Monday, April 22, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Politics of Terror

Well now we know how desperate he is to destroy Justin Trudeau.

Now we know how far he will go to use the government of Canada against his opponents.

And turn Canada into a police state.

Now we know how in pursuit of all of the above, he would play politics with terror.

For consider the evidence. First he uses the Boston bombings to politicize a tragedy.

Even though as Heather Mallick points out, his cartoonish view of the world is a clear and present danger.

Harper’s a punisher, all right, but he suffers from a worse affliction, the belief that complicated problems are easily solved.

Hardline conservatives are hostile to science, art, literature, history, foreign cultures, courtroom trials, criminal rehabilitation, spending on preparation for the future, and most of all, root causes, the things that one has to dig very deep to comprehend. It’s like a surgeon removing metastasized tumours without checking the site of the original cancer.

Then Harper's Con minions diddle with the order paper to force debate on an anti-terrorism bill that was introduced years ago.

The bill will bring back two central provisions that were originally instituted by the Chr├ętien government after the 9/11 attacks in New York but were "sunsetted" after a five-year period.

One provision allowed for "preventative detention," meaning someone can be held in custody for up to three days just on suspicion of being involved in terrorism but without a charge being laid.

A bill that is both unnecessary, and dangerous.

Under the proposed amendments to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act Bill S-7 s.83.28(10) the right to remain silent is largely eviscerated. Once an order is given: No person shall be excused from answering a question or producing a thing under subsection (8) on the ground that the answer or thing may tend to incriminate them or subject them to any proceeding or penalty.

Then as if on cue, the RCMP announces it has arrested two suspected  terrorists.

Canadian police say they have arrested two men and thwarted a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on a Via passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area.

Who they have been monitoring for a long time.

Highly placed sources tell CBC News the alleged plotters have been under surveillance for more than a year in Quebec and southern Ontario.

But they decided to arrest not last month, or last week, or tomorrow, but TODAY.

And, in yet another stunning coincidence, all of this on Earth Day.

A day on which Harper and his foul Con regime could reasonably expect to be condemned for their numerous crimes against the planet. But will now be buried by all the above.

What a coincidence eh? Or NOT.

For surely only a cowed or an idiot people could be fooled by such an obviously choreographed fascist pantomime. And only a political thug like Stephen Harper could hope to get away with it.

Now ask yourselves who is the real danger to Canada?

And you know what I think; desperate men do desperate things.

And would take us to a nightmare place...

Or a place where coincidence is convenience. The truth is what they say it is. Or as Orwell said orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

Yup. Now more than ever, unite to defeat this corrupt Con regime and its deranged leader, who would play politics with our liberties. And mold reality into his agenda.

Before they corrupt our democracy more than they already have.

Before they endanger us further...

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Anonymous said...

Of course the Reformist-Conservatives will play this up for their regressive agenda. That goes without saying.

But the truth will out in the end, and most Canadians will see them for what they are (he said, hopefully).

Unknown said...

Justin is supporting this bill and FIPPA as well, yet you give him a free past, isn't he just as guilty as Harper?

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I hope Canadians will see them for what they are, for if this little production doesn't wake them up, nothing will. But Harper is doing what other right-wing totalitarian thugs have always done. Use fear to advance their agenda. And unfortunately when people are frightened they sometimes allow themselves to be led like sheep. And goodness knows there are enough docile woolly creatures in this country. So we will just have to hope that sanity prevails...

Simon said...

hi condemning the anti-terrorism bill I'm obviously criticizing anyone who supports it. But if I didn't give the NDP, the party I support, credit for opposing the bill, why should I wander into the partisan swamp today, when I would rather concentrate on the Big Picture. And that is expose the democratic crimes of a Con regime that appears to be harnessing the powers of the state, for blatant political purposes, and endangering our liberties. And is the common enemy of ALL of us. As I said, I vote for your party, but I march to the sound of my own drum, and the tiny light of my own conscience...

Unknown said...

Which the Liberals did before them. Still you want to focus your guns on the Tories, understandable. Goodness knows the Tories deserve it.

And Justin seems intent on shooting himself in the foot on his own, with his third gaffe already on not knowing about the court decision on the PBO, 5th if you count support for the terror legislation and FIPPA.

I do find your blog informative and enteraining. I'm not trying to be a pain in the tush. Its just that I don't like how the msm is trying to stop Mulcair from ending up Prime Minister, because they knew that he was going to beat Harper. Still will if Justin keeps making bad decisions.

e.a.f. said...

stevie slime and the slimers want to implement legislation which will curtail citizens freedoms and rights. They want to link it to terrorism so they can then arrest anyone they want by simply calling them a terrorist. We have already heard the slimers refer to enviornmentalists as terrorists. This way they the slimers will be able to round up whomever they wish and leave them in jail for a very long time. If you dont' answer their gestopo questions, they'll leave you in jail even longer. Be very careful or we will find ourselves without the freedoms and rights we currently enjoy.

What happened in boston is tragic. However the response of government and police was even more tragic. They forced a whole city to stay home. There is nothing free about that. They were looking for one guy who killed 4 people. Hell you don't see that in the U.S.A. even for serial killers. This is all about frightening the population to maintain control over them. With all the guns in the U.S.A. why would anyone be worried about one guy running around, with or without a couple of bombs, which weren't all that large to begin with. Made for great news coverage. Made newstations a lot of money. The people who were injured, well they are on their own to find their own way out of their medical problems. They can close down a city but I bet they won't pay for the rehab of those who lost limbs.

wazz said...

The RCMP arrest, suddenly, two "Al-Qaeda" operatives in the "planning stage" with fuzzy ties to Iran just as the Harper Government¬™ happens to introduce an anti-terror to the House on the same day, after they’d been on their tail for months, I smell a big fat HarperLand rat. The cons knew about this when they "adjusted" the House of Commons schedule. The threat was so dire, I guess, that ol’ Vic wouldn't authorize RCMP weekend overtime to arrest them. This smells alright. Methinks that not only is the Harper Government™ unashamedly opportunistic with the events in Boston, we might have some "manufacturing" going on. I'm not buying it one bit.

Somebody should ask Vic Toews how they managed to monitor, follow and arrest this guy without their counter terrorism bill ? Luck? Oh wait, the Magnificent One has been trying to shut-down the Canadian Human Rights Commission for years now...Indeed, one large smelling rat.... We have a government of liars and game players. Fear mongers, creating more fear then necessary. Why didn't they arrest these 2 before? Why now? Why wait? No reasons to wait beside blatant political opportunism and grandstanding. Typical Harper move to genuflect before the Get Stupid on Crime crowd. How long has he been sitting on this and now he just happens to move it up to the top of the pile? I for one am sick of his manipulative cynicism.

The announcement of an RCMP press conference to release news of a thwarted plot to bomb a VIA rail train is being released today on the same day the Cons are rushing through their "counter-terrorism" bill. Why, what a "coincidence". Congratulations to the RCMP but, clearly, Harper knew this was coming for a while. Why do we always feel that the Harper Cons' first goal is to manipulate Canadians? Did the HarperCONS trigger the arrest because their attempt to paint Trudeau as 'soft on terror' went horribly wrong, and their anti-terror bill date change was seen as the desperate ruse it was?

Or is it just about avoiding Mr. Trudeau's bill for a few days so that he can bully his caucus dissidents into voting against it. Trudeau's motion, to be debated on Monday, will put Harper's legendary iron control over his caucus to the test, providing an outlet for restless Tory backbenchers to defy their leader." Stephen Harper – In WAY over his head.

Anonymous said...

Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp!Arp! Arp! I'm Ina seal team called Harper

Simon said...

hi Ryan... don't worry I don't consider you a pain in the tush. I value your opinion, and some of my friends give me a much harder time. ;)
I also understand your frustration at the way the MSM treats Mulcair and the NDP. It's totally pathetic. But have some faith in your side. The NDP and the Liberals now have a chance to show their stuff, and when the time comes I am confident that Canadians will choose the best party to defeat the Cons...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f.... Glenn Greenwald recently asked the following question: If what happened in Boston was terrorism, why wasn't what happened at Columbine or Sandy Hook terrorism as well? And it's a good one. Because of course those in power would rather reduce everything to a simple crime, and use it to impose a police state upon us, when in fact the solutions are far more complex, and unless they are tackled we will never really be safe. And what good does it do us to replace one nightmare with another?

Simon said...

hi Wazz...I'm glad you smell a "big fat Harperland rat" because I do too. I can't imagine how anyone could give the Cons the benefit of the doubt with the kind of record of deceit they have. But there they were on all the MSM channels just lapping it up. And baaaing like sheep. It's depressing but the Con revolt is something to cheer about. Because once they take the muzzle off those Con backbenchers, it's going to look a lot like the Reform party is back. And we can use that to destroy them in the next election...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I'm afraid the Seal-in Chief has bulked up a bit recently. And now it doesn't Arp. Now it just grunts: " I am a walrus. I am a walrus. Give me more police state powers, and many more sardines..." ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you read about an Ancaster, Ontario man who put an ad in Kijiji to sell his truck and was supposedly murdered and burned by 2 or 3 men who came to his home to go for a test drive? They've supposedly arrested one guy and are supposedly looking for at least 2 more. The guy they arrested has money.The supposed victim's name is Tim Bosma and he and his family belong to the Ancaster Christian Reform church. Next thing you know, people started calling for Capitol Punishment on social sites! Smells fishy to me.