Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stephen Harper's Most Horrible Day

Golly. For a moment today it looked like an old Christopher Lee movie.

When somebody opens the window, daylight streams in, and all the Con vampires turn to stone.

But alas, it was only Stephen Harper having a REALLY bad day.

A day when you really had to wonder whether he's losing control of his party, and/or losing control of his faculties.

For first he accused the NDP of running an "ugly and negative campaign" against Peter Penashue. Even as his Cons accused the NDP of being job killers and criminals.

“Mr. Speaker, the member for Labrador has taken the correct action,” Mr. Harper said. “The people of Labrador will decide.”

“They will have the difference between that kind of negative, ugly campaign,” he said, drawing laughs from the Liberals, “and, on the other side, a record of positive achievement for the people of Labrador by minister Penashue and, obviously, we will respect the decision of the people of Labrador

Which made him look dangerously unstable eh?

Then in the evening the Commons passed a bill to protect the human rights of transgendered Canadians. A bill which he opposed.

The Opposition private member's legislation passed Wednesday by a vote of 149-137, with the crucial support of 16 Conservatives, including four cabinet ministers.

Baird, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and Heritage Minister James Moore were among the Conservatives who supported the bill. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, most of his front bench and the vast majority of his backbenchers opposed it.

But passed anyway thanks to those 16 Conservatives, and made Harper look even MORE like a ghastly bigot. A man who has voted against every LGBT bill ever brought before Parliament. A cold, heartless, RepubliCon fanatic, who would put religion before human rights.

And a leader of a party whose cracks are starting to show.

But of course, the most devastating blow of the day came not from his divided caucus, but all the way from his Promised Land.

No, not Albertonia.... Israel.

Which as you know has been the magical setting for this longrunning, and if I may say so, extremely HAWT soap opera...

But not any longer !!!!!  It's been cancelled due to a devastating development !!!!

It seems Benny Netanyahu a.k.a. Bibi, his boyfriend, has with Barry !!!!!

On the same page at last – somewhere in Psalms, just going by the praise-singing – the famously frosty pair appeared determined to project a budding buddydom. At the airport, when Obama shrugged off his suit jacket and flicked it over his shoulder, Netanyahu glanced over and, after first hitching up his pants, did the same, like a little kid imitating an older one.

And that Barry has stolen his affections by being even MORE brazen than Great Broken Hearted Leader !!!!!

Out on the tarmac, when the coats came off, it became blindingly obvious that both Bibi and Barak were wearing the colors of the Israeli flag: white shirts and blue ties. Netanyahu’s was a little bluer.

Which would be almost impossible to believe.  

If I didn't have it on tape...

There it is. You saw it with your own eyes eh?

Bibi and Barry are GOLDEN. Poor Steve is OUT.

And to make matters worse Steve now has to humiliate himself further, by going down on his knees and begging his bitter rival to give him what he wants...

Yup. I told you he had a horrible day. His heart is broken, his caucus is fracturing, he's slowly cracking up, his bigotry is exposed again, for all to see and smell.

The yawning divide between his Canada and OUR Canada has never been so obvious. He's never looked more crazy or ridiculous. Or more easy to defeat.

Here's to all transgendered Canadians, on their human rights victory. Here's to the NDP's Randall Garrison who sponsored the bill, and all those who voted for it.

Do we really need a crummy bigot as a Prime Minister?

I don't think so...

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Simon, I just came to your post here after reading an article about how plans are in the works this summer for Fort McMurray's first Pride Festival so I'm afraid it will be a long hot summer for Steve-o. Kudos to the gay community!

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...a Pride festival in Fort McMurray? Wow. That's great news. Thank you for telling me about it, and good for the people up there. Nothing but nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing tolerance spreading. And nothing makes a better world for everyone...