Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Total Moral Corruption of the Con Regime

When I watched this stunning moment in Question Period today, at first I couldn't believe it.

Then I was outraged, and then I was disgusted.

For nothing could have summed up better the total and absolute moral corruption of the Con regime.

For there was Stephen Harper with a weird look on his face, surrounded by his clapping seals, after having declared that Peter Penashue was Labrador's best MP EVER. 

“Peter Penashue has done the right thing under difficult circumstances. He is prepared to take his record and be accountable to the people of Labrador…. This is the best member of Parliament Labrador has ever had.”

You know, this Peter Penashue.

Here’s what we know about Peter Penashue: His 2011 election campaign accepted 28 ineligible donations, totaling $27,850. He also received $18,710 from Provincial Airlines. Innu Development Limited Partnership, which was run at the time by Penashue’s brother-in-law, loaned the campaign $25,000. In fall 2012, the Conservative party transferred a total of $30,000 in two payments to Penashue’s campaign, and then a further $14,350 this month to settle his debts. Records obtained by the CBC show Penashue overspent his allowed campaign limit by over $5,000.

Penashue is already preparing to run again, having taken out ads in local media and directing people to a campaign website — one that was registered days before he stepped down.

And this Stephen Harper...

Four years later (in 2006) Harper had a message for voters on page one of his Conservative party campaign platform. “For those Canadians seeking accountability, the question is clear: which party can deliver the change of government that’s needed to ensure political accountability in Ottawa?” Harper asked Canadians. “We need change of government to replace old style politics with a new vision.We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability .”

But if you thought he had finally hit rock bottom, or settled gently on the mushy layer at the bottom of the cess pool, you'd be wrong eh?

Because Harper also used Question Period to go after Tom Mulcair for having had the audacity to tell the truth about the Harper regime's appalling environmental record.

And warn our American neighbours that the Cons were trying to scam them, by lying through their large teeth, sticking flowers in their furry ears.

And posing as environmentalists...

Which had Great Ugly Leader today baring his own fangs, and howling abominably:

“I am rather surprised to be getting a question like this on the economy from the leader of the opposition after he travelled to Washington to fight against Canadian jobs,” Mr. Harper pleaded with a shrug and a shake of the head after offering a perfunctory sentence in response to the actual question asked.

“The fact is,” Mr. Harper now lectured, wagging his finger, “when we go to Washington or around the world, we promote Canadian jobs and we do it upfront and in the open.”

Even though the Cons aren't upfront or open about ANYTHING. Even though Harper is the one who wants to export jobs to China, while Mulcair wants to create more in Canada.

Even though the Cons ARE trying to scam the Americans, and their oil pimp drag show in Washington is one of the most deceptive and disgraceful campaigns this country has ever mounted...

The Big Lie, now in America. And shaming us ALL.

You know, of all the foul things the Cons have done, the thing that offends me the most is how they lie all the time, how they have made the Big Lie the new normal, and how they get away with it.

Because even in the huckster society we live in, the truth is the MINIMUM that we should expect from a Canadian government. It's the very foundation of democracy. And I don't want to live in some shabby petro-state where the truth is what some thug says it is.

So I honestly don't know how the Harper Cons can live with themselves eh?

For they are degrading our democracy beyond belief. And their moral corruption has reached the point of absolute DEPRAVITY.

But what I do know is that we have to make absolutely sure that they are defeated in the next election. And we must do all we can to make sure this catastrophe never happens. 

Stephen Harper is going to win the next federal election. That’s a fact. That may horrify Liberals, presently re-experiencing Trudeaumania. It probably upsets New Democrats, too, because they were in third (and fourth) place for a long time, and they don’t want to go back. But the Conservative Party is going to win the next election. And federal Liberals and New Democrats are the reason.

For the stakes are now too high. Failure is not an option. And if we can't merge, then at least we should work together to defeat the Cons.

I know we can do it, I know we must.

For this filthy regime is morally unfit to hold office.

Our long winter of the soul has lasted long enough.

And our poor suffering country deserves better...

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  1. SH and his bunch have been morally and ethically bankrupt for years.

    1. hi sassy...I know you and I have always believed that, but what bothers me these days is that their lies are becoming more and more blatant, and the reaction is becoming more ho hum, as if we should accept that behavious instead of being outraged. I mean I tell the occasional lie myself. Like telling Seb the other day that I wore me helmet when I brought my NEW bike back from the shop. When in fact I forgot. But at least I feel guilty about lying, but those Cons are shameless...

  2. As citizens in a democracy we are obligated to rebel against the harpercons.

    1. hi thwap...I firmly believe that too. I find many Canadians just shrug off their antics, say all politicians are like that, and our Parliament is now nothing but a horrible parody of democracy, or something out of Animal Farm.Oh well, Spring is almost here and hope springs eternal...

  3. A couple of months age Mr. Kinsella told us another "fact" - that Sandra Pupatello would win the Ontario Liberal Leadership race. Kinsella gets far more "facts" wrong than he gets right.

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Canada has become, rotten to the core with Harper's corruption. Canada has been steadily spiraling downwards, in all the worlds rankings. I read quite some time back. Harper is a Neo-Nazi. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. Harper is linked with Christian Fundamentalists and Nazi-intellectuals. Perhaps that is where, Harper's abusive Dictatorship stems from? Harper certainly fits the profile of a Dictator. Right to a T. Harper has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Nor do any Dictators.

    Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, all had similar personalities too. All Dictators are control freaks. All are Sociopaths, they come first. None of them including Harper, were too tightly wrapped. All of them, cheated to win. Dictators are paranoid about their safety. Harper does not, meet and greet Canadian citizens. Harper has to fly his armored vehicles with him. Other country's also despise Harper. The U.N. Security Council, banned Harper a seat. Harper supported, the torture of the Detainee's. Harper stonewalled that investigation. Harper even prorogued Parliament, so he wouldn't have to answer for his crimes.

    Scores of Canadians say? Harper is a Traitor to Canada and the people. Giving our country away to Communist China, is an act of Treason. No Canadian has to obey a Traitor, nor support an act of Treason. Canadians also would be guilty of, destroying their own country by, our own acts of Treason.

    We should be leaving, Harper, Ottawa and Alberta on their own. They can be, Harper's Northern Foundation Country. The rest of us could be, our own New Canada. We could bring back our Democracy, decency, Civil Rights and Liberties. Perhaps we be the good and decent country, Canada used to be. Maybe we can again be, proud to be Canadians.

  5. hi Kirby...I don't think it's fair to hold the Pupatello thing against Kinsella, since he does know politics, and I thought his post summed up the clear and present danger of splitting the vote down the middle. I mean I would love to see Tom Mulcair strike down the Con hodes with one of his QP lightning bolts, or cheer as Justin Trudeau as Peter Pan swoops out of the clouds and sends the pirates and Hook harper to the bottom of the lagoon. But I'm not prepared to take a leap of faith when it comes to the future of this country. I desire the total destruction of the Con regime, and I don't care who gets to be the dragon slayer. But we need to be very hard headed and ruthless, and have a good plan B in case the first one doesn't work...

  6. Harper, Kent and a few more "Cabinet Ministers" should have come out to Suncor today with the crazy winds we had, saw the ungodly amount of coke dust blowing around and then spouted off about their environmental record. Funny how they are always up for a photo op when it comes to the energy industry but they never actually go to a site. Hmmm.....

    1. hi Way Way Up... I'm afraid you can't expect people like Harper and Kent to get out into the real world, because they wouldn't know what to do. You know I once had a summer job in a mine in northern Ontario that is know one of the most polluted sites in the region. I was working in and about great bubbling pools of arsenic and other poisons but I never knew it. No wonder I trne out like I did. ;)
      But that coke dust sounds like something scary, make sure you protect yorself...

  7. e.a.f.12:33 AM

    Not surprizing at all about what Stevie slime had to say about P. Living in B.C., this is nothing. We know it was stevie slime who annointed our former premier, el gordo, to a lovely job in London, England after he screwed up this province. Fired 9K women--hospital workers and from there things went down hill. Got convicted of drunk driving in Hawaii, sold our provincial railroad to a company headed by his close associate in politics. The current not premier lies continually and after she is caught, well its just business as usual and the msm doesn't even report it.

    if any one hopes stevie slime is going to retire any time soon, give your head a shake. he loves his job; the salary, perks, drivers, travel, how much better could it get for him, well o.k. getting a real crown but then he'd have to deal with being just another queen. Now that would be an improvement.

    You will not the things stevie slime is less than truthful about are reported in one manner by the msm and Mulcair another. Anyhow stevie slime and Canada are so yesterday. We aren't cool anymore. We have fallen to #11, the p.m. says a cheat and lier is a great guy for Labrador.

    1. hi e.a.f....I hope you're wrong about Harper not going anywhere soon. I'll even make him a beautiful cardboard crown, if he just promises to go anywhere but Ottawa. As for the Penashue affair, I just can't believe the Cons would take the people of Labrador for fools, and insult them so outrageously....