or job somehow etc., affected their town, and so NOW they are standing there scratching their balls going 'wtf????' And I don't know whether to laugh or cry, because it was all so sadly predictable, but also kind of fucken funny.

    1. hi wazz...Yup. Only in Harperland would they try to brainwash us with OUR money. And only in Harperland would so many dumb Canadians be so easily fooled. The good news is that the Cons are so dumb that the left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing. For only they would close down a coast guard station and then claim that they are creating "world class" tanker safety program. I can only imagine what the scene on the bridge of the SS Harper must look like, a combination of Dracula and the Three Stooges... ;)

    2. Anonymous3:02 AM

      That Dracula-manning picture was best one ever

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I am going anonymous on this post because if any blogger is being monitored by herr harper's brown shirts (aka RCMP)it's you.

    Lots of us listen to you and wish we could actually do something to rid Canada of this odious harperian pestilence before 2015.

    I am going anonymous because I am planning a long long motor trip (burning lots of gas unfortunately), and every action plan 'sign' I see will be refurbished to read 'inaction plan' and a Brigitte DePape slogan pasted on it as well.

    1. Good idea. I'm willing to help.

    2. hi anonymous...don't worry I have a really good security system, and if I ever notice any Con mice turds in my computer, or tiny footprints from the RCMP or anyone else, not only will I sue their asses off, but I'll send a few of them to jail. I'm sure they do monitor this blog, but I have never broken the law, I'm only expressing what a lot of Canadians feel, and I'm not the slightest bit scared of them. Have a good and productive motor trip... ;)

    3. Anonymous2:55 AM

      Well I hope there not looking at me . Well actually I do because it would be a waste of time. I'm a complete idiot but even I want these hypercryte neo cons gone. But like Simon take care be aware cause it's happening .

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    An interesting point is how the so-called "Canada" Economic Action Plan ads are positively inundated with an abundance of Conservative blue. Blue shirts, blue paint, blue cars, blue backgrounds, etc.

    1. hi anonymous...Yes, so pathetic are those Cons that they would try to brainwash us with their horrible colours. As if their horrible blue could ever replace the red and white. They really do take us for fools, but we will have the last laugh...

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    The Valdez spill, would be a teacup spill compared to one of those, massive dirty oil tankers from China. Harper would sail right through, the spilled oil anyway. A pipe burst, would never stop Harper either.. Neither a pipe burst nor a dirty tanker spill, affects Harper's money. A flock of 500 birds perished at the tar sands. The courts ruled? It was the birds fault for being stupid enough, to land in the filthy sludge. So, we know what we are up against.

    Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. The sell-out of Canada to China, began back in Campbell's reign of terror. Harper and Campbell signed sneak deals regarding the Enbridge pipeline, behind our backs. However. That's the only way Harper and his minions know how to work. Nor, are the BC citizens so stupid as to think, the behemoth dirty tankers from China, will be the only tankers coming into Kitimat Port.

    Harper and his economy action plan, is where? The only economy action plan I see, is for Harper himself. Same with his job action plan? Those jobs are for the Chinese. Harper doesn't need to give Provinces money for, Trade School education. Communist China has millions of, skilled tradesmen workers to bring over. Chinese skilled tradesmen earn, $800 per month.

    Premier Redford is bringing American War Vets to build the Keystone pipeline, on both sides of the border.

    Petro-China offered to build the Enbridge pipeline, very quickly and very cheaply.

    What part of that, don't Canadian people get? Canadians can't live on $800 per month. That doesn't even pay the rent, in this country.

    1. These shitball Cons have a lot of BALLS to run these ads claiming economic 'action' and productivity when in fact they've only been cutting programs federally and to the provinces in that regard. They started off inheriting a $13 billion surplus and then pissed it away by stupidly cutting the GST by two points - which alone costs the Treasury over $12 billion annually, and then they further slash corporate taxes, which all in all has created fuck all by way of creating 'new jobs' but certainly did accomplish drastically reducing government revenue. And then they cry, 'We're poor! We can’t afford programs! Like for ecology, environment and science and food and water inspection!' Well fuck that noise; they CAUSED this, deliberately, with their shit-can agenda to shred govt to bits! And those cuts to GST and corporate welfare were just the pretext they needed to attack the government’s revenue side and use the shortfall to shred it to pieces. It ain’t fuckin rocket science! And not just to the program departments, monitoring, ecological and science departments, but right to the very essence of Parliamentary democracy itself, in Canada. Of course, if the average dumb ass Canadian knew the half of it, the Cons would be turfed out on their ears; hence the annual $21 million annual bullshit-arama campaigns to fill Canadian's heads with empty rhetoric and mindless sloganeering, keep them in the dark, and to fill the black hearts of their dwindling nitwit base with false pride.
      These Con swindlers should be locked into Tony's Gazebos and the keys forever thrown away into the bottom of fuckin Lake Muskoka. Harper's govt has been held in contempt of Parliament; (only Commonwealth government ever to do that), Harper has prorogued Parliament twice, unjustifiably; once to avoid inquiries on Afghan detainees and another time to bail from a non-confidence vote he would have lost. (Gee thanks Michealle Jean). He's got zero respect for Canadian parliamentary democracy whatsoever. Just wait til the truth comes out about their fucken robo-fraud calls - which of course is in court - but naturally being obstructed by the 'open and transparent' party. Then even their dimwit base might possibly even be able to see just how little respect these con swindlers have not only for democracy generally, but for Canadians as well.
      So yes, it’s pretty much been the hell we all expected.
      Show no respect, get no respect, I say. Fuck with Canada and you fuck with ME. And anyone who'll join me. That's my view of this outrageous so-called leader and his tinpot cabal. I've never seen a government like this in my 55 years. Appointments are orientated towards police or the military. 'Royal' this and 'royal' that. All new laws are draconian based on thinking that is 250 years out of date and a reinvention of the corporate welfare state. Harper had to deceive the nation and force an election (gosh, thanks again Michaelle Jean ya fucken nitwit) to get his glorious 'majority' and thus steal the ability to turn a country with massive natural resources, a wonderfully educated and healthy workforce and solidly regulated banks into a nation sinking in debt with a one oily product economy, and with an artificially high petro dollar that hollows out the central Canadian manufacturing sector by pricing their goods out of the US market, and cheap foreign labour piling in over the fence to build pipelines nobody FUCKIN WANTS. If these boobs had ANY brains or integrity they'd just reverse the idiotic 2 point GST cut (vote bribe!), put it back to 7%, and regain the $12 BILLION that 2 point reduction costs our Treasury EVERY YEAR, and put the funds in job training etc., and quit with all the stupid, damaging cuts made because they cry poor. Jebus. And to think we have two more years of this shit cannery to go.

    2. hi anonymous...I've only had the pleasure of visiting BC once, but when I was there I did have a chance to fly up the coast in a small plane, and its beauty took my breath away. A massive oil spill would be nothing less than a crime, and simply can't be allowed to happen. This oil mania will be over in twenty years, but that beauty must be preserved for future generations to enjoy. As for their plan to use foreign workers to drive down wages it's also outrageous, and practically treason. This country and its people deserve better...

    3. hi wazz...As I've mentioned before, from their very first day in office when they set out to remove the words women's equality from all the documents on the Status of Women, I knew that we had never seen a government like this one. But I could never have imagined how rotten it would be. The good news is that they are also so incompetent they are also degrading themselves. If they hadn't cut the GST or given such juicy tax breaks to our useless business community, they would have had the deficit under control long ago. My firm hope is that Canadians will finally wake up, realize what those Con klowns have done, and banish them for a generation...

    4. Anonymous3:39 AM

      And he sent jean to china with McDonald's when the queen visited probably on her orders. Someone sugestested the GG should pick up Ms Spence in a limo and take her to the PM as with his normal protocols.
      We don't need the royals besides they have African uranium deposits to paratiisize off of and definitely don't need Harper to screw us anymore.