Monday, March 11, 2013

Could Stephen Harper Be About to Retire?

Golly. I have to admit that when I first saw the story I had to stick a fork into myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Because this is definitely one of my favourite dreams eh? 

Stephen Harper bitterly bidding farewell to his ungrateful people. While they dance in the streets.

But then I was shocked. Could Stephen Harper REALLY be quitting before we defeat him?

Could this REALLY happen?

Every good first minister has his or her eye on the clock. They have to. They need to consider whether they have another gruelling election campaign in them, and whether they can continue to govern for another three or four years thereafter.

On April 30, Harper will turn 54 years old --- in some respects, an ideal age to leave on top having won three consecutive elections and refashioned the country in a significant way. He's young and vigorous enough to embark on a new career. If this scenario has occurred to me, you can bet it's occurred to others in Ottawa, who will be looking for every little clue to see whether the PM is tipping his hand.

But after about thirty seconds of profound reflection, and after consulting my pet donkey Jake, I decided it's probably not going to happen. For although on one level it does make perfect sense.

His polls are sagging. Canadians are sick and tired of him. Almost nobody trusts ANYTHING he says, or believes he's a real economist. The economy is heading south. He's up to his knees in stinky scandals. And if he makes it all the way to the next election he risks being known as the man who brought the Liberal Party back from the dead, and another Trudeau to power. Which would just about kill him eh?

So why wouldn't he leave now? 

Before another ticking Con scandal explodes, and things get even worse...

Except that those who suggest he would quit before he is defeated, don't understand the true nature of the man. A man who would cling to power like a mussel clings to a rock. And every little clue points in the direction that he's planning to stay.

His twitter feed is exploding. Every day brings another shiny photo-op designed to try to make him look more human. Or blow his own trumpet.

And as I pointed out in January, his whole image is being re-imagined. 

So does all that look like a man preparing to leave, or a desperate Con preparing for an election? Whenever that might come.

And besides if he left suddenly who would replace him? There isn't an ounce of talent in his mediocre, burned out, hack caucus. The only two Con Ministers who are going after his job like piranhas guppies in heat are these two bozos. 

Tony Clement and Jason Kenney were the only two Stephen Harper cabinet ministers to spend both days at the family gathering, meeting, greeting, backslapping and speaking to some of the movement’s most powerful figures. If Harper decided to pack it in tomorrow, Clement and Kenney, two ministers with Reform-Canadian Alliance roots, would immediately be placed on any leadership short list.

Clement is a joke, who reached his porky pinnacle as the King of Muskoka. 

And although Jason Kenney might one day, with the help of the religious fanatics in the Con caucus, be anointed as Harper Two.

He will NEVER be Prime Minister.

Of Canada...

And then of course, there is another reason why Stephen Harper probably isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

He set out to kill government, murder medicare, and change Canada into a Big Business jungle. But the government is still standing, on one leg. The CBC still has one ear and a nose. The rich still have to pay taxes, because the poor haven't been sufficiently pruned. 

And he's determined to finish the job...

Because from the day he tried to destroy the student council in his high school, and then the one at his university, destruction is what gives him pleasure. And he can't get enough of it.

And then of course there's what Warren Kinsella had to say about Steve Paikin's article.

"It's ridiculous. Why quit when your opposition is split, and you're going to win? There's no pressure on him to go, internally or externally. Paikin should stick to reading the news."

Which may be a little too gloomy, or much much gloomier than the psychic's prediction.

"I see PM Harper will step down due to a family situation," she told Yahoo! Canada News. "The timing of the decision may still be interpreted by some as politically strategic. "Not certain of precise timing as there may be a postponement of plan."

But is unfortunately more within the realm of possibility.

As for me, not only do I believe Harper will stick around. I believe he will go for another election sooner rather than later, and long before 2015. Before the economy really tanks. Before Justin Trudeau has a chance to make his mark as Liberal leader.

I think he will use an emotional issue like the death penalty, to divide Canadians again,  and turn the election into a referendum on whether we should hang criminals like this one.

Because Harper's so desperate he's capable of ANYTHING...

And the good news? It probably won't work. Stroking kittens while killing people is such a bad mix. People might think he's not just crazy, but DANGEROUS.

And if he doesn't pull a Magnotta, or that early election doesn't happen, the longer Harper hangs around the more Canadians will get sick of him. And the more damage he will do his own party. If he leaves they're dead, if he stays they're doomed. Canadians will be so sick of him they'll throw the Cons out for a GENERATION.

Yup. As I like to think in that lovely dream eh?

Organize, unite, attack the Cons like they have never been attacked before.

Then give their ghastly leader enough time and enough rope.

And he will hang his own...

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  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Unless they hang your kind first!

    You are so fucked, you just don't know it yet. LOL

    First Layton! Next....well who knows!

  2. hi anonymous... please try to get your emotions under control. And you know what that means no more booze !!!! Trust me I feel your pain. You Cons made a bargain with the devil and now he's taking you where he's going.
    Golly. It's practically a redneck Faustus. Be grateful you fool...

  3. Steph1:51 AM

    Great piece, Simon, really great!!!

    By the way that "First Layton! Next...well who knows" comment is pretty weird, almost sounds like some sort of threat.

    1. hi Steph...thanks, I'm glad you liked the post. I'm so beat these days I wasn't even sure it was coherent. So thank you I feel better already. ;)
      As for that comment, I'm afraid I get veiled threats all the time. But it doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not scared, and the only reason I occasionally publish some of that vile stuff is to remind people who we are fighting. And why we must defeat them...

    2. People like anon will eventually choke on their own bile.

    3. hi double nickel...I keep telling them that. I tell them life's too short to be that bitter and twisted. But they don't listen, so their life shall be their punishment...

  4. There are people compiling lists of war criminals and other types of criminals in the Canadian government. When the day comes there will be a reckoning and the guilty will be arrested and will stand trial. Justice is coming to Canada.

    If you're one of the enemies of this country then you should be very, very worried. Harper is criminal #1 and will probably get life in prison.

    I'll high five everyone on that day.

    1. hi Katja... I hope that when the Cons are finally defeated we will finally be able to discover what these Con fanatics have been doing in the shadows. And that they will be made to pay for their outrageous behaviour.
      If I can get on the jury at their mass trials I'll suggest that the Cons be sentenced to a life time of forced labour, planting trees in the tar ponds. And I'll be sure to visit them now and then, on horseback, and shout FASTER FASTER !!!! ;)

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I figure that Justin Trudeau will wipe the floor with Stephen Harper. If the Conservative polling numbers go south, in the 20% range, then it's bye-bye Steve. Steve is on the way out, and I think he knows it.

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Trudeau kicked the shit out of brazeau and he's a lot more butch than harper. I'm not sayin' . . . . I'm just sayin . . . . ;-)

    2. hi anonymous 8:37... I hope you're right about Justin, he does have the winds of hope in his sails these days. But Mulcair is also a formidable opponent so I fear we could one day find ourselves with a progressive vote split down the middle. We need to discuss ways to avoid that disastrous situation. We simply can't pretend that it could not happen...

    3. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Of course more likely to will be other way around. Mass trials for the left.I would like too see Muclair sold off for labour or something. That is assuming he is worth anything.

      What happens to the others? I wonder.....

  6. Dan Keltar11:49 AM

    Now there's some pretty damn good reading, Simon. The way you wrote this can almost be compared to serving some filet mignon, whereas I would simply have lost what little patience I had and ended up just throwing the damn bloody slab of meat in the plate and go "here's your fucking steak, now eat it!" Heh, probably why you're the blogger and I'm not. ;)

    You keep writing them, and I'll keep reading them.

    One more thing: To the anonymous douchebag with the barely coherent first comment: Fuck you. Just because.

    1. hi Dan...thank you I'm glad you liked the post. As I told Steph, I was so beat when I wrote it, I wasn't even sure it made sense. But I am always looking for ways to cheer up progressives so at least it had a happy ending. ;)
      I want to try to record as many Con atrocities as I can, so I can contribute to the record of this dark period, and let nobody ever forget what the Harperites did to Canada...

  7. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Isn't admitting that you were somehow involved with the implied (to judge from anonymous 11:42's comment) murder of a public official like Jack Layton grounds for the R.C.M.P. to investigate that guy? Almost sounded like a confession, didn't it?

    1. hi anonymous... I'm not sure what he meant about Layton. It sounded like insanity to me. But that troll takes pleasure from Jack's death, many of his comments that I delete refer to it gleefully. So you can imagine what kind of human being he must be. As I said above, I'm happy, I'm not scared of anyone, and his miserable life is his worst punishmenmt...

  8. Hi Simon, My day is not complete without a post from you. You are very eloquent and passionate.I too am in shock over what is happening to our beloved Canada. Harper repeats the same lies so often that he has come to believe them himself. Plainly stated, Harpo and his pack are "SCUM"!!! Here are a couple of bloggers that I don't see on your roll, that you might enjoy.

    1. hi astone...thank you for that sweet comment. I'm blushing. ;) I'm afraid I'm not always eloquent. It's hard to write a daily blog and live up to the standards you set for yourself. But I am always passionate about this country, I am in shock over what the Cons are doing to it, and I'll never accept that they should be allowed to get away with.
      And thanks for that list of bloggers, I read two of them, the Mound and Kirby regularly, and I will add all three of them to my blogroll on your recommendation... :)

  9. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Harper the anti-progressive zealot will hang on if he's like his ancestor Christopher Harper If you have access to the Dalhousie Law Journal "The Course of Law Cannot be Stopped": The Aftermath of the Cumberland Rebellion in the Civil Courts of Nova Scotia outlines the story of old vindictive Harper


    1. hi Barb...Thanks for the Dalhousie reference. I've writte about Christopher Harper myself:

      But since his "vindictiveness beyond all measure" matches that of his descendant Steve, I feel further research may be in order... ;)

    2. Anonymous12:16 PM

      You're awesome Simon. Barb

  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Early departure happened to Mike Harris
    and Brian Mulroney.
    In their situations, their problems came
    home to roost and they couldn't handle it.
    Harper's problem is not only himself but
    many members of his cabinet and the retractions
    and corrections that they have to make.

    And . . .let's not forget all the silly photo-ops
    and staged events that pander to the conservative
    public. Curl one's toenails or what?

    I haven't said anything about the Action Plan ads
    because everyone and his brother is up in arms about
    their feel-good pandering.


    1. hi Torontonian... the whole thing is a monstrous right-wing pantomime the likes of which this country has never see. The Cons encourage the mantra that all politicians are the same (except them) so people are blinded to the depths to which they have taken us. But hopefully it is all coming apart at the seams, and if two years to the next election is a long time for us, it's going to seem like an eternity for the Cons...


    Enjoy the video Simon..Cheers from your west coast compatriot..

    Cheers Eyes Wide Open

    1. hi Grant...I already ran that video, but the more times the better. I love it when artists lend their creativity to the cause. What better way to let the Cons know what we feel about them? And cheer ourselves up at the same time...

  12. Hate to break it to you lefties on here, but the normals in Canada are just fine with Harper and his team. It's a testament to how far left you all are that you think Harper doesn't resonate with normals in society.

    Scandals so far are nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    Mismangement so far has amounted to nothing.

    By 2015 we'll be running a surplus and $20 million dollars in anti-Justin Trudeau ads will have been spent before the election even begins.

    Harper will be PM until at least 2018.

    1. Friendly giant is a swifty indeed, $20 million dollars to destroy Justin Trudeau.

      Harper`s base of angry old white guys are the fastest dying group, in other words Harper`s base is dying by the 1000`s everyday across Canada, Harper`s base, the uniformed few who rely on dead tree news, internet savvy youth will be Harper`s demise, unless..
      Unless he`s brought up on, and convicted of treason against Canada!

    2. The 'normals' are fine with Harper? Who's that? All 24% of you 'normals' that voted for him last time? The dumbest, most gullible and non-politically astute or tuned in bunch in the nation? Wait, that number has decreased somewhat! Many of even those folks have been seen running off holding their noses from the Harper parade of stink. Connie poll numbers keep tanking. So basically Harper resonates with sweet fuck all other than air whistling through the empty noggins of people like you. Scandals? What scandals? You are right about those; because at about one a day and for so long, it IS hard to keep up. Ditto for mismanagement. Mismanaging the nation's finances and selling us out to China, which even pisses off conservatives (ones with brains, far and few between as they may be). And I see you are talking about Jumpin Jimbo Flaherty's imaginary future surplus too, because he'll balance the budget just like he in Ontario – which was never, not even close – even though he had the largest cyclical economic expansion in North American history happening to prop his dumb ass up - the idiot still left behind a massive deficit and increased debt. Well we ain't in no economic boom now, is we, Einstein? Flaherty was a clueless wonder even in strong economic times (itself a courtesy of the low dollar and US buying power; from them buying a ton of our manufactured stuff - and not by anything Flaherty did.) The odds of Flaherty balancing the budget EVER are about as slim as death by trombone, which is about a 1 in 10 with about 45,000 zeros after it, give or take, of a chance.

    3. hi anonymous...where on earth do you Cons get the idea that you are "normal"? When you're about 20% of the population, you're old, white, as crazy as coots, and are heading for the same fate as the dinosaurs. If you can't see the scandals you must be blind, or have very low moral standards. And if you can't see the mismanagement and the extraordinary waste, you are either rabidly partisan, or hopelessly senile. By the time we are finished with Harper and his gang your Cons will be nothing but a bad memory...

  13. Hi Simon - well gosh we could only hope hey? But I think Harper only has another kick at the PM can with Pierre Poutine's help, who might wind up in jail. Should at least. Harper is a total dickhead, arrogant and ego maniac but even he is probably sharp enough to know the dirty tricks from the last election aren't going to work a second time around, and there is quite a lot of scandalous muck to be slung back at the Cons this time around, too. The least of it is Peter 'Copter using RCAF helios to pick him up from his cottage under the guise of 'search and rescue.' And then there is Tony Muskoka, the King of GazeboLand. On and on it goes, the robofraud voting issue still awaits Mr Harper, I`m sure it`s not something he looks forward to, and won't get better any time soon. I suspect that when the shit hits the fan, Harpoon will pull a Mulroney, bail and let the successor take the heat for losing the next election.

    Overall Harper made a few significant promises through the years and has fulfilled none of them. Economically Canadians as a whole have not seen significant improvements. More and more newly graduated Canadians are finding themselves struggling to find adequate jobs. Canadians are finding that the possibility of owning a home is becoming rather a distant dream than a reality. Pensions and EI are being tampered with. Taxes are lowered to those making loads of money and is no relief for those (the majority) struggling from paycheck to paycheck. All these events point to Harper as being at best hopelessly ineffective and at worst a full of shit liar.

    1. hi wazz...I am relentlessly optimistic, but not because I'm naive. Or just want to cheer people up during these ghastly Con times. It's because I have always focused on the big picture, tried to see the forest for the trees. So although the day to day stuff is depressing, when you look at the passage of time, and how conditions are changing, and how historical forces are closing in on the Harperites, everything is coming up roses...

  14. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Personally my anger with Harper has been more about him being just another welfarist...your rhetoric about him loving to destroy...I wish it were true. Frankly they should knock the peace tower over with a wrecking ball and sell the limestone, divide responsibility for existing bonds between provincial governments on the basis of GDP, abolish the Senate, abolish the Supreme Court, eliminate all federal taxation and all federal bureaucracy. The only things that should be left are the dollar, the flag, and the Queen; and the only reason for the last two is that they're free. The provinces can handle their own immigration and the Yanks can damned well send ten extortionists for their pint of blood rather than one. Unfortunately the cycle of porkbarrelling will roll on, and the statist parasites and their useful idiots, whether Confidence Party, Fiberal or unelectable will continue to swarm over the country's faltering carcass, peppering public discourse with their red herrings like flies shitting maggots onto offal. Harper the destroyer? I wish - literally. Much as I'd love to support the Stephen Harper you're attacking, that kind of change just isn't on the menu. Harper's just offering raspberry instead of cherry syrup on the same turds Ottawa's been prairie dogging off into our ice cream cones since forever. It doesn't matter if Trudeau sells enough of us the cherry syrup or if Mulclair finally pushes the orange flavour, it's still not frozen yoghurt under the toppings. Up until someone's willing to stand up and say they're going to start selling ice cream from the ice cream cart, waiting in line with your quarter is a waste of time. Happy St. Pats from Ontario.

  15. e.a.f.10:19 PM

    It would be nice to see the back end of stevie slime but I don't think it will happen. out here in B.C. we have a premier who had 8 scandals in one week. Is she leaving? Hell NO! She likes it where she is and she isn't going anywhere and neither will stevie. Canada needs him???? How else will we come to the new order as specified by Stevie. Then of course there are these things to consider: pay is great in this economic climate; the pension gets better the longer he stays in the job; the house is nice; has a driver; kids have drivers; lots of opportunities to travel first class with no fuss or muss; everybody tells you you're great; health care and a dental package; get to transform a country into your vision; it goes on and on. He isn't going anywhere. He likes it where he is. He will only leave if he is arrested or voted out of office.