Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stephen Harper and Our New and Armed Forces

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has tried to use the military for crass political purposes.

First he tried to use it to change his image from a nerdy policy wonk, to a Great Warrior Leader.

And when that failed miserably, for obvious reasons, he set out to change the military's image.

He swapped his helmet for a crown, and declared that our boys and girls in uniform must be ROYAL !!! And that they must be ARMED !!!!

Having already re-inserted “royal” into the names of the Canadian air force and navy, the Harper government is making another change to Canada’s military identity. It is now quietly working to remind Canadians that their soldiers carry guns by doing away with the Chretien-era “Canadian Forces” to describe the military, and instead returning to former moniker “Canadian Armed Forces.

Because  we simply can't have The Enemy thinking that our soldiers don't carry guns eh? It might encourage them to invade us.

And how would we stop them?

From sweeping across Canada...

Especially since Harper's fancy new stealth broom jet program is not yet capable of repelling them...

And he blew so much money in Afghanistan and Libya, now we can't even afford to patrol our own sovereignty.

Or save our own people in coastal communities.

Or even take care of our own wounded.

But so help us Godzilla, we CAN put "Armed" back in the Forces, and remind The Enemy we are KILLERS not boy scouts !#@#!!!

“I’m guessing the government wants to re-establish the image that the Canadian Forces is not Boy Scouts, as (former prime minister Jean) Chretien called them,” said Douglas Bland, a retired lieutenant-colonel and now chair of defence management studies at Queen’s University.

While Bland believed the Harper government’s decision to change the name back is also politically motivated, he nonetheless approved because “it does, in our small circle within the armed forces and those who are around it, give a sense of what we’re actually about.”

Because that's what this nonsense is all about eh?

Just another absurd attempt by Stephen Harper to try to rebrand this country and its values. To try to erase the memory of our noble peacekeeping efforts, and replace with them with the hollow jingoistic values of his ghastly Con Canada.

You know in the grand scheme of things this latest move is just small and petty, and it's less offensive to me than sticking the Royal back in everything. But the way the Cons keep playing politics with the military is outrageous. It is dangerous for a democracy. And it is yet another excellent reason to get rid of them.

For they are not only turning this country into a Banana Republic, they are turning our military into a PANTOMIME.

Oh well. Soldier on bravely boys and girls.

Try not to get wounded eh? Because if you do you're on your own.

Just stick out your chins.

Shoulder your weapons.

And say oh what a lovely war...

And when you're finished performing for the Cons, work with us to defeat them.

Restore our Canadian pride in our Canadian Forces.

And put the Canada back in Harperland...

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Anonymous said...

Of course, as small as this change and the recent other restoration of "Royal" to the name, letterhead will need to be reprinted, equipment will need to be repainted, branding will need to be re-done... want to bet that it's mostly the same companies as last time doing the work, and that they're friendly to Dear Leader?

Anonymous said...

Harper has an obsession about names. The Canadian government is now, the Harper Government.

Several members of my family, served in WW11. My sister was in the RCAF.

Will Harper change the name of, the RCMP too?

If Harper is bringing China into the High Arctic? Is that why the military is no longer important in the High North? It seems our military at home, is being ignored.

We have always been proud of our military. To most Canadians, both our old Vets and our young Vets come first, before anything else. Many Canadians said. They would be willing to give something up, for our Veterans care. We fully expect them to be cared for. They put their lives on the line. However, it isn't Harper's life on the line so, others lives don't matter to Harper. I would pay to see Harper in a firefight.

Harper has made a mess out of absolutely everything, to do with the military. The F-35 jets. The ship building contracts are where? Armored vehicles are only for Harper to fly around, to save his own miserable neck, I guess? Our military can do without them. Where are the Army trucks? They are broken down, more than they run. Then there are, the ancient helicopters. There are the, more than ancient WW11 submarines.

Harper's behavior is so bizarre. His corruption sickening. The theft and waste of our tax dollars, the worst in history. Harper is the worst lying, deceiving, thieving P.M.....since the day Canada became a country.

Simon said...

hi Mercedes...yes you're right, I should have mentioned that too. Not only is this whole rebranding nonsense, it's a waste of money. And I'm sure you're right, the economy may be tanking, but their friends are doing alright...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes the Harper Cons do have a weird fascination with names. It is bizarre, and is probably the result of the way they put EVERYTHING they say through focus groups. But think of it this way. They have run out of ideas and are clearly desperate. And at least they can't call us the the Royal Canadian Armed Forces, or it will sound as if all we have is an air force... ;)

Anonymous said...

I think this change is so that our military will blend in more easily and be run by British forces if there were ever a need in the near future for a large combined military force. Much like, as Peter Mackay states, during the First and Second world wars.