Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Terrorist Bill and the October Nightmare

Sometimes I can't help feeling that a lot of Canadians have forgotten the fundamental lesson of the War Measures Act.

And that is, it wasn't Pierre Trudeau's finest hour, it was his darkest.

It was an October nightmare, that led to the arrests of hundreds of innocent people.

It wasn't needed to ensure public safety, or arrest and prosecute the terrorists. And this bill isn't either.

A bill that would revive some provisions of Canada's Anti-terrorism Act passed in the House of Commons Wednesday night. The Liberals joined the Conservatives to pass the bill — known as S-7, the combating terrorism act — by a vote of 183 to 93.

For it too threatens our civil liberties. The Liberals shouldn't have supported it. The NDP should be commended for opposing it. Just like they opposed the War Measures Act.

And the Cons deserve to be condemned for using fear to stampede reason.

Or arrested, if this is true.

Canadian officials accelerated their plan to arrest the two suspects in an alleged plot to derail a passenger train traveling between Toronto and New York City, prompted by last week's bombing of the Boston Marathon and rebuffing U.S. requests to wait for further investigation, said two U.S. officials familiar with the probe.

Because if they did blow up the American investigation of a cross-border terrorist plot, who knows how many lives they may have endangered.

And if they did it for cheap political purposes, just to ram through their totalitarian bill, and attack Justin Trudeau, they can never be forgiven. And if found guilty, must resign.

For our greatest advantage in the struggle to keep our country free from terrorists, is the strength of our democracy. And the Cons are corrupting it.

As for the Liberals, they should remember that Pierre Trudeau did many great things, but imposing the War Measures Act wasn't one of them.

And that using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut, as Tommy Douglas said back then, is still wrong.

And still DANGEROUS.

October, October.

You fascist nightmare.

How soon they forget you...

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Anonymous said...

Oh muffin. October was merely a taste of PROFUNC, looked it up and learn Simon. The hard lesson here, for the left and really for Quebec, is if you try any funny business the rest of us will smack you back into place so fast it will make your head spin.

Keep that in mind when you "talk" revolution. After all just think of the measures Harper would take, especially in Quebec. Makes one's mouth water, doesn't it?

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I did look it up, and yes it was a funky as I thought. A Cold War plan to round-up leftists. I'd be scared, if I wasn't laughing so hard. I don't doubt the Con cult would like to arrest us all, but here's the problem eh? We are more than them. The old rural base is shrinking, as in dying. The younger generations are against their core values. The Cons are falling apart, the cracks are showing, we are preparing to degrade them further. Yes, I think you're right, for once. It does make my mouth water...

P.S. *Slobber*...*drool*... could you please make the Final Chapter as slow and as painful as possible ? Keep on chugging, and thanks. ;)

Rene said...

Idiot Reformer - they really show their appetite as bloodthirsty warmongers and raving lunatics with no apparent knowledge of or connection to the political heritage they claim to uphold - let us recall that at the time the Progressive Conservatives condemned the War Measures Act as unwarranted and later went on to condemn the unilateral repatriation of the Constitution as exclusionary towards Quebec concerns.

This sorry and strange collection of misfits, scoundrels, anglo chauvinists and empire loyalists, oilfield lobbyists and far right ideological zealots who claim the mantle of Conservative Party only find precedent in Canadian political history amongst the vicious reactionary lynch mobs of Orange Order loyalists rioting and agitating against political and constitutional reform, broader liberties including religious freedom, or recognition of minority rights, including cultural expression.

Anonymous said...

Oh you think so? The kiddies? The ones addicted to the internet or drugs?

Tell me Simon, where is Occupy today? Gone
Where is Idle No More? Gone
Where are the protests? I don't know, do you?

The "left" when they can get their lazy asses into gear, come out for a day or so then vanish into thin air. And these "people" are going to change the world? Spare me.

40 years ago PROFUNC was needed to keep the hardcore lefty in line. Now, what's the point of putting most lefties behind wire anyway? By being glued to their computers, they have already done that for themselves! Cheaper and more effective use of manpower to boot. Besides if the left does get to out of hand, the cops will crunch a few skulls anyway. Either way, the left is pretty much fucked.

Anonymous said...

The Idle No More are organizing their vote while the progressives are ashamed of what they created and having nightmares of Harper pulling out their teeth as they slept