Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Slow Erosion of the Harper Regime

I told you he was looking a little worried, or a little desperate.

I told you he's been acting funny, or even crazier than usual.

And now we know why.

It seems that Canadians are finally getting tired of Stephen Harper.

And his support is slowly crumbling.

The national ballot race is tightening up. The trend line for Conservative support, although still numerically ahead of the opposition parties, is trending downward and is at the lowest level in the Nanos tracking since August 2009.

Three regional races are also quite tight: BC, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Also of note, in the province of Quebec support for the BQ has been trending upward, although the BQ still significantly trail the New Democrats.

Conservative 31.5% (-2.8)
Liberal 29.1% (+1.5)
NDP 27.2% (+0.1) 
Green 5.9% (+1.2)
BQ 5.2% (+0.6) 
*Undecided 28.3% (+6.4)

(click pic to enlarge)

The Cons are still strong in the prairies, but still dead in Quebec, and losing ground in Atlantic Canada, British Columbia, and most crucially in Ontario, where they won their precious majority.

In an interview today on the CBC's Power and Politics, Nik Nanos attributed this slow erosion to voter fatigue with the Harper Cons, a lack of new government initiatives, and the way the opposition has been able to avoid making mistakes the Cons can capitalize on.

To which I would add growing unease over the state of the economy, the environment, and the way the Cons are mixing politics and religion. And of course the never ending scandals.

Like the Harper Senate, now not just the House of Trough, but also the House of Passion !!! 

Or whatever...

Oh. My. Gomorrah. And I thought the Cons were the Christian Taliban. Where is Tom Flanagan, Harper's moral mentor, when we need him? And who do they think they are? The Vatican ??????

Of course, it's just one poll, but the trend line is encouraging. All the things that are eroding their support can only get worse. If people are tired of Harper now, imagine how they'll feel in another two years.

And if the Cons think they can destroy the opposition by unleashing their attack dogs,  as they have so many times before, I think they are doomed to disappointment. Or worse.

Because firstly they have to hit a moving target, and I don't think they can. Not as long as the opposition parties play smart. And certainly not as long as Dean Del Mastro is the Con point man on ETHICS.

Opposition MPs are calling on the prime minister to dump his parliamentary secretary, Dean Del Mastro, after he missed more than two dozen consecutive meetings of the House of Commons ethics committee.

For obvious reasons...

And secondly, because if anyone is going to be destroyed it's the Harper Cons. When we hit them with OUR attack ads.

For after all the foul material they have given us, and all the juicy scandals to come, you can be sure that they will be the most savage attack ads of political and personal destruction this country has ever seen.

And they will administer the coup-de-grace to that tired, old, and corrupt Con regime.

For this time we will take no prisoners. Not after what they've done to Canada.

Yup. The universe is unfolding as it should eh? 

The writing is on the wall. The blue line is heading in the right direction.

Down. Down. Down.

And Great Monkey Leader is slowly shrinking...

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Anonymous said...

That poll shows exactly what many are worried about: vote splitting on the left which could keep the Cons with the most seats.

Anonymous said...

Harper was never about, what was good for the country, provinces nor the people? Harper was all about Harper and, his own selfish power trip. Harper said we wouldn't recognize Canada, when he got through with our country. That is the only thing he has got right. Canada is in utter ruin. Harper has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Most Canadians say...Harper is a Dictator who used his robo-call fraud, to win the election. The robo-call scam, has spread to the Saskatchewan Tories.

Harper and his Cons, theft and abuse of our tax dollars is obscene. Harper's list of degenerate he has had working for him, is as long as his arm. Some of them, out and out criminals. How anyone with self respect and decency, can support a monster such as Harper, beats the hell out of me?

I say. Harper is a Traitor who, is giving our country's resources and resource jobs. to Communist China. Harper is planning for China, in the rich resources of the High Arctic. Is that why Harper has canceled the military, to be up there?

Where are Harper's job action plans? Which of the jobs are for Canadians? The BC mining jobs, certainly were not for the BC miners. Where are the ship building jobs? Why did Harper cancel funding, for the trades programs?

Harper has reneged on his word, on absolutely everything he said. Harper lies, deceives, is corrupt. Harper's asinine Omnibus Bill, borders on lunacy. Harper and his Cons, have no right to even live in this country, let alone govern.

Steve said...

I was not surprised but once again dear leader embarrasses Canada with his comments on the passing of Hugo Chavez.
I call him a True Patriot.

e.a.f. said...

What is helping the slimers down the tiolet is other slimers. i.e. the senators appointed by stevie slime. There is nothing which can wash this away. It is causing people to have a second look at them. Then there is the small issue of 'CHOICE' We hve another bill coming to restrict the rights of women to control their own bodies. The e.i. gestapo visits to home, the list goes on. Each time stevie does something he insults another group of Canadians. Finally there will be no one left he hasn't attacked.

His comments regarding Hugo Chavez were embarassing and rude. The man had just died. He was a world leader. Whether you liked his politics or not, he tried to make things better for the people of Venezuela. Of course I find stevie slime's comments regarding President Chavez rather interesting in light of his support for China and its leaders and their restrictions on democracy, freedom, etc.

wazz said...

You speak of opposition attack ads, but do the NDP or Liberals even have the BALLS to present any? To present any with any real punch? I mean the kick the Cons right in the balls kind? The kind that will turn ANYBODY off the Cons for life? It's not like they haven't got a treasure trove full of topics or options to choose from. .. because you can bet your ass the lying Cons will attack the NDP with zeal with their '$21 billion ‘NDP carbon tax' lie, and the ‘Trudeau is a socialist like his father’ crap (if he wins) and if they manage to get a certain percentage of dimwits to actually believe that swill, its over before it’s even begun. Oh, and they WILL get people to believe it, because please never underestimate the sheer stupidity of the general populace; especially the ones who never pay attention to politics (too dumb to) and who only vote for someone depending on what they look like.
So ok, maybe that might favour Trudeau and his hair.
But then again maybe not, because if he wins the Lib leadership the Cons will attack him with all sorts of ads saying 'Trudeau said this and did that,’ all of it complete and total bullshit of course, but dimwits across the nation will believe every single fucking word of it if it’s hammered into their empty heads enough times. I mean we approach America in the sheer political stupidity department, obviously, because look who is in the fucking PMO now. And they are out there every day in the blogosphere, Ford Nation and all that, and the clowns who actually think Hudak has a set of fucking brains. They are out there spreading their lies daily and constantly, and I am sure Harper’s goon squad has a paid bench of these illiterate dipshits out there infiltrating every newspaper site in the nation, too.
Polls are ok for the time being, but once the writ is dropped there is no way polls should be allowed, for all they do then is not so much 'mirror' public sentiment as much as they are just a tool for influencing public sentiment. And that is all the Cons are about, if they aren’t robo frauding and illegally going over campaign spending limits. But this poll shows the Con and Lib support at a combined 56.3%, and the Cons at a paltry, pathetic 31.5%. And is is incredibly hard for me to fathom it is even that high, or who can be so cluelessly stupid, or just big enough of an asshole so as to be in THAT margin. Last election the Libs/NDP got 49.5% of the vote, the HarperLiars got 39.6% which translated into a 166 seat majority due to vote splitting, and even though 60% of those who voted did not even vote for them. Un fucking believable. A 166 seat MAJORITY with 39.6% of the votes in your favour, of those who bothered to vote. Add up the other 40% who didn’t vote, and thus did not vote for Harper either, and this fucking theocratic oil whore has a MAJORITY. So obviously the ‘first past the post system’ is a complete piece of shit. But that won’t change because it works for Harper. Without it he’d be long gone already. And in fact is, he is guaranteed to abuse it as much as he can to make it work even more in his favour.
So this poll, while encouraging, is NOT good enough. The fate of the nation is at stake here, or will be in 2015. I still say the Lib and NDP must put away their bullshit pride and UNITE if even for one election, because the stakes are that high. If they do that, the HarperCons will be decimated, no many how many blatantly full of shit attack ads they put out or how often, and then Harper can merrily fuck his way off back to Oilberta and from whence he came. A good place for him given the ONLY place left in Canada that supports these Reform Party rejects is the west, specifically Oilberta.

Simon said...

hi're absolutely right. I thought I'd leave some things unsaid, because I wanted to concentrate on the positive. But sooner or later we are going to have to at least think about what might happen if two strong progressive parties split the vote down the middle. And what we might do to make sure that nightmare never happens....

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I believe it was Tom Flanagan who said that Harper has no vision, just a ferocious desire to cling to power, and a hidden desire to change Canada beyond recognition. Fortunately we are not only better than them, we are more than them. So if we're smart and we join forces we can drive the Cons from power...

Simon said...

hi Steve...I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but just when I think dear leader has hit rock bottom, or the bottom of the sewer, he horrifies me further. Beyond the cheap politics it was just classless.
And nice post. Whenever people write about the way Chavez sometimes treated his political enemies, they should remind everyone that they mounted a coup-d'etat to try to destroy him. And thank goodness for the class of Stompin' Tom, a true patriot and great Canadian...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...when I look at what the Cons are doing these days I really have to wonder the Cons have lost their moral compass and their reality rudder. They're steaming in circles, they are out of control, out of ideas.
But nobody in the MSM dares say the Captain has no clothes, even as the Cons lead us to disaster.Oh well, they'll wake up when the water laps frigidly over their private parts. As for me I may have to start sleeping with a lifejacket on,so I can swim for it when the SS Harper slips gently into obscurity... ;)

Simon said...

hi wazz... I firmly believe that until the day we get proportional representation, one progressive party or coalition is better than three or four. I'm far more left than the NDP but even I can see a way to bring progressives together on a platform of shared values. For there are many more we share, than the minor differences that divide us.
But right now I don't even dare raise the subject, because both parties think they can win by themselves, and almost all my NDP and Liberal friends gang up on me when I mention it. ;)
As for the attack ads, remember that Harper has launched so much propaganda polls show people are starting to resent it. i.e. the Porky Action Plan ads.
And in a viral age it doesn't really matter if the parties don't run the hard hitting ads that are required. I'm sure many of us would be only too happy to help out, and make our own.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Simon you should learn to swim. And I was so happy last summer after putting on a few pounds that I floated because I used to sink like a rock. The conservatives meanwhile making coalition a dirty word attacking who? Dion? Why? When they consist of an unholy alliance of western separatists , radical religious extremist , oil company cleptocrats . I'm suprised
They have a base at all . Who are they?