Monday, April 01, 2013

Stephen Harper's Witch Hunt Backfires Badly

Well it has been a year since Stephen Harper declared war on environmentalists.

And started going after the Green Menace like Joe McCarthy went after the red one.

Calling respected environmental groups "radicals" and "extremists" and ordering that they be investigated.

Now the first results are in, and no doubt Harper is rolling on the floor of his bunker tonight, screaming with disappointment, and/or biting the carpet. 

An $8-million pot of money included in last year’s federal budget to crack down on charities suspected of engaging in “excessive” political activities has so far resulted in only one having its charitable status revoked, out of nearly 900 that were audited.

Because not only has his incredibly expensive witch hunt failed to crush any of the groups opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline. It's actually giving some a BOOST.

Several high-profile B.C.-based charities, including the David Suzuki Foundation and ForestEthics, told Metro the CRA’s attention actually inspired them to become more politically active, because they realized they were not spending anywhere near the 10 per cent threshold.

How ironic eh? Er....thanks. Muahahahahah.

And of course none of this is going to help the Con regime's already grubby image. You don't get any brownie points for hurting a decent group like this one.

Unless you're working for Iran or North Korea.

Especially not when you are refusing to revoke the charitable status of religious anti-gay groups like this one. The one Mark at Slap Upside the Head has been fighting for years.

And it's also not going to help the latest fraudulent Con propaganda campaign. The one aimed at fooling the Americans into thinking that they are the greenest oil pimps on the block.

Because the Americans know a Con artist, and a Joe McCarthy when they see one...

And by now the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security have probably got this one pegged between CUCKOO and DANGEROUS.

Oh boy. You know soon after they have been defeated, the Cons will probably find themselves in a court charged with crimes against Canada and the Planet. And when they're asked the following question:

"Are you or have you ever been a member of the Harper Con Party?"

They better come up with a good lie, or a good excuse eh?

For the verdict of history will be HARSH...


P.S. My awesome brother Mark at Slap Upside the Head is going on what will hopefully be a short hiatus. But the struggle continues. And the Unicorn rides on.

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wazz said...

Meanwhile Exxon Mobil keeps cleaning up that oil spill (of thousands of barrels of Canadian crude) down there in Arkansas ... and last week a train carrying Canadian crude derailed in Minnesota, spilling 15,000 gallons of oil...but wait, isn't this "ethical" oil? Why doesn't it just stay within the pipe and train tanker by itself, without spilling? And if it is spilled, why doesn't it do the "ethical" thing and just clean itself up without hurting the environment? Where's Ezra Levant or King Steve or that idiot Peter Kent to explain all this???

Anonymous said...

There was a derailment of a, CPR tanker train in the U.S, carrying oil. Another oil pipeline burst in Arkansas. Obama has already had some, very serious oil spills to contend with. Will Obama obey big oil or, will he tell them to go to hell? I don't think Obama is very happy regarding, the Keystone pipeline.

Harper just gave corporations ANOTHER, $60 billion tax reduction. Big oil is, Harper's favorite charity. Harper's behavior is so bizarre, we have to wonder his sanity? Harper permits Communist China to set up shop, right on our Canadian soil. Not even another Communist country, would be stupid enough to do that.

Some of Harper's minions have rebelled against him. However, they are Harper's enablers and will most certainly knuckle under.

All of Harper's enablers are, shameful, spineless, gutless wonders. How any person with self respect, decency, ethics and morals, could support a monster such as Harper, are just as disgusting as Herr Harper is.

Alison said...

"Charity crackdown nets just one bad egg"
"David Suzuki Foundation and ForestEthics told Metro the CRA’s attention actually inspired them to become more politically active, because they realized they were not spending anywhere near the 10 per cent threshold"

Gotta love it.

Say, how did the Fraser Institute fare in the charity crackdown?

Anonymous said...

I'm also a conservationist. Harper meet me out back at the tar pits and I'll introduce you to the other fossils and dinosaurs

Simon said...

hi wazz... Yup. It must be a real consolation to those Americans watching that black goo bubbling out of their backyards, to know that it's no ordinary guck, it's ETHICAL OIL !!!! Er....NOT. My consolation is thinking how the oil pimps must be staring at those TV pictures, tearing their hair out, and screaming like banshees. It's small consolation but it's something... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes I too am very curious to see what Obama will decide. Although since on the day a large anti-Keystone demo was taking place outside the White House Obama was playing golf with the boys from Big Oil, I'm not too optimistic. But even if he does approve the pipeline he will almost certainly lay down a set of conditions on the Cons, that will humiliate them beyond belief. So one way or the other we really can't lose...

Simon said...

hi Alison...yes isn't it delicious? But I'm glad you asked about the Fraser Institute, because when I linked to this search site and found that the Exodus Global Alliance was still listed as a charity, about twenty minutes after I published the post the site went down. Coincidence or not?
But you can be sure as soon as the site is up again, I'll be doing a whole lot more research... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous... I think that would be a fitting end for the entire Con regime. Have them stumble into the tar ponds and be fossiolized like the dinosaurs. I'd definitely pay to visit a Jurassic Park like that one... ;)

Norm Farrell said...

Dangerous charity caught in Harper Government web

"Turns out former Global TV broadcaster Peter Kent is right. The doctors behind Physicians for Global Survival are embarked on a radical course, even overtly asking Canadians to send letters to politicians. The evidence of danger is clear. Hidden in plain sight, on the home page of the PGS website, is their manifesto, listing five objectives: 1.Abolish nuclear weapons 2.Prevention of war 3.Non-violent conflict resolution 4.Social justice 5.A sustainable world.

Records held by the Government of Canada demonstrate PGS has financial resources to at least partly fund their stratagem. In addition to cash on hand, they have long term investments and capital assets of $21,000. With a little less than $300 billion in annual revenues, the Canadian government is strained to fight that sort of muscle...