Monday, April 22, 2013

The Bloody Battle for Gay Marriage in France

I can hardly believe what's been happening in France.

Riot police battling homophobes, religious fanatics, and neo-Nazi groups.

Gay people being attacked over their right to be married.

In the streets of Paris, in the City of Love.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched against gay marriage in Paris on Sunday, as thousands of others led a counter-demonstration against what the government called a growing climate of homophobia and extreme-right violence in France.

The group SOS homophobie, which has monitored homophobia in France for 20 years, said the sharp rise in homophobic incidents since the start of the national debate on gay marriage was "unprecedented".

This man was assaulted for walking down the street with his lover. And called this picture "The Face of Homophobia."

It's all so ugly, it's crazy, it makes me so angry. If I was in Paris I don't know what I'd do. For I've never seen a bigot or a bully that I didn't want to attack.

But of course, there are better ways to fight the problem.

Which I why I love this message, from a French gay guy to the homophobes...

And why I like this next video even better, if that's possible.

Because it was made in Toronto, and it also has a simple message.

Love is love, and family is family...

It's really such a simple message.

I can't understand why so many still don't get it. Or still insist that allowing gay people to marry will undermine the institution of marriage. When it clearly does the opposite.

But I do know this, if Stephen Harper had his way, those two guys wouldn't be able to get married.

And history will judge them all harshly. You can't beat the power of love.

And the bigots will be defeated...

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  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    They have PACS here (which apparently was not popular with the right-whingers when it was brought in either), but it doesn't give ALL of the same benefits to a couple (same-sex or otherwise) that legal marriage does.

    It's not even like getting married here is a religious issue - only civil marriages are legal and the civil ceremony must happen before you can have a religious one.

    You'd think there were more important things for these people to worry about than whether or not the happy couple have the same genitalia.


    1. hi I understand it a lot of the anti-gay protesters are just using the gay marriage issue to get at the socialist government, and to challenge France's secular traditions. But they certainly have revealed themselves as an ugly mob, and hopefully the French will judge them harshly...

  2. It is really like some fascist ooze that has climbed up through the sewers. Bizarre. I never felt any social disapproval of gay and lesbian friends - including more than one "grande folle" when in Paris.

    It is unbelievably horrid. A focal point for all kinds of undigested Pétainist collaborationist filth, but also a very real threat to LGBTQ people.

    1. hi lagatta... Yup. The fascist ooze is certainly pouring out of the sewers. I was stunned to see that there is even a group of Vichy fascists joining Frigide Bardot and her fellow bigots. And of course there are the gropers from the Roman Pedophile Church to add fuel to the fire. It really is a freak show, but as you point out the freaks are dangerous. As far as I'm concerned they should be treated like terrorists, and shown no mercy...

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    You are shocked? Let me guess, you thought that France was some hot-to-trot progressive place because "the left" told you so. Fuck you are so stupid.

    1. hi anonymous...I never said they were a "hot-to-trot progressive place" just a place with a reputation for more liberal attitudes when it comes to love and sexuality. I also never said that right-wingers are really dumb beasts, but I will now...