Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Pandamonium Photo-op

Oh. My. Furry. Photo-op. It was supposed to be the animal show of animal shows.

The Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation's most spectacular production.  

A chance to boost Great Ugly Leader's sagging polls, by making him look as cute and as cuddly as a giant panda.

But somehow, despite the heroic efforts of the marching band, and the FedEx cheerleaders, it just didn't work.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper greeted a pair of giant pandas at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport today, marking the start of their much-anticipated 10-year stay in Canada.

It just made him look ridiculous, and desperate. Or worse.The kind of Prime Minister who would go to absurd lengths to greet two Chinese pandas. But didn't have time to greet these amazing Nishiyuu Walkers. 

A group of Cree youth have arrived in Ottawa after trekking more than 1,600 kilometres through bush, snow and frigid cold temperatures in support of the Idle No More movement.

After an epic journey that couldn't be more awesome, or more CANADIAN.

But then why should we be surprised eh?

When he also never has any time to meet with the Premiers...

And we all know what this pandamonium photo-op was really all about...

Softening his image, making our new Chinese overlords look like our furry friends, and of course softening up BC to take his glorious pipeline.

Gawd. It's hard to screw-up a photo-op with two cute pandas, but somehow he managed to do that.

And he wasn't the only one...

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was also among the dignitaries on hand to welcome the animals. "Welcome to Toronto!" Ford said on Twitter shortly after the pandas touched down.

For not only was the Fordzilla scaring the kiddies at the photo-op, he's also the one who is willing to pay MILLIONS to borrow two Chinese pandas for five years.

But didn't have a tiny fraction of that sum to pay for little Far Enough Farm on the Toronto islands that the city has operated for more than 60 years...

Or pay to support these humble Canadian animals in the only home they know...

Because this is Harperland or Fordland , the humble are disposable, and foreign is BETTER.

Oh boy. Sometimes I just can't find the words to express how disgusted I feel to live in a country with a Prime Minister like Stephen Harper, and in a city with Rob Ford as its Mayor.

And tonight is one of them eh?

So I'll leave it up to my close collaborator, Mr Teddy, who as you know recently arrived in a FedEx box himself, all the way from Scotland.

To sum up how I feel...

And I'll just say this: Next year we will defeat Ford.

And the year after that it will be Harper's turn.

For the situation really is UN-BEARABLE.

And those Cons have gotta go...

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  1. The Nishiyuu walkers are amazing, and thousands of people turned out to greet them in Ottawapiskat.

    And Ford scares the kiddies even when holding cute panda toys...

    Hope this makes Harper and his hair a bit less "invulnerable"...

    1. hi I...yes those walkers were amazing...I once tried to do something similar on a motorbike and failed. If they had been white kids you can be sure that Harper would have been there to greet them. And yes let's hope all of this puts a dent in his teflon hair helmet... ;)

  2. Harper meets HIS personal million dollar pet pandas right away, but let Chief Spence starve and refused to meet her; he runs off to greet Pandas, but not the Nishiyuu walkers, who trekked 1600 km to Ottawa. Didn't the PMO brief Harper that Pandas can't vote? But by next election they’ll quite likely be trained how to make robo-fraud/calls. The Panda’s stay puts money into the Commie Chinese authorities’ pockets, under the deal, and as they get a portion of Toronto and Calgary zoos’ ticket proceeds. Con robo fraud calls next election may well come from China.

    1. hi wazz...I thought the whole spectacle was beyond belief, especially when Harper signed for the bears as if he was buying them for Canadians. He looked like a carnival barker instead of a Prime Minister. And besides it's a total rip off. We pay MILLIONs and we don't get to keep them ????
      The Chinese government must be laughing all the way to the banks and the oil sands...

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I think we all know by now, it is impossible to shame a Dictator such as Harper. The Dictators of the 30's, felt no shame either. All Dictators are incapable of emotions, even for their own people. A Dictators emotions are only, love for themselves. Harper has no decency, ethics nor morals what-so-ever. Those wonderful F.N. young peoples trek? Harper has totally ignored. Just when you think, Harper couldn't possibly go any lower? He does.

    I love the beautiful Panda Bears. However, the first thing I saw when I turned the TV on, was Harper's lying face. I didn't bother to watch, the moment was utterly ruined for me.

    1. hi anonymous...I felt the same way. As you know I'm a huge animal lover and those pandas are cute. But as soon as I saw Harper prancing around on the tarmac it ruined it for me...

  4. Anonymous10:00 PM

    We can hold them for ransom if we get sued under FIPA

    1. hi anonymous...brilliant idea. We might as well get something for all those millions. Although I must admit I would pay more to see a Con in a cage.... ;)

  5. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Excuse me for using animals to further my agenda . I was goofing around .
    In Stanley park they had a petting zoo that needed closing due to money but some of the animals(rare goats) ended up slaughtered. Reason given that the animals were too angry. More likely a real estate transaction.
    Years earlier at Stanley park they had a collection of snakes, spiders ,monkeys and others some extremely rare and even protected which they auctioned off to private collectors. Even though such animals cannot be traffict without international government approval. Then we have the sled dog debacle. When will enterprises profiting from the exploitation of animals have complete plans for the life cycle of these critters.

    1. hi anonymous...I remember reading about what happened at that petting zoo in Stanley Park, and of course being horrified. Far Enough Farm has about six goats, complete with a little house so they can climb on the roof. So I'll be keeping a close watch on them to make sure that doesn't happen to them. The tragedy is the farm is free and a great place for poor people to take their kids, the animals are losing their keepers, and the small vintage amusement park is being forced to take it over, even though they probably can't afford it. So who knows what might happen, and it's all so
      unnecessary. Just the money they collect from the ferries to the Island on a busy weekend could more than pay for a whole year...

  6. Unfortunately the Cons don't listen to the public. The public don't want these crackpot abortion issues re-debated. The Cons are all about diminishing jobs, increasing central and autocratic control, wasteful practices, cozy alliances with corporations who are allowed to escape tax at the expense of the general public, costly change for changes sake, personal intrusion, and ultimately MORE control given to crackpot minority groups rather than the majority. Thus, This worries me, and I see this as a Con pre-orchestrated attempt to get this whole Reformer anti-abortion swill back onto the front burner again, and make Great Panda Leader look like he doesn't oppose free speech or muzzle his rednecks.

    1. hi wazz...the Cons only listen to a section of the public. The ridings they know they can win. For as long as the left is divided less than forty per cent can deliver a majority. But don't worry, if this Reform number starts playing too loudly, it can only hurt him. For he badly needs to get more women to vote for him, and he won't get it that way...