Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Con Mob and the Disappearing Budget

As you probably know, I've been portraying the Cons as a scary mob for a very long time.

From the days when Bev "Juice" Oda was running with the Harper gang, and driving the getaway car limo.

To the even scarier present...

So you can imagine how delighted I was to see that even Andrew Coyne has now reached the same conclusion.

This isn’t a team. It’s a mob: mindless, frightened, without purpose or direction except what the leader decides, and unquestioning in its acceptance of whatever the leader decrees. What we have been watching these past few days is an exercise in raw power politics, designed as much to humiliate the individual in question as anything else.

And not only that, he seems to have finally understood that this mob exists only to pleasure and re-elect its deranged power hungry leader. The capo di tutti, the Boss of Bosses

For if the party does not stand for anything on its own, then it stands for whatever the leader stands for. And since what any leader wants most of all is power — that is what makes him leader — that is all that is left to the party to do: deliver him into power, and keep him there.

Can you believe that eh? After all these years. Is that progress or what?

And there's more good news. After spending years buffing the tinny legend of Stephen Harper, Paul Wells has now discovered the Con mob has whacked the budget.

Wants to know what is Stephen Harper hiding? 

The morning after Flaherty’s speech, a diplomat asked me how it is possible for a G7 country to release a budget that does not at any point say how much the government will spend on defence next year. I gave the fellow a long answer. I should have said his premise was wrong, because—stop me if you’ve heard this— it’s not a budget.

And finally seems to understand that the reason Harper and his mobsters are trying to hide the truth, is because they don't want us to see how they are slowly strangling government.

Though the title of Flaherty’s annual show changes, one feature remains constant. Direct federal program spending has been held flat in real-dollar terms since 2010, which means that, as the economy grows and programs become more expensive to deliver, there is an inevitable pressure to cut. The result is the federal government’s gradual retreat from Canadian public life. It’s really gradual, but it is starting to be the hallmark of Harper’s career at 24 Sussex Drive.

Which leaves me wondering why did it take him so long to figure that out? Why was the whole MSM so slow to understand the real nature of the Con beast?

And now that it's started to dawn upon some of them, will they start asking this pressing question?

Is a government that operates like a mob, uses fear to muzzle its critics and its own followers, and is trying to hide the truth from Canadians, really fit to remain in office?

For if they do not their failure will haunt them FOREVER.

The next thing to disappear will be our democracy.

And as I also predicted before.

Our nightmare will just be BEGINNING...

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Edstock said...

Simon, this is from a dear friend whose comment is delightfully pithy:

Capo di tutti Stronzo

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony who's got a big mouth
Not me Steve mines nice and always attached to your ass
What about Kenny Baird or Toes ect.
No there down here too

Simon said...

hi Edstock....oh no, decisions decisions...piece of shit, turd, or asshole?
I can't make up my mind, so I'll go with all of them... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...nice, I like poetry a lot. And you're right, they need an air traffic controller to direct the Cons hovering around Stephen Harper's ass or they would crash into each other. What a man, what a spectacle....