Thursday, March 07, 2013

Stompin' Tom Connors and the Con Stooges

It was a wonderful Canadian moment.

One of my Canadian heroes, Romeo Dallaire, talking about another of my heroes, the late great Stompin' Tom Connors.

Telling Evan Solomon about the day when him, his U.N. soldiers, and about 200 civilians were in a Rwandan hotel under heavy enemy fire.

How he played Stompin' Tom's song The Blue Berets, and how it cheered them all up, had them clapping their hands and stomping their feet, even as the mortars and shells rained down on the hotel.

And it was such a great story, for a moment I thought I was back in the Canada I love. The Canada that made me proud to be a Canadian.

Only to remember I'm living in grubby Harperland.

Where these three Con stooges have been busy this week disgracing our country all over the world...

First there was Stephen Harper, and his crass statement on the death of Hugo Chavez.

The Venezuelan government has slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s statement on the death of President Hugo Chavez, calling it “insensitive.”In his statement, Harper offered his condolences to “the people of Venezuela,” not Chavez’s family or members of his administration. He also expressed hope that Chavez’s death would lead to a better future for Venezuela.

For so small and so vile is that pathetic tool of Big Oil, that he would offend a grieving country, and make us all look as classless as he is. 

Then there was the absurd Con John Baird, threatening to spank the Palestinians for daring to complain about the way Benjamin Netanyahu's regime is building settlements on their territory. 

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has told a powerful pro-Israel lobby that Palestinians will feel "consequences" from Canada if they pursue the Jewish state at the International Criminal Court.

As if the Palestinians don't have the right to complain about Israel's illegal actions.

As if Benny didn't have enough Con boyfriends...

As if the Cons hadn't blown him and the Greater Israel lobby enough.

And then there was the third stooge, the grotesque religious fanatic Jason Kenney, who made a surprise appearance in Iraq of all places.

A country where Sunni terrorists have been murdering Shia civilians by the THOUSANDS.

But strangely enough seemed only interested in the fate state of the Christians...

Or not so strangely. For as we all know, that Con crusader will go to the ends of the earth, into the very jaws of Hell, to please his rabid religious base. And pursue the Chaldean Canadian vote.

Which leaves me wondering where did it say in the Con platform that they wanted to turn us into a teabagger theocracy? Do they really expect taxpayers to pay for this kooky vote-buying scheme?

And of course, and as usual, when can we get rid of those ghastly Con klowns before they disgrace themselves further, and embarrass even more than they already have?

Oh well. You know for a moment today it really was like I was back in the Canada I love. The decent Canada, the Canada of peacekeepers, the noble young country that was admired all over the world.

My hero Romeo Dallaire, talking about my hero Stompin' Tom, and his song about my heroes the blue berets. It was like I had died and woken up in that long lost Canada.

The one that looks as pretty as the place where I live...

But is even more beautiful, because it has no Harper Cons.

So now that I have been reminded how beautiful that Canada was, I want it back even more than I did before eh?

Damn those those grubby, alien Cons, who are shaming us in the eyes of the world. Unite to defeat them. Throw them into the garbage can of history where they belong.

Tell them Harperland is NOT Canada. Tell them their values are not OUR values

Tell them our values will live FOREVER.

And so will our heroes...

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double nickel said...

We had a proud tradition of peacekeeping until Herr Harper came along and fucked it all up. A pox on him and his fucking clown brigade.

Beijing York said...

Did Kenney take along the new head of that Foreign Affairs religious bureau?

In my part of the world, it was a triple loss of progressive voices: Stomping Tom, Chavecito and Winnipeg's Nick Ternette ( A very sad week thinking about three very good men who made a mark on my life.

Simon said...

hi double nickel...I too was extremely proud of Canada's peacekeeping tradition. It seemed to me we were doing something ideally suited for a country that was built on compromise not war. I hope that once the Harper regime is driven from power we can get back to doing that again. For this world desperately needs good, smart, noble, peacemakers more than it needs hideous warmongers...

Simon said...

hi Beijing... I don't know who went with him, nor do I know why Kenney of all people ended up in Iraq. But as I suggested in my post it seems to be just another blatant way to pander to the religious/ethnic vote, at the taxpayer's expense. I also remember how Jim Flaherty somehow ended up in Rome, on an "economic mission" which just happened to coincide with the swearing in, or whatever you call it, of Toronto's new Catholic Cardinal Thomas Collins.
I was also sorry to hear about the loss of Nick Ternette. I'm afraid I hadn't heard of him, but he seems to have been a really great progressive. And like the others his life made a difference. Good people inspire others to follow them, and sooner or later we will get to that better world...